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PDF-XChange Editor: Feature-Rich and Efficient Editor For Your Documents!

PDF Xchange
PDF Xchange

PDF-XChange Editor is a PDF editor that is the successor to the outstanding PDF-Change Viewer. Its design has been completely revamped, making it much simpler and simpler to use.

Aside from that, PDF-XChange Viewer retains all of its predecessor’s capabilities, including editing tools for marking, selecting, and striking out text. The inclusion of stamps and comments tools allows you to quickly trace changes in documents – features that are not always available in free PDF readers.

You may also remove or erase individual pages from a large PDF file and replace them with new material such as text, photos, blank pages, or full PDF documents.

PDF-XChange Editor is also great for transforming files between PDF and Word formats, and it even has OCR for transforming scanned documents into word format.

Plans and Pricing


PDF-XChange Editor provides a fully working free tier as well as certain pro capabilities that can be upgraded. However, it is worth mentioning that the free tier may be sufficient for the majority of customers. Even the commercial features, which essentially add a watermark, are usable.

While the free version includes 70% of the functions, users who desire access to the premium features have two alternatives. The first is PDF-XChange Editor, which has a single-user license that starts at $56 a year. If you want an even more comprehensive bundle with even more functions, the single license fee for one year of PDF-XChange Editor Plus is $72.

If you’re looking for business prices, there are many licensing choices dependent on the number of licenses required. Licenses are available in quantities ranging from 3 to 75,000.

Features of PDF-XChange


Many of the desired capabilities of a PDF editor are available for free in PDF-XChange Editor. These include the ability to read native picture files and Microsoft Office, as well as Multi-language OCR, voice comments, annotations, page authoring, stamps, an embedded Java-script engine, links, auto-highlighting of fillable areas, and other features.

Annotate items in the document easily, either during or after production, dependent on the editing rights granted during export. This also allows for editable text, so you can design forms that can be carried out and the data kept within. Create digital forms that may be filled out without the need for word processors or editing.

Fillable PDF Forms, exporting to Microsoft Word format, merging PDFs, removing or moving pages, scanning directly to PDF, and more capabilities are available in the commercial edition.



The UI of PDF-XChange Editor is straightforward. While it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing to look at, it gets the job done quickly. Buttons are easy to discover, settings are clearly arranged, and nothing is overly complicated. The traditional toolbar design will be quite recognizable if you’ve ever used a Microsoft Office program, Adobe, or practically any type of text editor. One shouldn’t spend too much time looking for settings in the latest edition of PDF-XChange before discovering them and being able to use any given function. Things just make sense, even though this interface appears to be a lot at first sight.

Furthermore, when you choose any quantity of text or things on the screen, extra content viewing sections emerge on the left side. This allows you to see what sort of thing it is like text, title, image, etc.  Also, further information about it. Typically, you will view your project or file on the right side.

Pros of PDF-XChange

  • It generates editable documents.
  • To immediately import printed documents, use OCR-enhanced scanning.
  • This is simple to use because of the intuitive UI.
  • Works with typical document formats directly.
  • Digital signatures are supported.
  • PDF-XChange Viewer enhances the user experience of documents in ways that standard PDF readers do not.
  • Simple purchase through an on-site PDF app download.

Cons of PDF-XChange

  • Only for Windows.
  • Upgrades are purchasable.
  • Some capabilities of PDF-XChange Editor are only available when the file is read by PDF-XChange Reader. This isn’t a deal killer, but it does restrict the inclusion of some of the other features.
  • Support that is unstable.


A simple Google search reveals an unexpectedly large number of support groups and individuals discussing PDF-XChange. And when talking about surprising, it makes it true. However, users like a lot of what this program can achieve. There is even a subset of folks who believe this is the program that will eventually replace Adobe Acrobat.

In addition to the community of assistance and FAQs being accessible, the team at PDF-XChange has chatbots and a variety of different methods to contact them for product support, difficulties, and more.


Some PDF-XChange users are convinced that it is the best PDF editor available. Others vouch for the value of the features. The experience was pleasant, but nothing spectacular occurrs. But perhaps that’s the goal. When nothing struck out as wonderful, nothing struck out as bothersome or inconvenient. Nothing was lacking, and nothing was perplexing or annoying. With enough sophistication, PDF editors and also that line of work might be difficult. Is PDF-XChange ahead of the curve since it has an easy-to-use and straightforward system with comprehensible techniques for editing and modifying a particular document or project?

If you need to deal with dynamic, professional PDFs, this is a really great solution. You don’t have to spend a small lot on well-known solutions. Though its restriction to Windows is below ideal in current times, PDF-XChange is an example of a great buying option. You could find some use out of the upgraded capabilities, but keep in mind that you’ll need also a PDF-XChange Viewer to get the most out of them.

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