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Open Apple Maps locations and directions in Google Maps!


The authority Maps app on iOS and iPadOS keeps getting improve. But then, there are times you should open the Apple Maps location in Google Maps. While you can’t change the default mapping app on iOS, you can make it simpler to change to an option with a $1.99 utility app called Opener. Here are the means by how you can open Apple Maps locations and directions in Google Maps on iPhone.

The app runs as an activity extension from your Share sheet: It was planned at first to open web URLs in their appropriate apps, yet you can likewise utilize it to open Apple Maps location in Google Maps, Waze, or another mapping app of your decision.

Open Apple Maps location in Google Maps

In the first place, you’ll need to set up Opener.

  • Download the Opener.
  • Open Apple Maps, then, at that point Search for a location.
  • Swipe up on the information screen to uncover the Share button.
Apple Maps directions
Apple Maps locations
  • Tap the Share button, then, at that point Choose the Opener
  • Select the alternative Open Link in Google Maps.
Apple Maps directions
Apple Maps locations
Apple Maps locations
  • Tap Open to confirm you need to open the directions in Google Maps.
  • Pick Start in Google Maps to start your journey.

Different alternatives to get Apple Maps Location In Google Maps

Try to utilize the longitude and latitude data. That is the means by which all maps work. Open Apple Maps and add a marker to the location you need to open in Google Maps. Whenever you’ve dropped the marker, go to its details. The details section gives you the longitude and latitude data however you can’t copy it.

All things being equal, you need to utilize the Share alternative. From the share sheet, select the copy link alternative, and afterwards paste it in Notepad, or in some other text app.

The longitude and latitude information will be important for the link. It’s a couple of numbers. Copy them to your clipboard and paste them so that they’re isolated by a comma.

Then, open Google Maps and paste the numbers i.e., the longitude and latitude numbers inside the search bar. Google Maps will actually want to jump directly to the location.

This works on the two iOS and macOS however it’s unnecessary on macOS since you can decide to utilize whichever maps app you need.


Apple Maps has improved substantially since it appeared. It might not have the best location information for each country in the world, however, for most countries, its information has improved substantially. In case you’re weary of the app, it worth giving another attempt. If that you live in a country where the map information is as yet incorrect and/or incomplete, you have a valid justification to need to utilize Google Maps over Apple Maps. It’s unfortunate that it’s so difficult for the two to communicate yet that is the way it is on iOS.

One thing that isn’t changing is Apple Maps actually being the default maps app on iOS. You can’t automatically change the Maps app and Apple Maps doesn’t allow you to export a location to an alternate maps app. In case that the need calls for it though, you can open an Apple Maps location and directions in Google Maps. The process isn’t the most intuitive.

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