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Is Xiaomi Mi 11 still worth buying?


The Xiaomi Mi 11 5G is the flagship smartphone released in 2021. It was the world’s first Snapdragon 888 smartphone, as well as the company’s first to sport a 2K 120Hz display. It was launched at the perfect price and specifications in 2021 to contend with the market’s batch of flagships. That was, after all, in February of 2021.

Let’s examine what’s excellent and what’s not so great about Xiaomi’s affordable flagship.


Xiaomi Mi 11

The Mi 11’s display is stunning and outperforms many other handsets in its price range. The Mi 11 sports a 6.81-inch WQHD+ AMOLED display with 120Hz support and a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits. The nicest thing is that you can use it with both a high refresh rate and a better resolution.

It’s worth noting that the screen is curved, but not in the way you’d anticipate. The Mi 11’s screen significantly bends over the top and bottom as well as the sides, which has the added benefit of keeping all four sides of the screen’s bezels as tiny as possible. The Mi 11’s display is still one of the finest inexpensive flagships for media consumption, thanks to its resolution, refresh rate, and exceptionally tiny bezels.


Camera performance

The Xiaomi Mi 11’s camera module has a wide-angle, ultrawide-angle, and tele macro lens. On paper, the Mi 11’s camera appears to be flagship-level, with a 108MP primary sensor as well as video recording up to 8K at 30fps, however, in reality, the Mi 11’s camera is a bit hit or miss.

The camera on the Mi 11 isn’t horrible; it’s just not up to pace with other flagships at this price bracket. In the correct situations, the primary sensor produces some pretty pleasant images, while the 12MP ultrawide sensor may provide some good photos. The tele macro lens, on the other hand, feels like a waste of space, particularly because the resolution of its 5MP sensor isn’t very impressive. Because of the lens’s small field of focus, huge things are partially out of focus, and the image seems fuzzy.

The Mi 11’s processing of skin tones was my major complaint with the entire camera experience. The technology can take excellent images of humans in good lighting, but it falls short on color accuracy, making skin appear strange. The final result, when combined with the phone’s beautifying and skin smoothing, might appear overprocessed.


Xiaomi  5g smartphone

The Xiaomi Mi 11 5G is the flagship smartphone is still a stunning smartphone. When it came to building the Mi 11, Xiaomi realized the importance of a good fit and feel. You get the standard metal and glass shell that you’d expect from a flagship phone, but Xiaomi managed to make this gadget seem really stylish. The Mi 11’s glass taper around the edges and sides of the aluminum frame creates a smooth and seamless transition between the screen, the back, and the frame; combined with the thin aspect ratio, this phone is incredibly simple to handle. Xiaomi also included a 6.81-inch AMOLED display with all-around curvature in the Mi 11.

The camera module is among the phone’s most attractive features. The squircle system is significantly more controlled and inconspicuous than the Mi 11 Ultra’s camera configuration, while still giving the gadget some flair.

The Horizon Blue colourway is the centerpiece of the Mi 11’s design. Seriously, have a look at it; it’s magnificent. While the frosted glass coating of Xiaomi’s Mi 11 series still picks up fingerprints, the way it can refract light and alter colors under certain settings makes it more entertaining.

However, the Mi 11’s absence of an IP rating is a significant drawback. The Mi 11’s lack of an IP rating would have been forgiven at this price range a few years ago, but now that lesser flagships particularly the Pixel 6 have made this certification a norm, it’s disappointing to see it missing from the Mi 11.

Charging and Performance

Xiaomi Mi 11 Xiaomi  5g smartphone

The Xiaomi Mi 11 5G is the flagship smartphone has a 55W wired charger and a 50W wireless charger. Unlike many modern smartphones, this one comes with a power adapter, allowing you to take advantage of the insanely rapid charging speeds right away. In terms of battery life, it’s not very amazing. You’ll get through a full day of usage with the original display settings of FHD+ and 60Hz, but once you crank it up to WQHD+ and 120Hz, you’ll have to charge nearer to the evening.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 can hang like a genuine flagship, even a year later, thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 CPU, 128 or 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage, and 8GB of RAM. The Mi 11 runs apps and games with minimal to no glitches in everyday use. You won’t miss a beat with this gadget, which features a 120Hz display and 480Hz touch sampling.

Is Xiaomi Mi 11 waterproof?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is water-resistant. As a result, you may enjoy Xiaomi’s high-end functions in the rain, shower, or while taking a quick dip in the pool. Nonetheless, the Xiaomi Mi 11 raises the question of how much water it can withstand. In terms of splash resistance, the Xiaomi Mi 11 can withstand accidental splashes as well as one can use them in the rain, shower, or other wet conditions.

How long does the Xiaomi Mi 11 battery last?

The Xiaomi Mi 11’s video playback score isn’t very impressive, clocking in at 16 hours 38 minutes on a full charge at 60Hz and WQHD+ quality, matching the iPhone 12 but falling below the Galaxy S21 by over two hours. When set at 120Hz, the Mi 11’s battery life drops to 13 hours and 19 minutes.

Is Xiaomi Mi 11 support fast charging?

The Xiaomi Mi 11 comes with a 55W wired charger and Xiaomi has included the power adapter along with the phone, so one can right away enjoy fast charging features.


The Xiaomi Mi 11 5G smartphone was a fascinating gadget at launch, costing €749/£749 (and approximately $699 via import to the United States), and it’s just gotten more so thanks to price decreases. We expect this tendency to continue once the Xiaomi 12 series, which was recently launched, enters the worldwide market. While the Mi 11 is still a good phone, especially when on discount. Furthermore, competing handsets with stronger camera systems and IP certifications, including Google’s Pixel 6 and Samsung’s recently introduced Galaxy S21 FE, possibly address the Mi 11’s flaws.

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