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With these apps and websites, you can now send large files for free!

send large files for free
send large files for free

Sending attachments through email is convenient, but what happens when the files get too large? Many email services limit the file sizes that may be sent, and those that are delivered might overload the inbox of the receiver. With all that in consideration, you’ll want to look for alternatives to consider to send large files for free. Fortunately, there are various free choices available, all of which need email verification.

Send Anywhere

send large files for free

Send Anywhere is an identical service, but it has a few extra tricks up its pocket. One is its cross-platform compatibility: there are specialized iOS and Android applications, a WordPress plugin, and support for all major desktop operating systems.

It also permits you to send large files for free up to 4GB, and it’s as easy as entering your email address, recipients, a subject, and optional message, then clicking Send.

The restriction is extended to 10GB if you apply the Chrome extension or Outlook plugin, although it is 20GB on Android/iOS and infinite if you use the Windows application. Receiving files is considerably simpler; all you need is the 6-digit key to get the file as quickly as it’s ready.



WeTransfer is one of the plainest and simple ways to transfer files. It’s completely free, requires no registration, and allows you to transmit up to 2GB at a moment. You may send and upload files as many times as you like, to up to 20 individuals at once.

The download link will be emailed to you and will be active for seven days. Because uploading files might be delayed during peak hours, the business suggests sending files early in the morning or late at night to minimize internet congestion.


send large files for free

For one-time transfers, Hightail (previously YouSendIt) needs you to create a free account, which makes it more difficult than WeTransfer and MailBigFile. It is, nevertheless, another good service that allows you to send large files for free up to 250 MB. You may also save up to 2GB of data and have up to five electronic signatures.

Secure data encryption, mobile, and desktop app access, and receipt verification are all available with Hightail. This is the one to choose if you’re concerned about highly sensitive files.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive, allows you to store items on the web and view them from anywhere. You’ll receive 15GB of free storage, which should be plenty for many people, while subscription plans start at £1.59 per month.

It’s also immediately linked to your Google account, so if you currently use Gmail as your email client, it’ll be ideal.

It’s not meant to be a primary means to send large files for free, but it does include a simple sharing mechanism that works, in complement to the Dropbox-like services that come with it.

Mail Drop


If you use a Mac, you may not be aware that the Mail software has a free option to transfer huge files.

It’s called Mail Drop, and it works by uploading a file to the web and producing a link that the receiver may use to download and view the content. The receiver will be able to access the file even if they don’t use Mail or even have a Mac.

If the receiver uses Mail, however, the file will be immediately downloaded as an attachment to the email, and they will not be able to tell the difference.


send large files for free

Dropbox is most known for its cloud storage, but its file-sharing capabilities are just as robust. The great news is that the receiver does not need to have an account in order to receive files, but you will need one to send them.

You may save up to 16GB of data for free by referring friends. Businesses can also purchase paid programs.

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android are all supported. There’s even an offline option that lets you access your data whenever you want.


send large files for free

Another simple and quick alternative is MailBigFile. You may upload up to 5 files at once and send large files for free up to 2GB in size. After then, the receiver has up to ten days to download them. Although the user interface isn’t as clear and appealing as WeTransfer’s, it’s an excellent, free service that gets the job done.


send large files for free onedrive

Many of the features of OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) are comparable to those of Dropbox and Google Drive. Microsoft’s cloud service allows you to save up to 15GB of files, with more storage available through referrals and attaching the app to your phone’s Gallery application. Paid plans are frequently included as part of an Office 365 subscription, however, a separate 100GB plan is available for £1.99 per month.

But, more crucially, you may utilize it to send large files for free in this scenario. Any file in OneDrive may be quickly and easily shared with a friend by hitting the Share button.


The size of files is usually limited by email providers and software. Gmail and Yahoo, for instance, limit documents attached to 25MB, so a 100MB film won’t get through. However, email isn’t your sole option; these various independent file-transfer services are available to send big files.

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