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Top Digital Signage Software to display your images and other data effectively!


The top digital signage software allows digital signage to sell your services or display information as simple.

The term “digital signage” refers to LED walls, projection, or LCD monitors to show videos, marketing messages, and digital images. Advertisements, service offerings, social media streams, brand awareness, and emergency messages are all common uses for it.

“Use of LCD, LED, projection and e-paper to display digital images, video, web pages, weather information, restaurant menus, or text” is said to be Digital Signage.

But, to get the most out of this fantastic technology, you’ll need the best digital signage software to go with it, which will allow you to handle several screens from afar.

There are many digital signage software options available in the market like NoviSign, Yodeck, meet minds, E Display Digital Signage, ScreenCloud, TelemetryTV, Play Digital Signage, OptiSigns, Screenfluence, Reach, Carousel, myShowcase, OnSign TV, Viewneo and many more.


NoviSign is a huge deal in the digital signage software sector, with over 20,000 clients, including enterprise customers like Disney and Hilton.

Using pre-made, customizable templates, NoviSign allows users to create unique, high-end displays. Certainly, Using one of the templates, you can create a professional presentation irrespective of technical skill, whether in hospitality or retail.

Creatives, Playlists, and Screens are the three sections of the interface, and they are easy to navigate.RSS feeds, widgets, and applications make it simple to incorporate data into displays, and all text and pictures are freely customizable.

In addition, Playlist, the platform’s scheduler, allows users to add content and schedule when and where they want it to play. It functions similarly to Spotify or iTunes.

Also free 30-day trial is available to try out the service before purchasing the software.

Reasons to buy NoviSign

  • The client list and testimonials are impressive
  • Comparatively very easy to use and navigate interface
  • Adaptable templates
  • Service that is easy to use when it comes to scheduling


Yodeck is a digital signage software platform. In principle, having everything available on-demand should make the service swift and dependable, and that’s exactly how Yodeck portrays itself.

However, to use its single-monitor feature for free, you must purchase the Yodeck Player, which runs on the Raspberry Pi. Either that or configure an existing Rasberry Pi to run Yodeck on your monitor for free, which will perplex most first-time users and is far from quick.

On the other hand, annual plans start at a monthly charge per screen and include an unlimited number of participants for free.

The platform includes all expected features, such as video and audio compatibility, and many widgets that allow you to stream material from third-party sources such as the BBC and CNN.

Certainly, Yodeck’s UI is self-explanatory, and scheduling monitors is a breeze thanks to pre-installed templates. However, we were shocked to find a world map occupying so much space on the Dashboard display.

Reasons to buy Yodeck.

  • A single-monitor user account is entirely free
  • Extremely adaptable
  • There are various unique features to choose from


TelemtryTV is an excellent signage software choice for users of all budgets, with a free version limited to one device for one user. Up to three users can use the Essential plan per device. The Enhanced plan can accommodate up to 5 people, and there is also a customized option.

You must download a desktop program for your operating system when you sign up.

The default browser UI is rather nice. It’s well-crafted, authoritative, and well-marked.

Video lessons are available on the front page; however, the UI is self-explanatory once you select the Playlist section.

Users with a good understanding of technology, on the other hand, will get a lot more out of the site. The built-in editor lets users create simple displays, but users with more experience can leverage the technology to make more professional results.

Reasons to buy TelemetryTV.

  • Priced reasonably
  • Live customer assistance is available
  • Good-looking interface

OnSign TV

OnSign TV is one of the best user-friendly digital signage solutions that perfectly works with macOS, Windows, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Samsung SSP, Phillips, and various operating systems.

The software OnSign TV includes a comprehensive list of players that are supported, as well as the requisite hardware. Before purchasing any equipment, we suggest reading this or checking your existing equipment.

When set up, the system is extremely user-friendly. OnSign TV is backed up by a slew of free apps that give anything from sports scores to local weather predictions. You can also develop your HTML5 application or have them created for you by the platform’s developers.

Reasons to buy OnSign TV.

  • It’s quite simple to use
  • Various operating systems are available
  • A drag-and-drop capability is available


Viewneo blends its software with optimum hardware solutions to determine when your monitors display messages, including AI-powered sensor technology.

The viewneo is a modular system that develops with your business, allowing you to add and remove components based on the size and complexity of the displays you need.

Pixabay integration is included in the software, giving you access to over two million images, design templates, social media plugins, weather, a news feed, and more. You’ll also get detailed reports and analytics that let you use the technology to track how people are reacting to your messages.

Finally, while the platform promotes its hardware, the software works with other devices such as the Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Reasons to buy Viewneo.

  • AI technology that is cutting-edge
  • The interface is simple to use
  • A wide range of applications


With its simple and easy-to-use features, OptiSigns is a signage software that allows users to generate attractive and exciting content and maintain digital signs. It brings programs like Google Data Studio, Facebook, Instagram, Trello, and others to live on the screens.

Through real-time playback reports and audience understanding, also it enables advanced analytics and AI, allowing it to change/display real-time relevant material.

OptiSigns is suggested because of its features for creating stunning content and managing digital signage, such as playlists, schedules, and file support. It offers a free 30-day trial.

Reasons to buy OptiSigns.

  • The software supports a wide variety of video, audio, and image formats
  • Allows you to make a personalized playlist
  • Provides a feature in its apps that allows users to display helpful content on screens
  • Also provides a Proof-of-Play Report function that tracks the content’s playback


What is the goal of digital signage software? Digital signage is a non-personal form of communication. This communication aims to attract the attention of a certain group of people towards a piece of certain information. This information can be a commercial offer, a public service announcement, a warning, or a notification of a sale, among others.

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