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How to block and unblock a number on an iPhone?


On your iPhone, you can block a number from calling you. Calls out of an iPhone contact are blocked. Here’s how to get rid of your iPhone calls.

We’d all enjoy the option of avoiding being reached by specific phone numbers. Maybe you’re getting annoying calls from PPI companies, or an ex won’t leave you alone. Of course, you can stop each call as it comes in, but how can you block that number indefinitely? On an iPhone, here’s how to block a number.

The methods for blocking calls here on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C, as well as previous iPhones running iOS 6 and iOS 7, are detailed here. So, actually, any iPhone will suffice.

You can block a number that has contacted you in recents

Open the Phone app, which can be found at the bottom of every home screen. ‘Recents’ is found at the bottom of the window. Click that. A list of current callers will appear.

To block, a phone number, click the icon next to it. However, you’ll find the option to ‘Block this Caller’ at the bottom of your page if you scroll down. Confirm your choice by clicking it. That concludes our discussion.

What occurs when you put a phone number on your iPhone’s block list?

If you block somebody’s number on your iPhone, they won’t be able to contact you via phone, text, or FaceTime. Voicemails from the blocked number will still reach you. But they will sort out your usual voice mailbox.

You also can block existing contacts on your phone. This does use the Settings app. Go to Settings on your home screen, which is a grey app. Then go to Phone and scroll down.

You’ll notice an entry for ‘Blocked’ if you scroll down again. This displays a list of contacts who block. You’ll bring it to your Contacts after clicking Add New… Choose the Contact you want to block and confirm your decision.

What happens if you put a phone number on your iPhone’s block list?

When you block a phone number/contact, they can still call you and leave a voicemail, but you will not receive a notification. Neither sent nor received messages will be delivered. Additionally, the contact will not be notified that the call/message has been blocked. If you block an email address in Mail, it is automatically moved to the trash folder.

When a call is blocked on an iPhone, what do callers hear?

When calling from a blocked number, the caller hears one or no rings, but the other phone remains silent. The caller is subsequently alerted that the recipient is unavailable and is routed to voicemail (if the person you’re phoning has set up voicemail).

Actually, you can’t tell if a blocked contact had also called you. I have two blocked contacts, and I can’t tell if they’ve called or not. However, I’ve been told that one of my blocked contacts has attempted to call me. There’s no way to tell if they’ve called, and there are no messages to retrieve if they do. I have an iPhone 6S, and I wish there was still a method to get that data back.

Is it possible to see if a blocked phone number has attempted to contact you?

We blocked a number and observed the experience both on phones to see what occurs when a call is banned. When calling from a blocked number, the caller hears one or no rings. But the other phone remains silent. The caller is subsequently alerted that the recipient is unavailable and is routed to voicemail (if the person you’re phoning has set up voicemail).

The number of rings varies for no apparent reason, but if you hear two or even more, you’re quite sure you haven’t been blocked.

Note if somebody has blocked you, you can leave a message, but the blocker will never get it. If they’re on a carrier that supports visual voicemail, like O2 or EE, it will appear at the bottom of their voicemail list as in the Blocked Messenger section, but most people won’t look there.

What occurs if you text someone you’ve blocked on your iPhone?

So, if you block anyone on your iPhone and they try to text you, here’s what happens. Their network carriers will first charge them for the text message(s), after which the text will be despatched. However, once you’ve blocked that person, you won’t receive their SMS on your iPhone.

Do the texts on your iPhone glow green when someone blocks you?

They would never appear also on the phone of the recipient. As previously stated, the color of the messages has no bearing on whether or not the recipient sees them. Being blocked has nothing to do with whether you’re blue or green. Blue denotes messages delivered via Apple’s iMessage service, while green denotes messages sent via SMS.

Is it possible to unlock a blocked phone number?

On Android, you can use the constructed Phone app to block/unblock a number. Calls from blocked numbers will go straight to voicemail, & you won’t get any text messages from them. At any time, you can add/remove numbers on your Android block list.

What happens if you make a blunder? Go to Settings, Phone, Blocked, then Edit to unblock a number you’ve blocked. A red button to open when you select the red circle adjacent to a blocked number you would like to unblock. However, that should press. And that’s all there is to it!


There are occasions when you might wish to totally block contact or a number on the iPhone to have some peace of mind, whether it’s because of spam callers, obnoxious advertising texts, or something else. However, fortunately, there are some options available that do not require you to jump through hoops. So, whatever your reason for wanting to block someone, here’s how to do it on your iPhone.

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