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Enjoy low-rate money transfers with the Azimo money transfer app!


Azimo money transfer app is a forward-thinking money transfer company that began operations eight years ago. Since then has expanded its internet service to over 200 nations. Users may pick from many ways to transfer their money. Ways like bank deposits and mobile wallets, with about 80 different currencies available. It’s even feasible to use cash because the current outbreak of coronavirus has put many people off using old-fashioned paper money.

Azimo expanded its attractiveness a few years ago by launching a money transfer option tailored to enterprises. This puts a unique spin on the ease of moving money worldwide. Small and medium-sized businesses may use Azimo Business’s transfer services. This can be more affordable than their banks while quicker and more accurate.

Features of Azimo

Azimo money transfer app

Everyone will enjoy Azimo’s no-nonsense approach. It includes clean designs and a simple business plan that allows you to send money without fuss. Azimo is very rapid, with transfers available in as little as one hour to over 80 countries. You can even obtain delivery to certain nations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no weekend delays. Getting started is as simple as enrolling as an individual or a company. Moreover, the service includes two free transfers when you initially join up.

Pricing of Azimo

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Azimo Money transfer app was a tough competitor, especially when pitted against banks and some good money transfer firms. Azimo claims users can save up to 90%, but it’s preferable to utilize the app compared to the competition. This can send them currency notifications and guarantee they receive the best prices for the greatest value.

It’s a terrific method to see if Azimo is suitable for you by giving it a try and getting your initial two transfers for complimentary. The fees are then determined by where the money is sent from and where it is sent to. The delivery method and how quickly you need to send the cash will influence prices.

Performance of Azimo

send money through your mobile

Overall, the Azimo money transfer app appears to have been well constructed, with the interface gleaming as you navigate through the simple stages of initiating a transfer. Anti-fraud and encryption technologies are included in the service, which is also supervised by financial institutions of the UK (the FCA) and the EU.

The transfer procedure is simple, with registration being quick and painless, picking funds to move and paying with a credit or debit card, or even a bank transfer if you choose, is all that’s required to send money. Azimo also performs an excellent job of notifying you when the transfer is complete via their system.


Azimo money transfer

Although most online money transfer services aren’t particularly tough to use, Azimo goes above and above to make the transaction as simple as possible. To use Azimo for the first time, you must first register, which is simple. You can follow one of two paths through the registration process: filling out personal information or registering your business.

It’s a good idea to browse down the list on the registration page to receive a fast overview of nations to which you may transfer money. The Azimo experience appears to be quite user-friendly, with the desktop web browser method proving to be clean, straightforward, and hassle-free. Meanwhile, the app makes even more sense because it’s well-designed and allows you to perform and monitor transfers while on the road.


The Azimo website has a comprehensive support center that can assist with any part of the money transfer service. From simple tips to commercial services. Azimo also has its perspective on several often asked topics, dubbed most popular inquiries. It’s also an excellent place to start for other popular questions.

After exploring the help center, Azimo support personnel is accessible Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. UK time if you still have questions. In the help stakes, it appears to cover almost all bases. They also have employees fluent in English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Italian.


Azimo continues to amaze a large number of individuals, with over two million consumers to date, according to the business. There’s a lot to enjoy here, with the ease of use and low cost are the primary reasons to give it a try. Azimo is also regulated in the United Kingdom and the European Union, and it has a strong focus on innovation and creativity, which provides it with a unique edge. Security features such as Face ID and Touch ID are comforting, and the app itself is outstanding.

In-app customer assistance is available in eight languages, which is undoubtedly helpful. Getting real-time updates on your transfer status is a nice feature, especially if you’re moving significant quantities of money. When you put it all together, you have a powerful money transfer bundle that saves you money.

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