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Google Pixel 6a- A decent phone that sticks out among top inexpensive phones!

Google Pixel 6a
Google Pixel 6a

The Google Pixel 6a, which goes on sale on July 28, has a significant upgrade from its predecessor. Due to significant trade-offs on the display and primary camera relative to Google’s flagships, this new phone will be the less expensive alternative to the Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro while still having some of the same capabilities.

The Pixel 5a faces stiff competition in the market for low-cost phones from devices such as the iPhone SE (2022), Samsung Galaxy A53, and the OnePlus Nord 2. However, this newest phone from Google stands a decent chance of sticking out among our top inexpensive phones thanks to a Google Tensor chip, Google’s great camera software, and a fair price.

Release date and Price

Release date and Price- Google Pixel 6a

Google will charge $449, £399, or $749 for the Pixel 6a. Pre-orders start on July 21; the retail price release follows on July 28.

In some areas, the Samsung Galaxy A53 costs the same as the $449 that the Pixel 5a did. The Google Pixel 6a costs a little more than the iPhone SE 2022 mostly in U.S. and Australia ($429 and AU$719, respectively), but it is less expensive in the U.K. ($429 versus £429).

The wider availability is much more positive publicity than the price. Only the United States and Japan sold the Pixel 5a. This time, a wider range of nations, including the U.K., are offering the Google Pixel 6a. The lengthy delay between the Google Pixel 6a’s debut in May and availability in July is the sole disappointing development.

The Pixel 6 could be a significant issue for the Google Pixel 6a. The difference in price between the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a is only $150/£200/AU$200, making the latter a better option than the impending low-cost Pixel phone given its additional features like a 90Hz refresh rate, battery, and RAM.


The Google Pixel 6a has a 6.1-inch FHD AMOLED display from Google, as well as an exterior availability of Gorilla Glass 3. That is a tiny bit smaller than the Pixel 5a’s 6.34-inch display, but not enough to make you want to reconsider an upgrade.

Unfortunately, the Google Pixel 6a’s screen’s refresh rate is still set at 60Hz. The majority of contemporary Android phones are now transformed from 60Hz to the smoother 90Hz or 120Hz rates, which is slower than that. At least there is now competition for the iPhone SE 2022, which is already sticking with 60Hz.

On the good side, Google is reportedly using a unique fingerprint sensor underneath the display, and depending on a leaked video that appears to be from Google France, it appears to function considerably more consistently than the often unreliable reader in the Pixel 6.


Design-Google Pixel 6a

Unsurprisingly, Google integrated the Google Pixel 6a with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro utilizing a camera bar design on the back. Also, there is a camera in the front center and a fingerprint sensor below the display. One minor adjustment is that the cameras are now unifying beneath a single piece of oblong glass, which draws attention to the lenses.

Unfortunately, the Google Pixel 6a does not have a headphone jack, although the Pixel 5a did. Although it’s an especially regrettable omission for inexpensive phones, which frequently still feature them, you might be willing to buy a set of Google Pixel Buds Pro.

Google will provide Charcoal Black, Chalk White, and Sage green as available color options. Even though these colors aren’t the most vibrant, hopefully, they will still be accepted by the majority of users.

Additionally, the Google Pixel 6a provides IP67 water/dust resistance, so you don’t have to worry about your phone becoming wet. We were able to view the Google Pixel 6a from each and every conceivable angle thanks to renders that leaker Evan Blass also wrote. Although they offer you a fair look at the smartphone in all 3 color options.


The Google Pixel 6a will employ a Google Tensor processor, just like the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, replacing the Snapdragon sensors of previous Pixel A-series phones. This must give the new phone far more power than the majority of its competitors in the lower price range. However, it might fall short of the flagship Pixels as it only has 6GB of RAM in a contrast to 8GB or 12GB.

There is only one 128GB variant of the Google Pixel 6a available in terms of storage. Since that is the normal size for a modern smartphone, you shouldn’t run out of room unless you’re an avid photographer or have bought a ton of apps.

Google has confirmed that the Google Pixel 6a supports 5G. It also includes both the standard sub-6GHz variant and the less popular mmWave variant that are in use by some U.S. carriers. Good news for those who wish to upgrade to the Google Pixel 6a while keeping their current service provider or who want a new phone that can take advantage of mmWave’s faster speeds.



Instead of the flagship cameras as you can see in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the Google Pixel 6a makes use of a lower camera this time. The Tensor chip for the Google Pixel 6a appears to be receiving more attention from Google.

The Pixel 6a offers a 12.2MP primary camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera, as well as an 8MP selfie camera for your photography requirements.

Especially in comparison with the 16MP ultrawide camera on the Pixel 5a, the ultra-wide camera has a lower resolution. However, a bigger sensor that will provide more brightness might make up for that.

However, hardware is only one component of Google’s camera capabilities. Additionally, there are software capabilities like Face Unblur for the Google Pixel 6a, Magic Eraser (which now has the ability to color objects), and a low-light photography option (which is missing from the iPhone SE 2022). These are some of the features of the Google Pixel 6 photo expertise that you will particularly like.

For videographers, 4K video can be caught at up to 60 frames per second, slow-motion at up to 240 frames per second, and time-lapse recordings can also be caught in 4K.


Software- Google Pixel 6a

Google will pre-install Android 12 on the Google Pixel 6a at launch, along with the customary Google-only features. That includes, among other things, Magic Eraser and Live Translate.

Many have thought that the five years of updates Google kept promising for the Pixel 6 would also apply to the Pixel 6a and provide it incredible long-term value. Google is only providing the Google Pixel 6a with five years of security updates. So you might miss out on a few years of continuous Android upgrades. Though some Android phones struggle to receive more than one or two years of continuous upgrades, it’s still an excellent deal.

Battery and Charging-

Battery and Charging

A slightly lower 4,410 mAh battery than the 4,680 mAh one present in the Pixel 5a powers the Pixel 6a. The 5a didn’t score well enough on the battery test, so perhaps Google is making other changes to increase power efficiency.

Google, though, doesn’t think you need to be anxious. According to official estimations, you can use the Google Pixel 6a continuously for more than 24 hours and for up to 72 hours when the Ultra Battery Saver mode is ON.

The charging rate is one aspect that has not in an improvement from the previous year. The Google Pixel 6a can only be driven at up to 18W, which is the same charging rate as the Pixel 5a. Despite the Google Pixel 6 series having a 30W fast charger. If you’re tight on time, it can mean that you won’t get such a pretty brilliant recharge from the 6a.

What drawbacks are there to the Google Pixel?

The absence of a MicroSD or external memory slot is the first drawback of the Google Pixel 6.

The battery on the Google Pixel 6 is not detachable.

The Google Pixel 6 fingerprint’s negative side is located beneath the display.

The Google Pixel 6’s lack of a 3.5 mm headphone port is a drawback.

What advantages come with owning a Pixel phone?

Google Photos offers limitless storage. Unlimited space in Google Photos is a significant benefit of purchasing a Pixel.

Never use bloatware.

new upgrades to the Android OS.

There’s always Google Fi.

Delete that spam.

a great phone offer.

Can the Pixel 6a be charged wirelessly?

Wireless charging is not compatible with the Google Pixel 6a. The affordable Pixel 6a lacks wireless charging despite having many of the finest features of a Google Pixel 6.


Even though the Google Pixel 6a won’t be here for another month, we can’t wait to get our hands on one. This year’s model appears to be a far more dynamic phone than the Pixel 5a, providing all the Google-only features we were looking for.

We’re hoping the Google Pixel 6a lives up to our hopes and gives the newest iPhone SE or Galaxy A53 some serious competition. That implies more options for bargain hunters seeking the greatest deals, and isn’t greater choice what the majority of us are really seeking?

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