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Best iPhone 12 Pro cases to shield your Apple device!


To protect your iPhone 12 Pro from damage as much as possible, you’ll need one of the best iPhone 12 Pro cases. However, you might also discover that one of the below cases can benefit you in other ways.

The primary purpose of a case is to protect the phone it contains. However, it may also be used to add some extra accessories or simply change the color of your phone from one of the few options that Apple allowed you to purchase the device. It’s the most acceptable approach for you to safeguard and personalize your phone.

Here are the top iPhone 12 Pro cases, ranging from all-leather alternatives to grippy secure ones. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are frequently interchangeable.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe

You typically can’t go wrong with Apple’s selection of high-quality iPhone cases. However, from a rainbow of shades to a soft but durable silicone surface, the silicone Case with MagSafe has everything you need. The case’s interior is lined with microfiber to protect your phone further.

Apple, of course, offers a new line of MagSafe cases in various hues. Apple’s cases beautifully highlight their minimalist design approach. The soft-touch silicone case just feels nicer in hand than in other cases.

Apple’s Silicone Case also offers protection against everyday drops and scrapes. But using the case your manufacturer sells also creates a sense of satisfaction. Additionally, the new MagSafe function of the phone is supported by this case. It makes it simpler to attach accessories and enhances wireless charging for compatible pads. This stylish slimline case is an excellent choice for whatever you’re searching for.

Pelican Shield G10

Pelican Shield G10

It doesn’t have to be a guessing game about keeping your iPhone 12 Pro scratch-free & protected from the elements. In five layers of rigid polymers and rubber made from aramid fibers, the Pelican Shield G10 case protects your phone. Your new iPhone 12 Pro won’t break if it falls out of your pocket because it has reinforced edges and a reinforced outer casing, which absorbs the shock caused by drops.

It has an aramid fiber case structure. Aramid fibers were created to be weaved into clothes, accessories, and equipment to make them more waterproof and are eight times stronger than steel wire.

Five levels of performance and protection are provided by dual layers of hard plastics and soft rubber, all supported by aramid fibers’ exceptional strength. The case manufacturer claims that for three times the price of military-grade drop protection. The case can withstand a drop of 21 feet. For additional peace of mind, there is a lifetime warranty.

OtterBox Defender Pro Series

OtterBox Defender Pro Series

OtterBox offers protective cases for all smartphones, including the iPhone 12 Pro. Creators recommend OtterBox’s Defender Pro Series case for the iPhone 12 for optimal defense. It provides a simple design with a gripping back and corners and is available in several colors.

With its Holster, you can use a kickstand without using your hands. Additionally, it functions with 4G, 5G, and all other standard networks.

A specific antibacterial ingredient helps reduce the number of germs on the surface of your phone, which you’re probably handling several times per day. In contrast, the Defender Pro’s raised edge helps keep your screen and camera. Thanks to the case’s unique kickstand, you can watch your preferred entertainment while on the go, and Otterbox’s case supports wireless charging. It essentially has everything you require in a more durable, protective casing.

Smartish Gripzilla Armor Case

Smartish Gripzilla Armor Case

A slippery grip is one of the more frustrating factors contributing to our phones slipping out of our hands, and Smartish wants to help. To solve that issue with the iPhone 12 Pro, the Gripzilla Armor Case was created.

The case has a sturdy exterior and grippy, grooved sides to help your phone fit in your hand as comfortably as possible. Your iPhone 12 Pro will never leave your hand, thanks to the textured rear of the cover. This is also one of the more economical solutions to safeguard your iPhone 12 Pro, costing only $19.99.

Spigen Quartz Hybrid

Spigen Quartz Hybrid

It can be challenging to find a robust and convincing argument. You don’t want your iPhone 12 Pro’s distinctive design compromised by too many logos, writing, or unnecessary plastic carvings. You want the case to safeguard your phone most of all.

It uses hybrid technology and has a tough Tempered Glass back and TPU bumper. The unique phone design is flaunted by its crystal clear transparency. This case for the iPhone 12 Pro has large holes that accommodate most wires, while pronounced buttons are simple to feel and press.

The Quartz Hybrid case from Spigen has raised bezels and tempered glass back to protect your screen from potentially contaminated surfaces. The TPU bumper on the case will ensure minimal damage if you drop your phone. The Quartz Hybrid cover from Spigen is fully transparent, allowing you to flaunt your gorgeous new iPhone color.

Casetify iPhone 12 Pro Ultra Impact Case

Casetify iPhone 12 Pro Ultra Impact Case

Casetify’s Ultra Impact Case can make your phone case feel like yours.  You may choose the body or bumper color to make your new phone feel like yours. It is made from Casetify’s exclusive shock-absorbing material.

This iPhone 12 Pro case’s ultra-slim design has an antibacterial coating and supports wireless charging. The ability to personalize the Ultra Impact Case from Casetify with a logo or initials and to experiment with various color schemes is arguably one of its most excellent features.

The front is This iPhone case is constructed from CASETiFY’s cutting-edge, shock-resistant tech material and has an inner layer that absorbs impact to shield phones from falls of up to 9.8 feet.
Each case is made using materials that are 50% recycled, and the delivery package is 100% recyclable.

Is iPhone 12 Pro waterproof?

Water is not a problem for the iPhone 12 Pro. They can withstand being submerged for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters and are entirely dust-proof thanks to their “IP68” designation. Your phone won’t be damaged if it falls into a puddle, a small pool, or gets wet from the rain.

Is iPhone 12 Pro case the same as the 13 pro?

“No” is the response to that. The two phone models are not the same size and differ in other ways, making it impossible for them to benefit from the same case.

Do iPhone 12 and Pro have the same case?

Yes is a quick response to this. The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are the exact sizes. Therefore, both models can use the same phone case.


The iPhone 12 Pro case casing fits over the buttons for easy use and combines optically clear polycarbonate and flexible materials. However, the interior and exterior have been coated with a surface layer that resists scratches.

Both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are the same size. Therefore, both models can use the same phone case.

Technically speaking, this case does increase damage protection. Added to this is that you’ll never know if your phone case prevented catastrophic harm from happening, so you’re left in the same position as if you hadn’t used a case at all.

Apple, however, asserts that the iPhone 12 may be used without a case and is so robust that it can withstand rigorous, messy, and demanding use.

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