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MS Windows 11: New-look, requirements, widgets, and much more!


Many never thought there would be a Windows 11, later Microsoft reported in 2015 that Windows 10 would be the OS’s last version. New rivalry from Chrome OS probably presented the defense for a more huge interface update. And Windows 11 acquires intensely from Google’s lightweight desktop design.

In spite of its definitely new look, Windows 11 remaining parts are almost practically indistinguishable from Windows 10 for certain new elements and comforts added in. Following six years of boring updates, a significant upgrade to the world’s most famous desktop OS is great news Windows fans at long last have something to become amped up for.

In spite of the OS’s new look, we are by and by astounded. Utilizing it doesn’t feel the same as Windows 10. It actually runs all the equivalent applications. And a lot of what’s happening adds up to reuniting and reworking the furnishings. Of course, Windows 11 looks more pleasant with round corners for all windows. The Taskbar symbols in the center, more straightforward symbols, and more rich Settings dialogs. Yet it doesn’t feel thoroughly outsider or requires a totally different way the manner in which Windows 8 did. The new interface is appealing. However assuming you incline toward the more recognizable Windows 10-style look, you may very well need to stay with Windows 10.

MS Windows 11: Requirements

Windows 11 was launched on Oct. 5, 2021. From the start, the update is coming to recent and new PCs. And afterward, it will be offered free to Windows 10 frameworks on a rolling basis, in view of verified hardware configurations. Price hasn’t been declared for non-upgrades—that is, DIY PC setup, virtual machine installations, or non-Windows 10 PCs. A $139.99 for Home and $199.99 for Pro versions—yet there’s still no information from Microsoft on such a choice, even later the Windows 11 launched.

Many things are anticipated over the framework necessities for Windows 11. However, they’re exceptionally low—a 1GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, and 64GB space. A 64-digit processor will be needed; there could be at this point not a 32-bit variant of the OS. You’ll likewise require a PC with a TPM security chip and Secure Boot capacity. Those are to a lesser degree an issue than the web is describing them. As they’ve been standard on most PCs for the last six or so long time. The genuine limiter is the CPU model, which should be from about the most recent four years. Microsoft as of late rereleased the tool that surveys your PC’s capacity to run Windows 11. The PC Health Check app and the organization reported that more PCs will upgrade to it.

Anybody with one of the most up-to-date chips ought to experience no difficulty introducing Windows 11 through Windows Update. Microsoft made a downloadable ISO disk image document for the beta Insider version accessible for installing Windows 11. Permitting set up upgrades or clean installation on a PC or in a virtual machine.

Fresh New Look and design

Windows XI new look

Let’s look at what to admire in Windows XI. The majority of the work went toward upgrading the interface rather than building new elements. Windows 11 is more recognizable than you might anticipate. It gets thoughts from Chrome OS. However, you can in any case put app symbols on the desktop background which Google’s lightweight interface OS doesn’t permit.

Windowing and performing multiple tasks stay undeniably further developed in Windows, as well. The interface has rounded corners (like those in macOS) for all windows. This is anything but a huge change however gives the OS a smoother look. A large part of the new design brings a welcome new smoothness and consistency to the Windows interface.

Start Button and Start Menu

Start Button

For quite a long time, the Windows Start button has lived in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen. Along these lines, little detail however it very well might be, becoming regular to it being at the left edge of focused symbols could be one of the greater changes you want to make. The issue for me is that the Start menu has up until now forever been in precisely the same spot.

MS WIndows 11 start button

Presently, notwithstanding, assuming you run more projects, it moves somewhat more to one side. Not examining the Start button’s position was an or more in Windows variants returning over 20 years. Joyfully, a Taskbar arrangement choice allows you to move the Start button back to the left corner.

Start Menu

The Start menu gets a significant update in Windows 11. Stuck app buttons (they’re bigger than symbols yet more modest) are at the highest point of its board. Later and continuous applications and reports are in a part beneath them. The Start menu has new scaled-down tiles that are still really great for contact input. Yet you lose information that lives tiles offer, irritating as those could now and then be. Another objection I have with the new Start menu is that it’s harder to get to the All Apps view. With that variant of Windows, you can see all introduced applications when you open the Start menu; they’re in a rundown on the left while tiles for your pinned apps are on the right.

MS Windows 11 : Taskbar

MS Windows 11: New-look, requirements, widgets, and much more!

I’m likewise not wild about the new Taskbar itself, with its more modest, less-educational buttons. With Windows 10, it’s absolutely clear which projects are running. As Taskbar buttons for running projects are more extensive on the off chance that you decide not to unite them in Settings. Fortunately, you can in any case drift over the buttons to see a thumbnail of the application window. And right-snap to open the Jump List showing ongoing archives or other normal activities for the application.

File Explorer

File Explorer

File Explorer is a genuine illustration of Windows 11’s new look, especially its refreshed left panel controls and icon. Note the improvement on the ribbon along the top which is definitely less occupied and diverting than the past File Explorers. The New button at the upper left works for new documents or folders upheld by your apps. And similar viewing choices (list, info, contrastingly measured symbols) for documents are accessible.

The overflow menu offers to compress files, selection, and Properties choices, just as the old Folder Options dialog. The right-click setting menus, which have developed progressively, get more limited, and more clear in Windows 11. They currently show just the frequently required options.

Widgets in MS Windows 11

Windows 11 widgets

Windows 11 has another Widget panel, which shows you tiles for news, climate, etc, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s not totally new. Since the News and Interests Taskbar popup that showed up in Windows 10 as of late is incredibly comparative. Fortunately, a Windows Insider preview assembles shows that Microsoft is thinking about bringing back this helpful taskbar button.

To see similar information in Windows 11, you need to tap on the Widgets symbol in the Taskbar. Notwithstanding Microsoft-delivered first-party tiles, third-party can offer content through Windows 11’s gadgets as well. Touch screen users can undoubtedly swipe in from the left to open them. And you can full-screen the gadget board assuming that you need a greater view.

Coming soon : app store with android support

Android support to app store

Like the remainder of the UI, the Store gets a smooth design. Notwithstanding apps, the Store offers Movies and TV shows just as games. A marquee impending component is Windows 11’s capacity to run Android apps, however for certain provisos. You’ll either need to introduce them through the Amazon Appstore running within Windows’ Microsoft Store or as a sideloaded APK.


Windows 11 is a great operating system. It provides users with the latest technology, while still maintaining the familiar interface that they have grown to love. Even if you are a Mac or Linux user, it’s always beneficial to learn about your competition. Microsoft has been on top of its game for years now. And although Windows 10 was a step in the right direction, Windows 11 takes it even further.

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