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Mint Mobile- Everything you need to know!


Mint Mobile is the new contender in the game of all the affordable flagship network ranges. So, if you are planning to switch to this plan or are curious about the services, here is a guide to Mint Mobile for you to go through.

Mint Mobile

When it comes to affordable cell phone carriers, Mint Mobile is a new addition to the game. Mint Mobile has a solid reputation among pre-paid carriers, thanks in part to the commercials. When you buy in bulk at Mint, you save money. You don’t pay the carrier on a monthly basis, instead, you pay in advance for three to twelve months of service, with larger reductions available for longer commitments. And you might want to pay up for those 12 months of service because the Mint savings are rather appealing when compared to the other phone plans.

Mint Mobile is a prepaid mobile phone service, which is part of T-bigger Mobile’s network. On average, the lower the monthly cost of a lengthier service plan. Also, it does not have any service contracts. The plans include 5G, mobile hotspot, and data allowances that are can compete in the market. Moreover, Ryan Reynolds owns a portion of it.

What you would like in the mobile?


When it comes to value, Mint Mobile stands out in the market. Its plans provide significantly more data for the money than some pay-per-month competitors. For instance, its unlimited data plan is $10 cheaper per month than Visible Wireless, and approximately half the price of an AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon postpaid plan. Moreover, it offers a lot for your money, including free mobile hotspots and 5G data speeds.

No Contracts and Simple Pricing

Mint Mobile, like most prepaid carriers, operates on a “what you see is what you get” basis. All you have to do is order a SIM card and activate it on your phone, and you’re set to go. You don’t have to sign any contracts, there are no hidden costs, and to quit using the service all you need to do is stop paying for it. Although, if you have the multi-month payment plan means you’ll lose some of your initial investment if you decide to leave before your months are up. But it is still a far more consumer-friendly arrangement than having to pay a large fee at one of the larger carriers.


T-Mobile has expanded its nationwide 5G service to include MVNOs like Mint. If you have a 5G phone, you can use T-5G Mobile’s infrastructure for your Mint subscription at no extra cost when compared to the ordinary 4G service. As a Mint subscriber, you have the option of bringing one of the top 5G phones to the carrier or choosing one from the company itself. Mint has a large selection of 5G phones, even at the cheaper end. Mint doesn’t use T-millimeter-wave Mobile’s deployment, which promises speeds of over 1 Gbps but only works in metropolitan areas, usually outside where you have line-of-sight to a millimeter-wave node.

What you might not like?

Have to pay upfront for multi-month

Signing up for a year by paying in advance for a multi-month plan might be a big commitment for some users. For instance, for a year of Mint Mobile’s unlimited data plan, you will have to pay $360 in the beginning. Even though you don’t have to pay anything again for the term of your plan, for most people, it might be something difficult. So if you have the funds to pay for a year in advance, it would be the best choice as it will be the cheapest option in the long run if you continue with Mint.


Mint Mobile, like all smaller prepaid carriers, is vulnerable to a process known as ‘deprioritization.’ Deprioritization is when traffic is busy, the parent network that Mint Mobile utilizes, T-Mobile, would slow down the smaller network users’ data rates in favor of their own customers’ speeds. This isn’t specific to Mint Mobile as practically every small business has does this. So, your mileage will vary greatly depending on the traffic on your local network.


Network- Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile- Everything you need to know! 4

Mint Mobile is a subsidiary of T-Mobile that operates as a separate entity. It is an MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operator, which means it provides cellular service but does not control the infrastructure. This means, if you have decent T-Mobile coverage, Mint Mobile will work for you. All GSM phones (AT&T, T-Mobile) are fully compatible with Mint Mobile if they’re unlocked.

T-network Mobile’s claimed the fastest average upload speeds and tied for second overall in our carrier tests a few years ago. Consumers of Mint profit from this, whereas customers of other MVNOs don’t necessarily reap the benefits of speedier networks. Although, coverage and Mint’s availability in your location are the deciding factors. A $5 beginning kit lets you test out the service with 100MB of LTE data, 100 text messages, and 60 minutes of voice time to evaluate how coverage is. If you sign up for the service after the trial, you get the $5 as a bill credit.

What phones can you use with Mint Mobile?

Mint is only available on T-GSM Mobile’s network, therefore you’ll need a GSM phone to use it. Unlocked phones are usually designed for GSM networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile, rather than CDMA networks such as Verizon. Although, some phones can work on both networks. Still, CDMA-only devices will have trouble connecting to all of the bands that Mint uses for service. Fortunately, getting a solid, low-cost unlocked phone is quite easy. Whether you already have a device that you think could be compatible, you can use Mint’s checker to see if it is. After getting a proper phone, you will need to follow some steps to set up everything. You can follow the instructions on Mint’s FAQ page to guarantee that your Android device or iPhone is fully functional when you insert the SIM card.

The Starter Kit allows you a test drive with the Mint network. This $5 package includes two SIM cards and a week of 100MB data access. One of the sims acts as a backup in case you decide to port your existing number. If you buy a plan afterward, the company will return your money. Mint Mobile didn’t have its own devices at first. However, this has recently changed, you no longer need to bring your own unlocked device or go through the hassle of finding a proper device.

How is Mint Mobile so cheap?

Mint Mobile, unlike traditional carriers, does not have any physical stores around the country. This means that they can lower their operating costs to a minimal minimum. Mint is also unlikely to have to pay for actual network maintenance because it is essentially a tenant on the broader T-Mobile network. Moreover, in the beginning, the company did not spend much money on advertising through traditional channels. However, that is changing today, so you will find some high-profile TV commercials airing recently. Moreover, the phone plans in three, six, or twelve-month increments keep subscribers longer and provide a more steady revenue stream.

Also, it is highly likely that other services might follow the steps of Mint and start the same phone plans in the future. The unlimited data plan launched last year is only slightly more expensive than the other plans. This makes it one of the finest unlimited data plans available. However, there are certain limitations to Mint’s unlimited plan. It is not unlimited in the traditional sense. After 35GB of data has been used up, Mint deprioritizes your data. This means you will still get service but at a slower speed.

Furthermore, unlimited clients’ video streams are limited to standard-definition, 480p resolution. This restriction does not apply to 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB customers. Limitless customers do not have unlimited hotspot usage, it expires after 5GB. So, if you want to connect your laptop or another device with your phone’s hotspot, you can go for the 12GB-per-monthly plan. Mint has also created a service that allows you to have your monthly data usage logged by the carrier. This allows unlimited consumers to track how much data they use each month. And eventually, downgrade to a lower-cost plan if they don’t use enough data to justify the unlimited service.

Special Features

If you want to check Mint out for yourself, you can do so without risk. If the service doesn’t work out for you, you can request a full refund within seven days. Mint provides the bare minimum in terms of other features. However, you may still add to your LTE or 5G data allocation if you’re nearing the limit. An additional 1GB costs $10, and another 3GB costs $20. Additionally, if you’re traveling internationally, the carrier charges the same rates for international roaming data. While many carriers charge extra for mobile hotspot access, Mint provides it for free which is extremely convenient.

Earlier Mint did not support visual voicemail, but now it is doing so. For smartphones having those features, Wi-Fi calls and SMS are also authorized. Most modern Android and iPhone smartphones have Wi-Fi service, that can be enabled through the phone’s Settings menu. Although, if your smartphone is currently locked to another network, the carrier will not assist you in unlocking it.

Best Mint Mobile plans

Long-term commitments help you save money at Mint against the prepaid competition. Mint has data plans with 4GB, 10GB, 15GB, and unlimited data buckets. All three of the tiered data plans were recently improved although the costs remained the same. In all the data plans, calls and text are always limitless. As a general rule, the more you buy in advance, the more money you save. However, after your first billing cycle, Mint’s pricing plan becomes quite intricate. Moreover, when it comes to renewal, the promotional three-month option is no longer available. If you want to extend your subscription for another three months, your bill will skyrocket. After your first plan expires, you can anticipate paying the following:

3 months$25 per month ($75 up front)$35 per month ($105 up front)$45 per month ($135 up front)$40 per month ($120 up front)
6 months$20 per month ($120 up front)$25 per month ($150 up front)$35 per month ($210 up front)$35 per month ($210 up front)
12 months$15 per month ($180 up front)$20 per month ($240 up front)$25 per month ($300 up front)$30 per month ($360 up front)

For the renewal of a three-month plan, you will have to pay $30, $45, or $60 more upfront than the first bill. Even for six months plan, the monthly fee will increase by $5 to $10 each month. Thus, signing up for a 12-month commitment is the only option to keep paying the same rates as a new member. It’s also worth mentioning that if you’ve used all your monthly data, your speed will go down to 2G. If you want extra data, you can buy it on Mint’s website or by texting “UPDATA” to 6700.

  • Mint Mobile plans begin with a 4GB data tier, which is the most limited, but also the most affordable plan. With this, you get unlimited calls, texts, and mobile hotspots, but if you use your phone for anything other than the necessities, the data will quickly burn.
  • The 10GB data plan is a good compromise between data allowance and pricing for most customers. This is a highly recommendable plan because it’s a lot more flexible and costs only $5 more than the basic 4GB plan. However, if you plan on streaming a lot of video over your cellular connection, this won’t be enough.
  • The 15GB data tier is the most you can obtain without committing to the unlimited data plan at Mint Mobile. 15GB data is quite enough for most people, but if you’re a heavy user, you might want to consider the unlimited plan.
  • The Unlimited plan is amazing value and around half the price of most of the larger carriers’ plans. However, with this, you only receive 35GB of data at 5G speeds, which may be inconvenient for some. Still, for the price, it’s a lot of high-speed internet.

How to get a SIM card through Mint Mobile?

  • Open the Mint Mobile website.
  • After you enter your Zip Code, select Let’s Go!.
Get SIM card through Mint Mobile
  • Further, enter your street address to check coverage in your area.
  • Select Continue.
  • If you want to bring your phone over to Mint Mobile, you can check by entering the brand and model or searching by IMEI number.
  • However, if you are going to purchase a new mobile, simply click Skip this step.
  • Then, click on Continue.
  • After checking the level of coverage in your area and the compatiblity of your phone, click on View Plans.
  • Select a Mint Mobile plan and make your payment.
Get SIM card through Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile- Everything you need to know! 5

After you’ve chosen your Mint Mobile plan and placed your order, you’ll receive a welcome bundle in the mail that includes your Mint Mobile SIM card and installation instructions.

What do customers say about Mint Mobile?

Customers across the internet are eagerly leaving their own Mint Mobile review on a number of sites. These sites include Trust Pilot, where the service maintains an overall score of 4.7 stars out of 5. Overall, that’s a pretty good score, particularly when compared to other top carriers. Many of these reviews tell us that the overall value is the standout area of praise with the service. However, there were a few users with a bad Mint Mobile review. The good news is that Mint Mobile customer support is quick to respond to any negative comments left in Mint Mobile reviews.

Alternatives to Mint Mobile

For fantastic value prepaid plans, Visible Wireless is the major challenger to Mint Mobile right now. Visible just has one plan, an unlimited data plan, but it makes up for it with the fact that it’s truly limitless. Moreover, it runs on Verizon’s 5G network, and you can get it for as little as $25 per month. While the plan is generally $40 per month, you can save $25 per month by pairing it with three other Visible users using the Party Pay system. That’s an incredible deal, but it’s worth remembering that because it’s on Verizon’s network, not all devices will be compatible.

Another option could be Metro, which uses the same T-Mobile infrastructure as Mint. This prepaid carrier, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of T-Mobile, offers a few more options for consumers on a budget. The plans start with 10GB for $40 per month. The plans are a touch more ‘premium’ than Mint’s in general. This is because it includes things like free streaming service subscriptions and other perks. Metro’s unlimited data plan does not have any soft data caps, despite the fact that it costs $60 per month.

If you’re looking for another prepaid provider that allows you to buy in bulk, AT&T‘s prepaid service is a good option. You get a 12-month plan, also the 8GB plan starts at just $25 a month, though you’ll have to forego stuff like 5G access. This is a drawback, but if you can get the finest service with AT&T in your area, it’s a far better deal than the regular postpaid plans if you’re on a budget.


If you’re looking for a low-cost, no-frills prepaid cell phone plan, Mint Mobile is definitely worth it. It isn’t the most feature-rich service on the market as compared to competing carriers. Mint Mobile’s set data allowance plans are particularly good value, especially the 10GB/mo and 15GB/mo plans. Moreover, the Mint Mobile unlimited plan is also a great deal, costing an average of $10 less per month. Strict data speed restrictions after 35GB and a small mobile hotspot allowance (only 5GB) are some of the drawbacks of this network. Despite this, Mint Mobile is a great choice due to the low barrier of entry.

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments section below!

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