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Best Screen Protectors For iPhone 7

Having a big scratch on your phone is like having an itch in your brain you just can’t reach. Plus, it lowers the resale value of the device when you want to change it. So it is necessary to use protector to protect your phone screen.

screen protector is an additional sheet of material commonly made of laminated glass that can be attached to the screen of a phone or any other electronic device to protect it against physical damage.

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Also,screen protectors are used in each and every device to protect the screen from damaging.

Some of the basic type of screen protectors are

  • Tempered glass – Offers decent protection against impact as well as scratches
  • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)plastic – Generally covers basic scratch protection
  • TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic – Scratch protection only
  • Multi-layered screen protector – Very durable and can withstand significant amounts of shock

Above all, if you want to keep your iPhone 7 screen scratch-proof, you’re going to need a screen protector. And if you want it, you should consider a tempered glass screen protector.  They’re more durable in comparison to any of the typical plastic cover and also provide more protection.

Here are some of the best options to look out for!

iSOUL Glass Pro Screen Protector

iSOUL screen protector

iSOUL glass pro is a precise laser cut tempered glass screen protector compatible for iPhone 7. It comes with an exquisitely polished,rounded edges,original HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy.

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It is made of real ultra-clear tempered glass surface hardness 9H and 0.3 mm thickness.Protect the screen against dust,scratches and shocks by coating the glass shield on the screen.Featuring maximum protection also from high drop.

iSOUL screen protector is specially designed so it covers the maximum area of the flat screen surface with great durability. This is one of the best product for your iPhone 7 in a very convenient price of £3.96 in a pack of two glasses.

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You can easily buy it from the button below (Available in U.K only)

BodyGuardz premium glass screen protector

bodyguardz premium screen protector

bodyguardz premium screen protector

Your iPhone 7’s screen deserves to be safe from all impacts and falls. That’s why the BodyGuard premium glass screen is such an excellent option for you!

This award-winning protector is made from a strong-tempered aluminosilicate glass that gives your iPhone 7’s screen 25% more protection during drops.

The BodyGuardz premium glass comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a 30-day money back guarantee.

MaxBoost screen protector

maxboost screen protector

Keep your iPhone 7’s screen protected from scratches with this incredibly thin, 0.2mm screen protector from Maxboost.

The high-definition clear tempered glass protectors are specially designed to work with the curved edges of the iPhone 7 and are laser-cut to perfectly adhere to the screen, still leaving enough room to fit most of protective casing cases covers.

The Maxboost screen comes with two protective sheets and is super sensitive!

amFilm screen protector

amfilm protector

With the amFilm Screen Protector, you won’t have to worry about your iPhone 7’s screen breaking under pressure or turning down into pieces.

Extremely durable, ultra-thin (at just 0.3mm) and designed to give high-quality clarity to your iPhone’s screen, the amFilm Screen is a scratch-resistant screen guard that will also give your iPhone an extra level of protection.

It also includes 2 GLASS Screen Protector, Wet/Dry Wipes, Squeeze Card, Easy Installation Use Guide, Dust Removal Stickers.It also includes cleaning material,instruction & dust removal sticker.

Rhinoshield tempered glass

rhinoshield tempered glass

If you are looking for tough and most trusted names in iPhone protection then Rhinoshield screen will be undoubtedly one of the best one for your iPhone 7.

It is designed to be both grease as well as water resistance but still provides high-transparency with no interference with your iPhone 7’s 3D touch.

Rhinoshield Tempered glass screen is made with 9H tempered glass and also comes with an extreme good touch.

InvisibleShield Sapphire Defence

Sapphire shield

It comes with seven times more shatterproof protection than any other unprotected screen of your iPhone. It has a smudge-resistance coating and ultra HD-level transparency.

Sapphire Defense features drop-proof technology helps absorb and cushion your iPhone’s screen from accidental falls. Sapphire crystals protects the phone against scratches. Moreover it protects the phone from any air-bubbles ruining the smoothness of your screen!

Sapphire Defense is a reliable option if you’re looking to protect your iPhone 7.

JETech screen protector

jettech screen protector

JETTech screen guard comes with high quality 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass with rounded edges. Extremely high hardness: resists scratches up to 9H. Specifically designed to fit your iPhone 7.

This tempered glass comes with benefits of dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easy installation,also bubble free.

Ailun screen protector

Ailun screen protector

Ailun screen protector works for your iPhone 7’s Screen. Its comes with 0.33mm tempered glass screen protector featuring maximum protection from scratches, scrapes and bumps.

It is brand new,precise laser cut tempered glass,no front camera cutout, exquisitely polished and 2.5D rounded edges.

Trianium tempered glass

trianium screen protector

 Innovative tempered glass made by Trianium features a 0.2mm thinness and comes with guidance frame gives you a smooth installation.Featuring 9H surface hardness that is highly durable, scratch resistant and can effective reduce marks made by pocket objects.

The high-definition iPhone 7 glass protector allows an optimal and natural viewing experience. 

It  come with all accessories needed for a successful installation and is also boasts with Trianium’s lifetime warranty promise to secure your purchase in the long run.

Nearpow tempered glass

nearpow tempered glass

Nearpow comes with a 0.26mm tempered glass screen protector designed for your iPhone 7, perfect cut and fit for your iphone’s screen, 2.5D round edge provides more comfortable handle feeling than the right angle edge and will never hurt your fingers.

One-push super easily installation: Precise laser cut tempered glass made with polished, rounded edges, installation frame will help you install the screen protector smoothly and fast, hassle-free and bubble-free.

Which screen protector is more favourable?

iSOUL Glass Pro screen protector is one of the most favourable among the one listed above.The reason for it is that its comes with a 0.3 mm thickness with 9H hardness and with extra ordinary 3D touch also with high quality looks. It covers the maximum area of the flat screen surface with great durability for complete protection of your iPhone 7.

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