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Reliefband Review: All that we know about the proxy to medicine!


Nausea is a symptom everyone dreads. You have most certainly experienced that queasy feeling at one time or another. It could be when you are reading a book in a moving car, or maybe after eating something that didn’t agree with you. Whatever the case may be, the feeling leaves a bad taste in your mouth. So how do you counter that? Read our Reliefband Review and find out for yourself. 

About Reliefband

The reliefband provides a treatment for those unexpected bouts of nausea. It makes no difference if you are prone to motion sickness or morning sickness, or even if you are experiencing nausea brought on by post-surgery or are having chemotherapy-induced nausea.

You may have heard of folks who use acupressure on their wrists to deal with nausea sensations.
For thousands of years, people have utilized acupressure as a straightforward and non-invasive remedy to address various ailments such as motion sickness, morning sickness, and post-operative nausea. The Reliefband operates in a manner that is more sophisticated than acupressure yet similarly effective. Transdermal neuromodulation, the underlying technique, uses nerve stimulation to assist in controlling and relieving nausea and vomiting sensations.

Unlike tablets or injections, this option is FDA-approved and employs a bracelet that sends pulses to your wrist for anti-nausea effects. Read further to find more in this Reliefband Review.

Reliefband Review

$229.99 ($229.99 / Count)

Reliefband emerges as a groundbreaking solution for tackling various forms of discomfort, particularly queasiness. Through its innovative neuromodulation technology, it offers a medication-free way to alleviate illness and related symptoms to people. The device's ability to provide relief without invasive procedures or medications works its significance in enhancing overall well-being. Real-life testimonials further validate its effectiveness, while acknowledging the importance of individual considerations and medical advice. In a world focused on non-pharmaceutical solutions, Reliefband shines as a beacon of progress, promising a more comfortable and nausea-free option through wrist wearable technology and medical advancement.

  • An FDA-approved, drug-free approach for treating dizziness.
  • It's an attractive wearable.
  • More comfortable than standard acupressure bracelets for extended wear.
  • It is inconsistent and annoying to utilize a short charging cable with a weak magnetic contact.
  • Significantly more costly than substitute anti-queasiness medications.
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01/31/2024 05:50 am GMT


Premier, Sport, Cassic, and Flex are the four most popular models of the Reliefband. Read further in the Reliefband Review to find out about the similarities and differences between the four models.

Key specifications are:

  • Fast Acting Relief
  • 100% Drug-Free
  • Clinically Proven
  • Works Within Minutes
  • FDA-Cleared
  • Zero Side Effects

 Reliefband Classic

The first Reliefband design is the Reliefband Classic is worn on the inside of the wrist, and has five level settings, replacement batteries that are already fitted, and a 150-hour usage range.

contains gold, copper, nickel, and latex.

Reliefband Premier

With a sleek design and 10-level settings, the Premier is the top of the line. The Premier model has additional level settings and a more upscale appearance when compared to the Sport and Flex variants.

  • rechargeable batteries.
  • 18 hours approximately of use.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • available in slate blue or charcoal.

Sport Reliefband

The very first waterproof wearable ever created. The Reliefband Sport, which is worn on the underside of the wrist, has six level settings, a battery that can be recharged, and a battery life of about 30 hours. With the purchase of a strap, the Reliefband Sport can also be fastened to an Apple or Samsung watch.

  • Stainless Steel Contacts.
  • Available in Black or Soft Grey.

Reliefband Flex

Reliefband Flex is a low-cost, digital therapeutic device used to relieve nausea and vomiting brought on by chemotherapy, morning sickness from pregnancy, and motion sickness. The use of Reliefband as a supplement to antiemetic medication is also recommended for lowering postoperative nausea.


Dimensions of the item: 2.75 by 2.25 by 2.36 inches; 7.05 ounces.

Department: Adult-Unisex.

Battery: One lithium metal battery is needed. (included).

How does it work?

The technology behind Reliefband is what distinguishes these wearables from other anti-nausea and anti-vomiting products. A precise location on the median nerve on the underside of your wrist receives gentle, regular pulses when you put one on and turn it on. The pulses are mild enough that your hand and middle fingers will only experience a light tingling sensation. This tingling is an indication that the Reliefband is functioning as intended and is blocking the brain signals that make you feel nauseous.

The natural neurological pathways of your body carry them directly to the brain’s emetic area, also referred to as the “vomiting center.” When you feel sick, your brain sends signals to your stomach that are countered by these substances. 

The Reliefband can also be used to treat already existing symptoms, thus it is not just a preventative measure. Therefore, you can put on the Reliefband if you’re already feeling under the weather, and within five to fifteen minutes, you should start to feel better.

How to wear it?

Applying the Reliefband properly is crucial for successful use. On the inside of your wrist, between the two tendons, you wear the band containing the gadget. You must first apply a tiny drop of the included gel to the area and spread it out into a circle roughly the size of a large coin before fastening it. After that, place the device over the gelled area and fasten it firmly.

After activating the gadget by pressing the power button, you can change the intensity of stimulation until the tingling in your palm and middle finger feels comfortable.

FDA Approved

The Reliefband’s FDA-cleared label lends credibility to its claims that it can reduce nausea and vomiting. You’ll appreciate that Reliefband works naturally, without drugs, and you should begin to feel its effects very shortly after putting it on, especially if you’re worried about taking medications or chemicals. It has a wide range of uses. It can be used to treat motion illness on cruises, aircraft, and road trips as well as nausea brought on by chemotherapy.

Effective For

  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Hangover
  • Morning Sickness
  • Chemotherapy Induced nausea
  • Post-Operative
  • Car travel Illness
  • Sea Sickness on cruises
  • Flights Sickness
  • Train travel Sickness
  • Gaming
  • Amusement Parks

Wrist Fit

It can be challenging to put the Reliefband Premier on your wrist securely with just one hand. It was challenging to fit it on my wrist comfortably and with a decent connection because of my smaller wrists.

Larger wrists may make this situation easier for certain people. Smaller wrists will have a difficult time. 

It’s important to note that the fabric strap on the Reliefband Sport and Flex makes achieving a snug fit much simpler, even when you’re doing it yourself. The strap on these bands is a velcro wrap, similar to those that many people have on their Apple watches, for example.

Connection and Charging Cable Length

The charging cable is only a couple of inches long, which is extremely short. Additionally, the cable is connected to the band using some contacts with a weak magnet that detaches too readily rather than a USB connection.

Therefore, you must ensure that everything is connected correctly for the band to charge, and you must have a location where the band can be placed close to the outlet. You cannot hang the band by the wire since the connection will break, and when you want to use it later, you will discover that it hasn’t charged properly.

Tingling Sensation

In comparison to other, more straightforward pressure-point-based bands you may have encountered or even used before, the tingling sensation on hand that the Reliefband causes can be far more comfortable over extended lengths of time.

Is it worth buying?

It’s worth taking into consideration if you enjoy the notion of utilizing a bracelet with more cutting-edge technology to aid you in overcoming symptoms of travel sickness in particular.

This is particularly true if you anticipate experiencing frequent nausea or may need to wear it for an extended amount of time.


Reliefband has proven itself to be a remarkable and effective solution for addressing various forms of discomfort and nausea. Through a detailed Reliefband review and analysis, we have uncovered its exceptional features and benefits, shedding light on its potential to significantly improve the quality of life for those who suffer from illness, and other related issues.

The technology behind it, utilizing neuromodulation and precise stimulation, showcases the power of innovation in the medical and wellness industry. Its ability to provide relief without the need for medications or invasive procedures marks a pivotal step forward in enhancing patient comfort and well-being.

Furthermore, the personal experiences shared by individuals who have incorporated the bands into their lives speak volumes about its success. From travelers seeking a smoother journey to expectant mothers aiming to alleviate their various ill symptoms, the positive testimonials resonate with the device’s capacity to make a meaningful difference.

However, as with any product, it’s important to consider individual differences and consult with medical professionals when necessary. While the bands offer an exciting avenue for relief, their suitability varies from person to person.

In a world where the quest for effective, non-pharmaceutical solutions is ever-present, it stands out as a promising option. Its potential to offer relief and comfort in a non-intrusive manner is a testament to the advancements made in wearable technology and medical innovation.

In essence, as we have seen in this Reliefband review, it not only lives up to its claims but also opens up new possibilities for managing discomfort in a way that respects the body’s natural processes. 

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Reliefband Review


Through transdermal neuromodulation, the Reliefband provides novel therapy for motion sickness by transmitting pulses to the wrist to reduce symptoms. It is more effective than conventional acupressure and is FDA-approved. There are several different Reliefband versions, each with unique qualities, including Premier, Sport, Classic, and Flex. In order to suppress impulses that cause nausea, the method entails stimulating the median nerve. It works well for a variety of conditions, including nausea brought on by chemotherapy and motion sickness. Reliefband’s cutting-edge technology and potential for longer usage make it helpful for treating motion sickness and enhancing wellbeing, despite certain downsides including its short charging cord and tingling feeling.





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