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Visible Wireless Plans: Everything You Need to know!

Visible wireless plans
Visible wireless plans

Verizon released its startup Visible, a prepaid cell phone carrier, in 2018. The Visible unlimited phone plan is at number three in high-quality cell phone plans. The telecommunications company made Visible offer clients unlimited, lower-priced alternatives without an annual contract. Visible features as a phone virtual network operator, the usage of Verizon’s network to provide unlimited talk, text, and data insurance to its clients. So let’s see Visible wireless plans, coverage, price, and more!

Visible Unlimited Cell Phone Plan 

Visible’s unlimited plan gives an uncomplicated, affordable choice for shoppers who rely on their phones. The plan consists of unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data for $40 per month. Data is defined as being unlimited as it isn’t an issue to throttling. This makes Visible’s plan attractive to individuals who spend a variety of time on their displays or want a big amount of data. However, data can slow briefly during instances of high user volume.

The unlimited plan additionally provides more than one savings option to help customers pay as low as $25 per month. Whether you’re seeking to invite your pals or your circle of relatives members, Visible incentivizes group signups. The greater individuals in a group, the less expensive the plan becomes, as much as a total of 4 people.

Visible Unlimited Cell Phone Plan 

Unlimited calls and text messages may be made everywhere withinside the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, that’s a bonus for clients who often region calls to the one’s nations. Unfortunately seen does now no longer work outside of America and clients cannot region calls to countries apart from Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands. Visible isn’t always perfect for clients wanting to make worldwide calls.

Unlimited data is a key function Visible offers. Rather than region a facts threshold on customers wherein they attain a sure quantity of facts utilization after which see a significant drop in facts speed. Visible substances limitless facts to clients the use of 4G LTE and 5G. 5G Ultra-Wideband insurance is limited to a pace of two hundred megabits per second (Mbps). This plan also includes using your phone as a hotspot that runs on limitless facts with quickens to 5 Mbps.

Visible Pricing

Visible Pricing

As the name suggests with Visible – what you notice is what you get. Unlike different prepaid carriers, there are no hidden expenses or charges with Visible Wireless plans. You truly pay the baseline charge of up to $40 every month to receive a month of the service. Not at all like plans given by its figure company Verizon, don’t work as extended service contracts. All you’ll want to do is install a price method via the Visible app that suits you and pays at the start of every month. If you need to stop the service then truly forestall paying and use a specific SIM card to your unlocked phone.

While the base price value of Visible Wireless plans is $40 a month. There are some ways to cut that bill down even further. Visible Party Pays as an example is a fairly new function that allows you to package together with your account with different Visible customers for a discount on every line. Note you do not need to be your family members to apply this characteristic. And, when you have a four-character party, you will be paying just $25 a month every. Another manner to shop is the refer-a-pal program – to present you a month of the carrier for just $five a month for every new patron cited Visibly.

What about Visible 5G?

Visible’s parent company, Verizon, has been aggressively increasing its 5G coverage, launching a national service to go together with the iPhone 12’s debut and to complement the high-speed 5G currently to be had in more than 5 dozen cities.

Verizon’s national network, which now reaches extra than 2, 700 cities. And its high-speed Ultra Wideband network, which makes use of millimeter wave-primarily based 5G to provide 1 Gbps speeds in elements of 61 cities. Visible clients may not be equipped for encountering the one’s super-quick speeds, however, because the service caps 5G rates at 200 Mbps.

Phone Options

Visible has made quite a few developments when it comes to phone options. Customers can purchase a brand new phone or convey a well-matched Apple or Android tool to the service. You can use the compatibility checker on Visible’s website to look in case your phone will work.

About 30 phone models have been available for sale. They include:

  • Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, 13 Mini, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and more
  • Google Pixel 6
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
  • Motorola Edge

Video Streaming in Visible wireless plans

Video Streaming in Visible wireless plans

Visible Wireless does restrict the quality of your video streaming to 480p. The rest of your LTE data may not be throttled. But in step with Visible’s website, 5G records is capped at 200 Mbps. You are probably tempted to go with a cheaper, limited data plan. But be aware, humans tend to apply extra data than they realize.

Other Features

The Visible Wireless plan gives some of the benefits despite being much extra affordable than a whole lot of the competing post-pay options out there. These include:

  1. Unlimited data, minutes and text
  2. Free calling and texting to Mexico and Canada
  3. Mobile hotspot with unlimited data to one device (5mbps)
  4. WiFi calling

That unlimited data, not like on a few services, is unlimited. In that method, you might not get capped primarily based on usage. In any case, throughout active occasions, you could find speeds are choked because like most prepaid carriers Visible doesn’t work for its network. And Verizon always prioritizes its members.

That said, Visible’s mobile phone hotspot is also unlimited when it comes to normal data usage, albeit limited to the simplest one device linked at a time. Visible additionally limits mobile hotspot data speeds to 5Mb, which continues to be respectable for lots of uses. Just do not expect to stream 4K Netflix to a linked TV at that level.

Calling and texting are included, limitless, to Canada and Mexico however this additionally extends to the United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Visible Party Plan

One of the best things about the new Party Pay plan is that each person is responsible for their share of the bill. This eliminates the need for a single person to manage the plan. If someone in the “party” doesn’t pay their bill on time, the “party” is bumped to a smaller tier. So, if you’re in a party of four paying $25 per month, and one of the party members doesn’t pay on time, the party will be bumped down to a 3-person tier in which each member pays $30 per month.

Visible Refer a Friend

Apart from Visible’s Party Pay group discount, Visible also gives a Refer and earn program. For each friend you invite, you receive a month of Visible provider for just $5. Besides, you might heap upwards of 12 references on the double, which implies you can pay just $60 per year of provider on Visible.

In this case, the friend you invited has to make sure that they use your referral code once they subscribe to Visible’s provider. You can observe the loose molecular phone provider for existence unlimited everything guide for a step by step process on enrolling for the free service and what you want for eligibility.


Visible’s an interesting wireless option if you have a taste for plenty of data however you lack the budget for a higher-priced limitless plan. Visible offers you all of the information you can need for a reasonable $40 month-to-month fee, and even though you will make trade-offs, they won’t hamper your phone utilization very much. The addition of functions like 5G makes Visible even more compelling, though you can bristle that 5G is restrained to choose devices for now.

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