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Top Lego Sets to enhance your child’s mechanical and scientific development!


Every year Lego unveils heaps of new sets that consolidate top-name franchises, different brands, and the best of traditional series like Lego City and Lego Technic. There are many new sets to look over and since Lego appeals to huge quantities of adults just as children, the decision is practically endless and it’s difficult to gather everything. We have here the best Lego sets for your child’s effective development.

What is lego set?

Lego set is a plastic development set for making mechanical models. This lego comprises of differently shaded interlocking plastic blocks going with a variety of pinion wheels, puppets, figures, and different parts. Lego pieces can be gathered and associated in numerous ways to develop objects, including vehicles, and working robots.

1. LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

Best Lego Sets

Lego sets are the highest quality level with regards to toys that assistance to foster creative play. While a significant number of the sets that you can buy centre around a specific theme, there are choices if you need to give your children toys that foster their independent imagination play. The Lego Creative Brick Box is an incredible alternative.  

This box accompanies 33 different coloured bricks and is waiting for whatever your child needs to build. They can mimic photos on the box to make cars or houses, or make things that exist just inside the confines of their little minds. The box is hard plastic and doubles as an incredible method to store the bricks when not being used. It’s likewise really reasonable and will not break the bank for parents on a tight budget.


  • 790 pieces
  • Extraordinary for kids who need to build things
  • 33 different colors brick choices


  • Little pieces are a stifling hazard for younger kids
  • Parts are effectively lost or stepped on
  • Just imaginative play no specific manifestations to build

2. LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

Best Lego Sets

For some kids admiring the stars and considering how people would travel off-world is a pleasant method to take part in imaginative play. Presently your space-minded child can get a very close perspective in general Saturn V rocket with this epic 1900 piece Lego kit.

The NASA Apollo Saturn V Lego Kit accompanies all that you need to assemble each of the three stages of the rocket, the lunar lander, and the lunar module. It likewise accompanies space explorer Minifigures so your child can play out their dreams about being a space traveller.


  • Meter high model
  • High nitty-gritty Saturn V rocket
  • 1900 Pieces included


  • Excessively unpredictable for most children
  • Bunches of pieces to lose or step on

3. Best Star Wars: Millenium Falcon

Best Lego Sets

A long, quite a while in the past in a galaxy far, far, away the Millenium Falcon managed out how to do the Kessel Run quicker than some other ship. Monitored by the smuggler Han Solo and his trusty dearest friend Chewbacca, this ship is one of the most iconic parts of the Star Wars establishment. Presently, it’s in reality because of this gigantic 1000 piece Lego set. This is not really the most ideal alternative for young kids, however, if your child loves Star Wars.

The Millenium Falcon accompanies not just every one of the pieces you need to build the ship, yet in addition six different minifigs, blaster weapons, and electrobinoculars. We propose that except if your child is on the older side, you transform building this ship into an activity you can share with them.


  • More than 1000 pieces
  • Fun project for parents and kids to fabricate together
  • Incorporates six different minifigs to play with


  • Excessively complicated for some kids
  • Bunches of little easily lost pieces

4. Best Minecraft: The Abandoned Mine

Best Lego Sets

LEGO Minecraft The “Abandoned” Mine (21166) brings exemplary Minecraft action in reality as kids help the game’s leading person mine, build and explore while under an attack from different hostile creatures.

This consolidates a natural cast of Minecraft characters and creatures: Steve, a zombie, bug, and living slime. The set likewise incorporates coal, iron, and diamond stone components and a falling travel feature. Children should draw the hostile creatures to the entrance of the cave and afterwards hand press a jig to break gravel from a higher place.

Players should help Steve burrow for principal resources while deceiving the zombie, spider, and living slime to the cavern entrance where kids can utilize a hand-worked contraption to bring critical level rocks crashing down on them. This 248 piece Lego set is an ideal birthday or occasion gift for youngsters aged 7 and up who need to take their Minecraft encounters to another measurement. This versatile LEGO Minecraft playset has dimensions- 14cm height, 19cm width, and 12cm depth.

5. Best LEGO City: Fire Station

Top Lego Sets to enhance your child's mechanical and scientific development!

The city fire set is viable with little particles of every significant brand. Build a city fire tower, including a 774 pieces Lego set, two city fire command centres, two enormous parking structures, and a city fire aircraft base station to get rescue data and better guide rescue work.

These fire fighting toys made of building blocks are outfitted with rescue helicopters, fire engines, rescue vehicles Playsets, and rescue tools. Kids will feel be a part of the rescue activity with the assortment of complete fire fighting tools and vehicles for pretending.

Fire station building blocks accompany flawless autonomous colour box packaging and a convenient design. This is appropriate as the ideal birthday or Holiday gift or improvised gift for kids 6-14 years of age years old.

The city fire station has a tallness of more than 6.89In, a length of 15.16In, a width of 10.04In, a truck length of 7.87In, and a width estimation of 2.36In. The vehicle is 4.33In long and 1.97In wide, and the plane is 7.09In long and 3.94In wide. Each building block model is separately packed in an environmental storage bag. Made of child-friendly great ABS plastic, simple to set up and disassemble.

6. LEGO Architecture Taj Mahal (20156)

Top Lego Sets to enhance your child's mechanical and scientific development!

Taj Mahal is the gigantic ivory-white marble mausoleum, situated in the Indian city of Agra is renowned as one of the world’s compositional wonders. It was appointed in 1631 by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Empress Mumtaz Mahal. The central dome, auxiliary dome chambers, and surrounding minarets are finished off with decorative finials. And the raised stage is fixed with recessed arches.

This is far beyond a toy, it is the ideal model for kids and adults who are into design and need to build one of the seven wonders of the world. Within excess of 2022 pieces, this scale model building is designed to deliver a rewarding gathering experience for adults. It makes an extraordinary display piece for the home or office.

With all the great TV and movie-related products delivered in recent years, it’s not difficult to fail to remember that Lego was initially about building, indeed, buildings.

It’s moderately simple to move and transport if you need to. There are other buildings as well like Big Ben, Statue of Liberty and more such structures!


With a busy rush, it’s the ideal opportunity to consider approaches to involve yourself at home when relaxing and chilling. What’s more, the best Lego sets are one awesome approach to cheerfully while away the hours inside.

Whatever sort of Lego you’re searching for, there’s a gigantic assortment accessible at the present time, for all ages and ability levels, ranging from renowned buildings to pop culture tie-ins. Be that as it may, some Lego sets are better than others.

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