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When to utilize every camera lens on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro: iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks


With the new iPhone 11 series of gadgets this year, Apple has at last added a Ultra-Wide lens for us all to exploit. This new Ultra-Wide camera lens allows us to catch a greater amount of the scene before us, and it opens up a totally different universe of conceivable outcomes with regards to iPhone photography. But when should you use the Ultra Wide, the Wide, and the Telephoto (iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max only) lenses? Let’s dive in. Here we will see when to utilize every camera lens on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro ! The telephoto camera ,Wide-angle camera, Ultra-Wide angle camera on iPhone

What are the Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto lenses?

On the iPhone 11, you get a dual-lens camera system with Ultra Wide and Wide cameras.

The Wide lens (1x) is essentially the “normal” lens that you shoot with constantly on each iPhone since it came out. You’ll likely utilize this lens the most.

The Ultra Wide (0.5x) permits you to zoom out for a wider field of view that was already impractical with simply the standard Wide lens. This is ideal for catching scenes, or only a greater amount of the current scene.

The Telephoto lens is just accessible on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max devices. With the Telephoto, you can do a 2x optical zoom for a more critical gander at your subject.

While you are really ready to zoom in farther than 2x, it will change to advanced zoom (rather than optical) after the 2x, which implies debasement in photograph quality. In the event that you should zoom in, attempt to try not to go past 2x zoom.

How to quickly switch between Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto Camera Lens on iPhone 11?

While you may believe it’s difficult to switch between a few cameras on a solitary gadget, Apple made it too simple to rapidly get to the lens you need.

At the lower part of the viewfinder, you’ll see three buttons: 0.5x, 1x, and 2x. Basically tap on the 0.5x for Ultra Wide, 1x (default) for Wide, and 2x for Telephoto.

Simply tap another on the off chance that you alter your perspective and need to switch. You can likewise tap and hold the camera selection buttons to change to the zoom dial and physically change how far or close to you need to be to your subject.

Take advantage of Wide or telephoto lenses for Portrait Mode

 Ultra-Wide angle camera

Unfortunately, even with the iPhone 11 Pro, you’re not ready to utilize the Ultra-Wide lens for Portrait mode pictures. In any case, you can utilize both the Wide and 2x Telephoto lens for Portrait mode, which is decent. Kindly note that since the iPhone 11 doesn’t have the telephoto lens, Portrait mode pictures with that gadget are restricted to the 1x Wide lens.

As you shoot in Portrait mode, the standard 1x Wide lens is incredible for catching a greater amount of the scene in the background, with that blurred impact. It’s useful for those occasions you need to catch your subject from the midriff up, with a pleasant background. On the off chance that you utilize the 2x telephoto lens for Portrait mode pictures, it’s incredible for headshots and close-ups.

You have a couple of choices with regards to Portrait mode and the iPhone 11 Pro. Switch between them while in Portrait mode by tapping on the 1x or 2x catch in the bottom left corner. For the record, Portrait mode on an iPhone 11 Pro defaults with the 2x telephoto lens, so tap to change.

When to use the Wide-angle camera on iPhone?

 Ultra-Wide angle camera

Of course, this is the standard camera and it’s incredible for the majority of the shooting circumstances you’ll end up in.

Given the name, Wide-angle camera on iPhone has a lovely wide field of view that will catch a great deal of the scene you’re taking a gander at in your photograph. It’s an awesome beginning stage for scenes, still life, family or gathering photographs, and even road photography. Activity shots are additionally conceivable with the Wide-angle camera iPhone and Burst mode.

In case you don’t know that Wide-angle camera iPhone is the most ideal alternative, check what’s in the cloudy areas outside of the frame. On the off chance that you believe there’s stuff outside of the frame that you need to incorporate, switch over to the Ultra Wide. The areas outside of the Wide-angle frame are what might be captured with the Ultra-Wide lens. Wide-angle camera iPhone

Note that you need to empower Photos Capture Outside the Frame and Videos Capture Outside the Frame in the Settings to get this alternative. Nonetheless, doing this likewise requires your photograph arrangement to be High Efficiency (HEIC), so it is difficult to do this on the off chance that you lean toward JPEG.

When to use the Ultra-Wide angle camera?

The Wide angle lens is essentially the beginning stage for any shot. On the off chance that you have Photos Capture Outside the Frame turned on, you’ll have the option to see a greater amount of the scene outside of the frame of the image—this is the thing that the Ultra-Wide angle camera is seeing, so on the off chance that you like what’s being captured outside the frame, switch over to Ultra-Wide!

Utilize the Ultra-Wide angle camera basically for picturesque scene sees. The Ultra-Wide angle camera zooms out, so any removed topic in your shot will show up significantly more modest and less nitty gritty, so it’s best for scenes, or even pseudo-panos, in light of the fact that it offers the 120-degree field of view. In the event that you need to make a solid and sensational feeling of scale and point of view, go with Ultra Wide.

camera lens on iPhone 11 / Ultra-Wide angle camera

Another fun opportunity to utilize the Ultra Wide is the point at which you have a huge gathering that you need to snap a picture of and ensure that everybody is incorporated. As a result of that super-wide field of view, it’s simpler to press everybody into the shot’s frame, so nobody ought to be removed.

On the off chance that you regularly take pictures of structures and design, the Ultra Wide aides in getting the whole construction into the frame. Furthermore, with the 120-degree field of view, you can make some intriguing takes on design. It’s additionally convenient for taking photos of building insides, or whatever other circumstance where you can’t back up additional to fit more into your photograph’s frame.

When to use the telephoto camera-Camera lens on iPhone 11?

The telephoto camera is just accessible on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and isn’t accessible on the normal iPhone 11, sadly. Remember that the standard iPhone 11 is likewise just fit for 5x digital zoom.

With the telephoto camera lens on iPhone , you’re ready to get 2x optical zoom without mutilating the picture quality, permitting you to draw near to distant subjects without actually waiting be close. While the Pro models are fit for 10x digital zoom, we would exhort against utilizing it except if you totally need to, in light of the fact that the picture quality goes through critical debasement the more zoomed in you are.

camera lens on iPhone 11

To the extent when to utilize the telephoto camera, it’s extraordinary for taking more circumspect photos, which can help catch crude feeling and conduct with subjects like kids or creatures. That is on the grounds that they’re more averse to see you since you’re farther away, and the subsequent picture isn’t “constrained.”

Utilize the telephoto lens to get a decent shot of different critters around the area,

In light of the fact that else they’re sketchy and will run. For the individuals who are needing to do some close-up photography. Despite the fact that the Wide-angle lens would work for close-ups, it has the “barrel distortion” impact, which makes the focal point of the picture swell out somewhat. The closer you are, the more clear this distortion is. With the telephoto lens, it takes out such distortion and the subsequent picture is all the more consistent with life.

This is the reason Portrait mode defaults to the 2x telephoto. It makes additional complimenting representations with subtleties in outward appearances, and you don’t have to hold your telephone exceptionally close to the subject. While you can utilize the Wide-angle lens for Portrait mode, the outcomes generally will not be comparable to utilizing the telephoto lens.

Why you want to use Capture Outside the Frame?

A remarkable feature with the iPhone 11 series cameras is the way that they are altogether equipped for catching the scene outside of the frame. This should be empowered in your iPhone’s Settings however, and it requires the entirety of your files to be saved in HEIC (High Efficiency) design. So on the off chance that you have it set to save in JPEG, you’ll need to switch over to HEIC.

camera lens on iPhone 11

With HEIC, the file sizes are really more modest than JPEG, which implies you’ll wind up not utilizing as much space for your photos.

While the Capture Outside the Frame setting lets you practically see what you can capture with the Ultra Wide or Wide lens (it shows what you get with the following widest lens), there’s another motivation to utilize it: changing structure in the post-altering process.

Snap a picture utilizing Capture Outside the Frame

At the point when you snap a picture utilizing Capture Outside the Frame, you’ll see an icon in the upper right that resembles a frame with a star. At the point when you Edit this photo and need to fix it, rather than trimming the edges as you turn, it utilizes the substance it captured from outside of the frame to fill in the edges. You can likewise squeeze inwards to get that content from outside the frame, and even change the vertical or flat viewpoint by utilizing this captured content.

Note that all substance captured outside the frame may be accessible for 30 days. In the event that you don’t utilize this information to make revisions to your photos, it will be erased consequently after the 30 days is up.

Finishing Off!

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro have opened up an entirely different universe of iPhone photography on account of the new Ultra-Wide camera. We’ve been cherishing the prospects of the Ultra-Wide lens, and the enhancements in the Wide and Telephoto lenses are additionally ideal to have for better picture quality. Hope you understood when to utilize every camera lens on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, telephoto camera, wide-angle camera ,Ultra-Wide angle camera on iPhone!

Have any inquiries regarding utilizing the Ultra Wide, Wide, or Telephoto cameras ,Wide Angle Camera on your iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro? Drop a remark underneath!

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