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Best Free PDF Reader for making, managing, and securing your PDF files!


PDF documents are exceptionally famous as they can be opened on any operating system, and they are not difficult to connect with an email, message, or site. A PDF document additionally gives the advantage of not being changed without any problem. Thus, it is broadly involved by people and organizations for digital copies of resumes, study material, documents, and manuals for peripherals and gadgets. A free PDF reader software assists you with making, managing, and securing your PDF files across the board place.

It permits you to simplify complicated tasks engaged with PDFs. There are many committed Windows PDF readers accessible on the lookout. Along these lines, choosing the best PDF reader for editing, altering, or dealing with your PDF files is difficult. We have made the best PDF readers list for your necessities.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Free PDF Reader

Adobe’s free PDF reader isn’t the most lightweight download, however, this software does a lot of things effectively. If you as of now utilize other Adobe products, you would connect Acrobat Reader DC to Adobe‘s storage cloud. On the other hand, you can save PDFs to or open them from cloud services including Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box.

What truly separates this free PDF reader is that it can deal with opening various enormous files immediately. That implies you can read and explain thick documents in this program without stressing that it will crash on you. The layout organizes individual documents in a tab view, so it closely resembles the experience you’d help to look through PDFs in your web browser.

Acrobat Reader DC incorporates pretty much all the comment devices you could need, making this gives over the best free PDF reader. It permits you to feature text, add comments, and fill and sign forms. There’s even a text-to-speech model that will read documents without holding back for you.


  • Works with cloud storage services
  • Handles large PDFs with ease
  • Tab view for multiple documents


  • Relatively large

2. Foxit PDF Reader

Free PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is something beyond a free PDF reader – you can likewise make PDFs without any preparation utilizing this software. Integration with Microsoft Office permits you to effortlessly transform documents you’re working away at into PDFs. Or on the other hand, you can scan a document or picture and transform it into a PDF utilizing Foxit Reader. The main thing that is deficient in the free version is support for optical character recognition in scanned documents.

The software can be somewhat scary right away, yet it’s moderately direct to explore. That is on account of the way that it utilizes a similar ribbon-style menu as Microsoft Office. Tools for editing, signing, highlighting, and commenting are genuinely simple to get to. You can likewise merge or split PDFs by downloading free additional items for the software. 

One more benefit to Foxit PDF Reader is that it offers security. There’s a Safe Reading mode that permits you to consequently disable Javascript embedded in downloaded PDFs. Note that with the software’s most recent update, Foxit appears to have removed its PDF virtual printer driver, meaning you can never again utilize the software to make PDFs.


  • Allows you to create PDFs
  • Safe mode disables Javascript
  • Lightweight download


  • Some features require extensions

3. Slim PDF

Free PDF Reader

Slim PDF is the best free PDF reader for you if you’re searching for something unimaginably lightweight. The software download is small, so is the ideal decision if you’re restricted by hard drive space. Furthermore, that implies that it’s ready to open and load your documents quicker than the majority of its rivals.

The drawback to this small size is that Slim PDF is fundamental. You can look and rotate documents, yet that’s the long and short of it. There are no devices for signing, filling, commenting, or highlighting, not to mention numerous understanding modes. While there is a menu choice to change a PDF over to a Word document, doing this requires another software download.

Subsequently, Slim PDF is really only a PDF reader. It works effectively at this, however, leaving out the toolbars that can divert you based on the thing you’re reading. If you regularly need to print PDFs, Slim PDF is one of the quickest and most straightforward choices accessible.


  • Small download size 
  • Loads extremely quickly
  • Can convert file types


  • No editing features

4. Nitro Reader

Free PDF Reader

Nitro Reader is one more impressive free PDF reader in the vein of Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat DC. What makes this tool different is that it has a touchscreen mode that is great if you’re chipping away at a tablet. Touchscreen mode is particularly great for reading e-books since you can flick the pages instead of scrolling or snap on a button.

While you can’t fill and sign PDFs with Nitro Reader, the software makes a pleasant job of enabling collaboration. You can comment on documents with underlining and strikethroughs as well as featuring. Comments are additionally supported, and they appear like sticky notes that are not difficult to recognize as you read through a document. Supportively, the software additionally permits you to convert between PDF and other document formats.

The software has a strip-style menu that will be natural to Microsoft Office clients. The menu is quite simple to explore since there aren’t all that numerous choices accessible in Nitro Reader.


  • Touchscreen mode
  • Plenty of annotation tools
  • Simple ribbon-style menu


  • No document signing or filling

5. PDF-XChange Editor

Instead of simply being a free PDF reader, PDF-XChange Editor is likewise a free PDF editing program for Windows. The point of interaction is somewhat more complex than some others however gives you simple admittance to a lot of accommodating features.

For most clients, the primary reason to utilize PDF-XChange Editor is the way that it accompanies inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This really intends that if your unique PDF document is a photocopy, PDF-XChange will in any case perceive the text and permit you to edit it. Additionally, PDF-XChange Editor lets you reformat text and even believer it into fonts that aren’t now loaded on your PC.

You can utilize this platform to merge or split individual PDF documents. The main genuine disadvantage of this strong editor is that, if you haven’t signed up for the Pro version, a little ‘Created with PDF-XChange Editor’ watermark will be added at the lower part of any PDF documents that you send out.


  • Optical character recognition
  • Text editing
  • Splits and extracts pages


  • Watermarks documents

6. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is one of the most incredible PDF readers for reading visual documents like digital catalogs lists, magazines, and comic books – – you might actually see files in 3D. The app likewise allows you to make and edit PDFs without any preparation. Soda PDF sells an internet-based PDF platform as well, so they drive interest for it by offering free PDF tools on their site like convert to PDF, convert from PDF, merge, split, and compress, sign and secure, and insert components like watermarks and page numbering. You can involve these web-based tools as a proxy for a downloadable PDF reader if you need to save space on your PC.


  • You can productively make changes to your PDF documents.
  • It makes the document modification process simple.
  • You can send and follow different contracts for e-sign.
  • Offers a cloud-based administration suite.


  • It is an extravagant tool contrasted with its friends.

Points to keep in mimd while choosing free PDF readers:

The best PDF reader relies principally upon the user’s necessities. A few things you ought to consider include:

  • The size of the program
  • Available operating systems
  • Security functions
  • Editing functions
  • Sharing ability
  • Viewing options
  • Types of files it can open
  • File conversions available
  • Ability to take notes
  • Other advanced features needed


PDF readers are significant tools both in the expert world and people’s singular lives. A PDF is a unique kind of file made specifically for document exchange, and you use PDF watchers as tools to open and edit them. There are numerously incredible, free PDF viewers accessible. I

The best PDF editor right currently is: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Need to edit a PDF, view it? It’s free, however, for proficient results, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an ideal device for you. It gives you all-out freedom to make PDFs without any preparation and edit existing documents without fuss, on desktop or mobile.

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