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PowerUp 4.0: The Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit!

PowerUp 4.0
PowerUp 4.0

The PowerUp 4.0 takes the basic paper aircraft and launches it into the twenty-first century. This little propeller-equipped device hooks onto a paper airplane and allows you to fly it with your smartphone. There is a learning curve with this PowerUp 4.0 but when you get the hang of it, the PowerUp 4.0 paper airplane is a lot of fun. It’s one of the most affordable drones available. Just make sure you fly it over a wide area. It can be controlled by a smartphone and comes with a DIY modular kit good for Hobbyists, Pilots, and Tinkerers.

On its website, PowerUp sells this nifty little gadget in a variety of bundles, ranging from $69.99 for the beginner package to $219.00 for the “Ultimate Bundle.” PowerUp Flight Manual Bundle includes several paper designs as well as the PowerUp Paper Plane Book.

Price and availability

Price and availability

Since October 2020, the PowerUp 4.0 has been available. It costs $79.99 and is available on both PowerUp’s and Amazon‘s websites. PowerUp offers three packs for PowerUp 4.0: Balsa wood components, a foam F22 jet, and landing gear are included in the Pro bundle. 10 airplane templates, two waterproof airplane templates, and a desk stand are included in the PowerUp 4.0 Flight Manual bundle. LED lights that run down the plane’s wings are included in the Nightflight bundle.

Design of PowerUp 4.0

Design: PowerUp 4.0

The PowerUp 4.0 paper airplane is made up of a control unit that houses the battery and CPU and is connected to a pair of propellers via a long thin carbon fiber tube. The control device contains a tiny on/off button as well as a micro USB connector for battery charging. The kit includes four sheets of paper with folded instructions, but you may make the airplane out of any old piece of paper. However, You could also use the PowerUp on light wood models and styrofoam airplanes that are less than 20 grams in weight.

PowerUp includes video tutorials on how to fold airplanes as well as templates that can be downloaded from their website. Folding the planes takes about the same amount of time as folding a paper airplane. You’ll also need scotch tape, which isn’t included in the kit. A micro USB charging cord and a backup pair of propellers are included in the box.


Features: PowerUp 4.0

The paper that came with the plane has to be the most crucial aspect of the whole flying experience. It contains a wealth of information from the developers of the PowerUp paper aircraft brand, including tips on how to ensure the most stable and enjoyable flying possible. If you’re having trouble flying a plane, the very first place you should look is this book.

The plane’s Bluetooth capability is also a welcome surprise. The plane generally links to the phone fast and becomes ready to take off minutes after turning it on. Wireless connections between devices are rarely good for more than 30 feet, yet the aircraft had no trouble connecting to my phone at a distance of more than 150 feet.

While flying, the battery level is also displayed on the app, creating another positive impression. The program comes with just an acrobatic mode. If you manage to lose the plane in some high grass, the software provides a handy manner of locating it, according to PowerUp. As you get closer to the jet, your phone will ping it, making it beep harder and faster.


App: PowerUp 4.0

The PowerUp app boasts a surprising number of capabilities for such a small item. A huge throttle button on the app’s main screen allows you to manage the power going to the propellers. A horizon level is shown in the backdrop, allowing you to tell which direction the PowerUp is pointing at a look. Two gauges, one for battery life and the other for the intensity of the Bluetooth to the plane, are located above the throttle.

A little settings icon appears at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to alter a bewildering number of parameters such as pitching, roll, and yaw. You may also obtain directions for 14 different planes, with the app displaying their agility, speed, and endurance.

Flight performance

Flight performance

While pitching a standard paper aircraft into the air is straightforward, the PowerUp 4.0 paper airplane requires a little more practice. This is due to the plane’s strong propellers, which will force it to take off in any direction. Quite a few times, in fact.

The PowerUp itself was unscathed, but the plane’s paper part was ripped, rendering it unflyable. It was ready to take to the air again after five minutes and then another crumpled paper airplane.

Because this plane likes to fly. You’ll need to locate a wide field to use it on preferably football or soccer-sized. While PowerUp claims a range of up to 230 feet. It found it in a range of roughly 120 feet while connected to my iPhone XR. It’ll keep going once it’s afloat.


It’s not as easy to operate as a quadcopter, but it’s a lot of fun to see it break free from its shackles. Because you can personalize the PowerUp 4.0 paper airplane with your own paper, balsa, or foam airplanes, it’s a drone that’s not only entertaining but also challenges your creativity and ingenuity.

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