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OnePlus 10T vs. Nothing Phone 1 camera battle-Which wins?


Since former co-founder Carl Pei released the Nothing Phone 1, the company’s debut phone, the OnePlus 10T is the first new phone to be released by OnePlus. The OnePlus 10T costs more than the Nothing Phone 1, but it is less elegant and uses different materials. However, its cameras do have some similarities. Which phone has a superior camera when Pei’s former company is compared to his own? Let us see the OnePlus 10T vs. Nothing Phone 1.

OnePlus 10T vs. Nothing Phone 1: Camera Specs

A 50-megapixel Sony IMX766 primary camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, and a rudimentary 2-megapixel macro camera are all included in the OnePlus 10T. The 50MP Sony IMX766 primary camera with OIS is also included on the Nothing Phone 1.

A 50MP wide-angle camera supplements it instead of a third camera. Both have a 16MP selfie camera on the front.

What makes this study intriguing is observing the variations in how the two businesses tune the identical primary camera and how the various processors support image reproduction. The top Qualcomm chip is the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 found in the OnePlus 10T, while the Snapdragon 778G found in the Snapdragon 1 in the Nothing Phone is more affordable.

The Phone 1 has a 6.5-inch display, and the fun Glyph lighting is also on the back, costing 399 pounds (about $485). At the same time, the OnePlus 10T has a camera, CPU, and a 6.7-inch screen & costing $649 or 629 British pounds. Except for the Portrait mode photograph, all photos click in automatic mode with the focus left to come into focus naturally. All images review on a color-calibrated monitor before scale for easy viewing.

The photos

Oneplus 10T

The images show how software tuning impacts the performance even though they click with the identical camera that was mounted on two different phones. The bar image demonstrates how each business has used the camera’s style. OnePlus has increased the brightness & saturation in favor of a more immediately shared appearance compared to the muted, realistic appearance of the Nothing Phone 1. When you zoom closer, the harsher OnePlus shot loses clarity in favor of more excellent contrast, and the chimneys and overhead wire both have edge enhancement.

Some of these motifs are continued in the image of the sunflowers, with the OnePlus image being brighter and more vivid. The shot on the Nothing Phone 1 is less colorful, and because of exposure, a few of the detail is obscured by shadows. The backdrop blur completely covers the sunflower’s petals, even worse. The OnePlus 10T took a better photo here than the Nothing Phone 1, which was the subject of the first image, and that is the one I want to show.

OnePlus 10T vs. Nothing Phone 1: Blazing sun

Image under the Blazing sun

Let’s examine a third image taken under the blazing sun. The OnePlus 10T’s image is more vivid and has more excellent contrast, but it also has a lens flare and a skewed focus that favors the backdrop and backgrounds over the letters. The photo on the Nothing Phone 1 is more warmly colored and realistically colored, and when you zoom in, the notes are more distinct and in focus. Although there is no lens flare, the background is blurrier than I would like.

It’s hard to pick a winner in this scenario. There is no clear advantage for one camera over the other. With more obvious digital upgrades, the OnePlus 10T fails on a technical level, but the Nothing Phone 1 isn’t flawless either. If I had to pick one, the OnePlus 10T would win out since the photos are more suited to sharing unaltered, even though the Nothing Phone 1’s gorgeous natural tones are far more alluring. Although it’s very almost a draw, the 10T finally prevails.

OnePlus 10T wins.

Wide-angle Camera

Wide angel of OnePlus 10T

The megapixel count of these two wide-angle cameras differs significantly. But will this cause the Nothing Phone 1 to win the shootout? The first wheat field shot appears poor for the Nothing Phone 1, as it lacks the golden hue seen in the OnePlus 10T photo. However, if you zoom in, Nothing Phone 1’s image has much more information and is accompanied by an audible disturbance in the sky and clouds.

With the Nothing Phone 1’s greater megapixel count pulling out a lot more detail, clarity, and natural color, the second photo highlights the difference even further. Although the OnePlus 10T’s photo is brighter than the Phone 1’s, it is of worse quality.

Wide angel of Nothing Phone 1

The 10T suffers from OnePlus’s choice to equip it with a low-resolution wide-angle camera so that it won’t use frequently. The wide-angle camera on the Nothing Phone 1 lacks vibrance. However, it can alter through editing, whereas the lack of detail cannot. It triumphs in this case.

Here Nothing Phone 1 overtakes.

2x zoom

OnePlus 10T vs. Nothing Phone 1: 2x zoom

Even though neither phone seems to have an optical zoom feature, both applications offer a shortcut to a 2x digital zoom mode, which tempts users to use it. Both have issues. Therefore, neither is good. Since it overexposes, the focus is better overall on the Nothing Phone 1 than the OnePlus 10T. That can sometimes expose a little more information. However, this also brings more excellent edge enhancement and noise, as seen in the OnePlus 10T photographs.

I’d advise not utilizing the feature at all. However, the Nothing Phone 1 wins because of its sharper focus and gentler color treatment, which make its shots appear more natural and unprocessed than those of the OnePlus 10T. But just barely.

]Nothing Phone 1 takes over in perspective of zoom.

Portrait mode

Potrait mode: OnePlus 10T

Have you ever wondered if the OnePlus 10T has an advantage over other smartphones regarding edge recognition in portrait mode? Even under challenging circumstances, both phones have good edge recognition, so it does, but not by much. When taking this picture of the automobile inside, I manually pressed the screen to focus on the steering wheel and let the phone do the rest.

Both perform admirably, first realizing that the peddles are not in the foreground and that the rim is. By default, the OnePlus 10T does have a stronger blurred image than the Nothing Phone 1. It outperforms it by realizing that the spaces between the wheel’s spokes should blur. With OnePlus, 10T is more accurate, but the Nothing Phone 1 comes close. Although it’s close, the OnePlus 10T will prevail in the 2x zoom category.

OnePlus 10T has the best portrait mode features.

Night mode

This was recorded at night in an almost black room with only a tiny amount of natural light streaming in via a window. The OnePlus 10T shoots somewhat brighter images than the Phone 1, where you observe a little more accurate color reproduction. This is the most significant difference between the night modes on both phones. Both are equally good, but Nothing, Phone 1’s night mode, produces more naturally lit photographs with a little ambiance.

Look through the brightness variations and see that the detail is nearly identical. Compared to Phone 1, which has a little bit more noise, the OnePlus 10T smoothes out images more. The minor changes, though, and both cameras capture decent low-light images.

It’s a tie for both phones.

Portrait selfie

OnePlus 10T vs. Nothing Phone 1: Portrait selfie

These selfies are very different even though both have a 16MP front camera. While the result of the Nothing Phone 1’s skin-smoothing and skin-tone-washing isn’t terrible. The absence of detail is a much bigger issue. It’s a different picture from the one click with the OnePlus 10T, which has a lot more detail and doesn’t overexpose my skin.

The portrait appearance is quite comparable on both devices. However, the OnePlus 10T delivers fewer jagged edges around the side of my face and has better depth than the Nothing Phone 1. The same issues surfaced when we compared the selfie camera on the Nothing Phone 1 to the iPhone 11.

OnePlus 10T has more good portrait selfies.


It’s a close race, with the Nothing Phone 1 only winning two categories and the OnePlus 10T getting three total victories. Looking at each camera setting test in this article, most results were pretty close, with neither phone pushing well ahead of the other. The OnePlus 10T is now squarely up against mid-range hardware. During OnePlus’s choice to remove the Hasselblad, tweaking allowed the OnePlus 10 Pro to handle complex photography problems.

Even though the OnePlus 10T is a win, remember that it is the more expensive device in this comparison. The Phone 1, sold in the United Kingdom, costs 399 British pounds (about $480), while a OnePlus 10T costs 629 pounds (around $649 in the United States). However, the fact that the OnePlus 10T didn’t destroy the Nothing Phone 1 shows how capable the camera is. It may also demonstrate how little the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 differs from the Snapdragon 778G in photo performance.

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