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Harry Potter HBO Max series rumors, casting, news, and release date!


HBO Max is getting a fresh new series centered in the Harry Potter universe, and we’ve compiled all we know so far. As per The Hollywood Reporter as well as other entertainment sources, a live-action series based on the Harry Potter universe is in the works and will premiere on HBO Max in the United States.

Well with the release of Hogwarts Legacy, an RPG game planned to come in 2022, the Wizarding World is already prepared to expand. All eight “Harry Potter” movies are now available on HBO Max and Peacock.

Cast and crew of Harry Potter HBO Max series

Harry Potter HBO Max

Again, information about talent or authors is quite rare. The Hollywood Reporter only says that ‘multiple talks’ with possible writers for the show have taken place.

There are a few apparent choices here. Steve Kloves wrote the screenplays for 7 of the primary Harry Potter films and is also set to co-write the Fantastic Beasts 3rd installment. There’s also J.K. Rowling, the known universe creator, but companies have distanced themselves from her recently owing to her transphobic statements on the internet.

There will be no surprise if David Yates returns behind the camera. He is the filmmaker with the most expertise and knowledge of the Potter series. His aesthetic, on the other hand, leans toward the darker end of the cinematic spectrum, which may not be appropriate for whatever series is in the works.

In terms of casting, it all relies on the nature of the show. We may see cameos from Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Michael Gambon, and Maggie Smith – or perhaps Jude Law as teenage Dumbledore – to lure in crowds. Of course, all of this is simply speculation at this point.

Plot theories for Harry Potter HBO Max Series

Harry Potter HBO Max

Because Warner Bros. has shown no signs of abandoning the Wizarding World, we must now analyse how this TV series fits into the greater story.

It may be a comprehensive remake of the movies, lasting seven seasons and based on a single book. This is the least likely option, in our opinion, because the films have been such a success, and redoing them all would not add to the world. Pursuing something like The Marauders may be a viable possibility. This is the name of a gang that includes James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.

The Marauders (creators of ‘The Marauders Map’) attended Hogwarts alongside Lily Evans (Popularly known as Lily Potter, Harry’s mother) and Severus Snape. The trio had numerous experiences there, including learning to transform into animagi to assist Lupin with his lycanthropy issue.

After finishing their education, the four went on to confront Lord Voldemort’s rebellion, giving birth to The Boy Who Lived, also known as Harry Potter.

Followers of Harry Potter have long demanded a film version of The Marauders, thus we believe this is the most likely possibility. It might also be a film version of The Cursed Child. This will be a stage play based in the Harry Potter universe that follows the progeny of the major characters. It might also take place earlier, linking in with Fantastic Beasts or the forthcoming game Hogwarts Legacy.

Release Date

Harry Potter HBO Max

The show is still in its early phases of development, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with ‘no writers or talent… presently connected and concept specifics still being offered to execs. Nothing concrete has happened yet.

With all that in mind – plus the length of time it would take to begin production due to COVID we would still not expect a release date for the Harry Potter HBO Max series until at least 2023. 


Harry Potter is yet not finished. HBO Max is on the line to make the Harry Potter series which is in the early phase of development. No casting is done yet but we can assume that there will be cameos from the previous cast. With all that in mind, we can just assume it to come by early 2023.

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