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Roku Remote Light Blinking: Few Methods to Fix It Instantly!


There are a few justifications for why a blinking Roku remote light might show a malfunction. When this happens, you will probably experience issues while blending your remote or controlling it. The objective isn’t to interfere with the survey insight as homeowners.

You may be among the large numbers of disappointed homeowners who experience difficulty blending their remote with their set-top box. When managing an issue, you can save time and exertion if you see how your equipment reacts. All through the present article, you will look at its causes, how to fix it, and how to treat it blinks. I will likewise cover the different light pointers you might run into and why the Roku remote blinks.

What Does a Blinking Roku Light Mean?

Roku Remote Light Blinking

Roku clients know the struggle and dissatisfaction that comes while having unresponsive remotes. For them to get to their favorite shows, they need to have a working remote since all their streaming players are combined together.

If not, you would experience difficulty matching it to your streaming player. But because of this reality, this company’s controllers are a lot of easy to understand. Other than the on-screen error messages you’d get, you’ll likewise see different blinking lights on your remote. At the point when this happens, it might show an issue with your hardware. Consequently, you might be incapable of getting to any show.

Why Is My Roku Remote Blinking Green?

Roku Remote Light Blinking

Your Roku remote’s green light blinks at whatever point your regulator doesn’t work.

The flashing green light is regularly because of low battery life, handily settled with a straightforward battery replacement. There is an opportunity that you will not have the option to interface with the player or utilize its easier features if your Roku remote has a green blinking light.

Why Is My Roku Remote Blinking Yellow?

Roku Remote Light Blinking

In the interim, the shortfall of a blinking yellow light on the Roku remote might imply that your equipment doesn’t get any power. It might likewise demonstrate issues while matching your controller with your set-top box.

Whenever any of these errors happen, you can give a shot at different troubleshooting steps prior to plunging into your last resort-buying another remote control. In any case, before we go to our fixing guide, you should know which sort of controller you have first.

Why Is My Roku Remote Blinking Red?

Roku Remote Light Blinking

It is normally a sign of an error that you ought to likewise be notified of on your TV/device if the red blinking light is available.

It could influence your capacity to watch any show or utilize the remote, contingent upon the seriousness of the issue.

Why Is My Roku Remote Blinking?

Roku Remote Light Blinking

To stream content, you want a remote control for your Roku device. If you don’t have it, you won’t observe any shows on your TV.  Roku remotes that blink green might demonstrate an issue with the gadget, so if it’s not too much trouble, check it right away if you see it.

It is likewise conceivable that your remote could be malfunctioning if you don’t see the yellow light. Your controller could flash for an assortment of reasons. Regardless, you might have dead batteries or blocked signs, contingent upon the sort of remote you have.

Moreover, you might dislike your controller itself or your matching process. It could prompt much more basic issues if it isn’t taken care of immediately. You should initially identify the controller type prior to continuing on to the answer to apply the right workaround for your controller.

Types of Roku Remote Controllers

Roku Remote Light Blinking

If you understand that a Roku controller blinking light amounts to nothing great, your following step ought to be to figure out what kind of controller is being used so you can avoid wasting time on silly troubleshooting.

You can browse two different kinds of controllers for Roku:

  • Enhanced Point Anywhere remote
  • The Standard Infrared controller

While troubleshooting, it is crucial to identify which one you have, as you can’t apply a portion of the steps on the two gadgets. A straightforward check of the battery compartment will uncover which one you have. There’s a pairing button on the high-level EPA remote, so it’s EPA that you’re utilizing.

The standard infrared regulator will do if it doesn’t have that capacity. Roku players create infrared light when they are squeezed against your standard IR remote. If there is an obstacle like the TV or cabinet blocking the remote sign, these won’t work.

Furthermore, Roku depicts these remotes as “point anyplace” remotes, which send commands over radiofrequency energy to the player. With upgraded remotes, you can put your player behind obstacles, and it will in any case work without a line of sight.

The enhanced remote is recognizable from a standard remote by the pairing button. The following step is to troubleshoot the blinking lights on your Roku remote whenever you have figured out which type you have.

Examine a Remote with the Roku Player?

You can play out the accompanying tests to decide if your Roku remote works with a specific Roku player:

  • Plug the Roku player into your TV and ensure it is connected. It needs an ideal opportunity for sure, so give it some time.
  • Really take a look at your remote’s batteries to ensure they are new.
  • Put your IR remote in a view to the player without obstructions and have a go at controlling it. A remote with an IR receiver shouldn’t be matched – it should begin working instantly on any player viable with it.
  • You might expect around five seconds to match your upgraded remote with the gadget. It will display a message telling you to know that it is pairing with the player if it’s viable. The player should then have the option to play after that.

Most effective Ways to Stop Your Roku Remote from Blinking

Presently, let us take a gander at the troubleshooting techniques that you can do on your remote control. These are really clear techniques, so we want to believe that they can tackle your Roku remote flashing green light issues.

Method 1: Remove Obstructions

Roku Remote Light Blinking

Since IR controllers require an immediate line of sight to operate, ensure there are no obstructions in the middle of it and your set-top box. You can likewise take a stab at switching channels by holding your gadget over your head.

Method 2: – Examine HDMI Connection

Roku Remote Light Blinking: Few Methods to Fix It Instantly!

If you have a Roku streaming stick, the main way you can guarantee its functions is by actually looking at its HDMI association.

You would have to do this since it may not work when inserted into your TV’s HDMI port. So to fix this, move your adhere to another jack.

Then again, you can likewise utilize an HDMI extension. You can get this from Roku for nothing. Simply provide them with your serial number. Whenever you’ve checked your HDMI connection, take a stab at utilizing your EPA gadget once more.

Method 3: Fix the Battery

Roku Remote Light Blinking: Few Methods to Fix It Instantly!

Old batteries are the main justification behind a malfunctioning controller. If you have had your gadget for a really long time now, it could be an ideal opportunity to change your batteries.

In any case, before you buy another set of batteries, attempt to change them in your controller’s battery compartment first. In the meantime, if you feel that your controller is too hot, that might show a leaking or malfunctioning battery. For such cases, permit your remote to chill off in a non-flammable region:

Method 4: Set Up Your Remote

You want to set up your Roku remotes before you can utilize them. If not, they’ll be unequipped for switching channels. To set up your controller, do the accompanying steps:

  • Connect your controller to the web.
  • A short time later, design the display type shown on the screen to get to the Remote Settings.
  • Press Yes to affirm your TV’s manufacturer. In any case, if your gadget can’t decide your TV brand, enter your manufacturer manually instead.
  • Press Yes to affirm your determination once more
  • Click OK to keep getting to your Roku shows

Method 5: Execute A Hard Reset

Roku Remote Light Blinking

If your batteries are not the issue, you can play out a hard reset on your streaming hardware. Doing as such would refresh your gadget’s settings. To do this strategy, you can follow the means below:

  • Open your gadget’s battery compartment.
  • Remove the batteries and the power cable of your streaming box.
  • Wait for around 5 minutes prior to plugging the power cable back in.
  • Open your TV and wait for the Roku home screen.
  • If you see this, place the batteries back in the battery compartment.
  • Wait for something like 30 seconds for your gadget to connect with your streaming player.

Method 6: Pair Your Streaming Equipment Again

Roku Remote Light Blinking

If you actually notice a blinking green light on Roku remote, you can pair your controller with your Roku streaming gadget once more. Besides issues with your batteries, a pairing error may likewise make your controller flash. In some cases because of a pairing error, the remote might show the blinking light.

Along these lines, the next step you can rehash is to pair the gadget to the TV. If you need to know the steps to pair your hardware, look at the later piece of this troubleshooting guide.

Method 7: Change Your Network Settings

Roku Remote Light Blinking: Few Methods to Fix It Instantly!

For you to get to a large number of programs on your TV screen, your streaming gadget needs to have a steady web association. If you think you are experiencing issues with this, you can do the accompanying:

  • Sign in to the admin device of your router. If you have never changed your sign-in details, you can utilize the default details on your client manual or at the rear of your modem.
  • Once signed in, pick a different wireless channel. Pick one with a steady association specifically the 2.4 GHz scope of the 5 GHz wireless network.
  • Save your changes and reboot your modem.

Method 8: Modify Your Router’s Wireless Channel

The next strategy that functions admirably is to modify your routers’ remote channel. To do as such follow these means:

  • Sign in to your router’s admin device. Ensure you know your username and password. If you haven’t changed these details previously, look at your client manual.
  • Whenever you have signed in effectively, search for the Wireless settings.
  • A short time later, click on the Channel submenu to configure your wireless channel.
  • Impair the Auto setting and modify it to a channel that meets your recurrence band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). If your first channel doesn’t give you significant changes, have a go at transforming it once more.

In any case, we suggest continuing on to the next technique. This strategy is very difficult so designing it might make further damage your hardware.

Method 9: Download The Controller Application

Roku Remote Light Blinking: Few Methods to Fix It Instantly!

You can download and install the Roku controller app if none of the troubleshooting strategies we mentioned work. You don’t have to stress since it accompanies every one of the features that your helpful remote control has.

Nonetheless, for you to involve your cell phone as a controller, you would require a steady WiFi source present in your space. In any case, continue on to our last troubleshooting strategy.

Method 10: Purchase A New Remote Control

Roku Remote Light Blinking: Few Methods to Fix It Instantly!

If you would rather not download the app, you can buy another gadget. Simply guarantee that the hardware you would get is viable and legitimate. Once bought, you can match your gadget with your streaming hardware by doing the accompanying:

  • Download the Roku remote app on your cell phone
  • Utilize this program and go to Settings.
  • Pick Remotes and Devices and snap Pair a New Device.
  • Select Remote and adhere to the on-screen guidelines to pair your new controller.

Pair Roku Remote

Pairing your gadget again with your TV can fix many issues. If every one of the means mentioned above didn’t work for you, you can fix your remote to the TV. The means to pair the gadget to your TV are not all that extreme and should be possible by anybody.

Follow these steps individually, to pair them once more.

  • Open your gadget’s battery compartment. Be that as it may, open it carefully.
  • Eliminate the batteries of your regulator and your streaming box’s power link.
  • Wait for around 5 minutes prior to plugging the power cable back in.
Roku Remote Light Blinking: Few Methods to Fix It Instantly!
  • Open your TV and wait for the Roku home screen prior to putting your batteries
  • Press the pairing button for around 3 seconds. Or on the other hand press until there is a blinking yellow light on the Roku remote.
  • If there is still no light, take a stab at repeating this step
  • Wait approximately 30 seconds while the controller lays out an association with your streaming player.
  • You should see a fruitful pairing discourse on-screen afterward.

Perform Factory Reset

If you are dealing with the issue after updating the gadget or tweaking the settings then, at that point, restoring to the factory version can help you in the present circumstance. Track with the below steps to Factory reset your Roku gadget.

  • Get your Remote and hit the Home button.
  • Go to settings and select System Settings.
  • Presently select the Advanced System Settings.
  • Search for Factory Reset and select it. You will be requested confirmation. Give it.
  • If you are given a few directions, track with them.

If you can get to the settings. You can do it genuinely. Remove the Roku gadget from the TV and Look for the Reset button on the rear of Roku. In some cases, it will be a button or Hole. Press it for a couple of moments. If you see an opening you can utilize any tool like a sim card ejector to reset it. The Roku gadget ought to be powered while doing as such.


If you are Stuck with Roku remote blinking green, yellow, white, or different lights and need to fix it. Then, you are impeccably situated. Here, we will cover what different lights show on Roku remote and How to fix flashing light issues on the Roku tv remote.

Roku remote blinks light when it stops mid at matching. Sometimes, it blinks to indicate low power. To all the more likely understand the issue you really want to realize what causes the issues. If you once get to know the root of the issue you can track down the answer for fixing the issues. In the post, we are additionally covering the reason why such issues happen and how to treat light indicates.

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