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The Best Bicycle Lights for Every Ride!

Best Bicycle lights
Best Bicycle lights

Bicycle Lights are far better than they ever were because of better designs, better materials, and, most importantly, greater lighting available from the numerous alternatives available. Choosing the finest front bike light is also made much simpler as you can see from our list of the top lights below, which all provide a tonne of features and capabilities.

In addition to enabling you to see where you’re going and, more significantly, be seen by other drivers, several nations have laws that require cyclists to have a set of bike lights.

No matter what nation or area you’re riding in, having a light with an irregular beam makes you much easier to notice, which is definitely an advantage. Though a set of new lights will then be bright and more effective than your old ones, it is only the top of the greatest bike light feature set.

This is due to the large number of bike lights available that provide functionality other than, well, light. Some bicycle lights come equipped with radar systems, built-in cameras, and even Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone communication.

Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL

best bicycle lights

The NiteRider 1200 OLED Boost was almost beaten out for best bike headlight by the Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL. Both of these lights are top-notch, however, the Lezyne light is $70 less expensive than the NiteRider.

The mount provides an easy-to-adjust sturdy solution for handlebars of varying depths. It’s a substantial band that appears to be made to withstand the test of time. It can be a little challenging to draw it to the proper length to attach it to the hook on either end of the mount because it is so thick. However, once it is in position, it is simple to change the position, and the light remains firmly in place.

A large amount of light is cast in front of you by the beam itself, with the center of the beam being particularly bright. It’s fantastic if you need to see as much as you can when riding on dark roads and trails. You won’t run out of light with 1,300 lumens.

Additionally, a remote switch that installs closer to the handlebar grips is an optional addition that costs $15. This enables you to quickly change the light intensity and pattern without taking your hands off the bar.

The size of the Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL is essentially its main drawback. It occupies a little more handlebar area compared to the slimmer mount on the NiteRider 1200 OLED Boost and weighs more than the typical light at 208 grams.

Knog Plus

best bicycle lights

Sometimes having a portable bike light system is simply more convenient. The Knog Plus steps in to help with that. If you’re renting a bike or going on vacation, you might not want to bring your regular lights with you. But that doesn’t matter because this backup alternative offers quick and simple illumination for a relatively little investment.

Although it only has 40 lumens of brightness, this light is still rather portable and can be recharged by USB. In actuality, users have found that it works excellent as an additional lighting source that can be attached to clothes for those really busy sections of town.

NiteRider 1200 OLED Boost

best bicycle lights
The Best Bicycle Lights for Every Ride! 7

The NiteRider 1200 OLED Boost just missed taking first place on the list of the finest and best bicycle lights.It’s pricing, which is $65 higher than the Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL, was the only thing holding it back.

But for the price, you get a lot. First off, with the exception of the Cycliq Fly12, which is bolted in place, the mount secures the light better than any of the others. The mount on the 1200 OLED Boost is really superior since you can more easily adjust it with the thumb-twist screw and completely detach the light from the bracket to charge it or use it as a light.

The device’s OLED panel on top provides important information that you may use while cycling. You can specifically check how long you have left before the battery runs out. You may also see on the screen the light setting you are currently in.

The light beam of the NiteRider 1200 OLED Boost is broad and uniform. Although the Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL has an additional 100 lumens, it may be a little less bright. In actual use, it was rather challenging to distinguish between the two lights because they both provided more than enough light up front and to the sides.

According to NiteRider, the battery lasts around an hour and a half on the maximum level. You had it set to medium, which produces 550 lumens. According to NiteRider, this setting should provide three hours of battery life. 

This is a high pick for headlights because of its long battery life, great mount, powerful beam, and clever screen. Although expensive, it is really worth it.

Knog PWR Trail 1100

Bicycle Lights: Knog PWR Trail 1100

The Knog PWR Trail 1100L does more than simply illuminate the path; It also serves as just a power bank, allowing you to use it to check your phone and GoPro, remove it from the mount to use as a flashlight, or change out the light head to power additional PWR accessories like the PWR Lantern or the PWR Sound speaker.

Simply twist the light head to turn the light on and off. It’s a great solution that does away with the need for buttons. If you wish to utilize the battery as a power bank or when it’s time to charge the device, you may pop the light attachment off by pressing the red release button on the unit.

On maximum mode, the PWR Trail 1100L throws a good, even, broad beam. The light outlasted its promised run time by more than an hour when operating in the Mid setting (600 Lumens) for 3 hours and 40 minutes. The PWR Trail 1100L’s little LEDs on the side show how much battery life is still remaining.

Although you can simply run the light below your handlebars, it looks overly difficult.

In addition, it is longer and heavier than the opposition. Of course, if you’re considering the PWR Trail 1100L for reasons other than its light beam, that’s a small factor. Adventurers that enjoy backpacking, camping, and long, hard rides will benefit most from this light.

Moon Meteor

The Best Bicycle Lights for Every Ride!

The ideal substitute is something like the Moon Meteor if you don’t feel comfortable using a costly bike light on your own. It is undoubtedly bright enough for daily cycling needs at 400 maximum lumens. Even better, it’s inexpensive enough that you won’t be too upset if you forget it at a mid-trip rest stop or damage it later on.

The device’s 30-hour battery life is excellent given its low price. It is entirely rechargeable, and a casing-mounted indicator lets you know when the battery is running low. Although it may appear a touch inexpensive, it ranks among the most budget solutions.

Garmin Varia RTL515

Garmin Varia RTL515

The Garmin Varia resembles a back radar with a built-in light more than anything else. Visual and aural notifications from the radar itself let you know when vehicles are coming up from behind you. It connects to your smartphone or Garmin head unit, alerting you when a car is coming so you may adjust your road placement accordingly.

The Varia RTL 515 is not the light for you if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. Although Garmin claims it may be seen up to a mile away, the light itself is rather modest. The remaining portion of the light’s body, which is four inches long and serves as the radar component, is devoted to this purpose.

The Varia RTL515 light has a few smaller lights built into the sides, but they aren’t as noticeable as some of the other lights in the test. The fact that the lights are already included in the radar is fantastic, but their use in this situation doesn’t seem to be the main one.

And the Varia isn’t cheap at $199.99. If you’re considering the Varia, you probably will primarily do so because of the radar system, at which time the system appears to be cost-effective. However, seek elsewhere if you’re looking for the greatest rear features.

Do bicycle lights need to flash?

Although cyclists who are riding in places without street lighting are authorized to use flashing lights, it is advised that they use a steady front lamp.

How many lumens does a bicycle light need to have?

Cycling in well-lit regions requires cyclists to strive for a 100- or 200-lumen light. A larger lumen count is required if you need to boost visibility when riding through dark places. Ideal lumen ranges fall between 200 and 600, especially for commuters.

Are bicycle flashing lights permitted?

Due to the 2005 RVLR amendment, flashing lights on pedal cycles are now permitted as long as they occur between 60 and 240 times per minute (1 to 4Hz). Additionally, as long as it satisfies the minimum brightness requirements, the amendment permits a single flashing light.


Regardless of the lighting conditions, having lights on your bike increases your visibility to other road users.

A second magnet affixed to the bicycle frame holds the light in place. The magnet linked to the frame quickly spins within a wire coil while the wheel turns and passes the magnet in close proximity. The light flashes due to an electric current that is produced.

The Lezyne Lite Drive 1000XL is a small, powerful front light that is well-made, has a good beam pattern, and is one of the best lights on the market in terms of price per lumen.

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