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Logitech G413 SE – Give your gaming setup a budget-friendly keyboard!


The Logitech G413 SE gaming keyboard is maybe the only Logitech device I’ve ever evaluated that doesn’t live up to its predecessor. Logitech released the G413 keyboard a little while back, which was a plain mechanical gaming keyboard with unattractive red backlighting but nice Romer-G tactile switches.

The G413 SE, on the other hand, features attractive white backlighting but uncomfortably long-Long Hua tactile switches. It’s a big step down because the way a keyboard feels is more essential than how it appears.

The G413 SE, like the G413, is reasonably priced: $80 for a full-size unit. That’s a lot cheaper than the majority of its immediate rivals, which may cost $150 or more. It’s also a nice-looking keyboard, with a simple black casing and no wasted space.

However, there isn’t much more to commend here. There’s nothing to configure, and it lacks a few performance features that should be included on every full-size contemporary keyboard.

Design of Logitech G413

Logitech Gaming keyboard

Logitech G413 SE fits as much keyboard as possible into the as little area as possible. While other full-size keyboards may be up to 19 inches broad and take up a significant amount of valuable desktop space, the G413 SE is scarcely wider than 17 inches and has no unused space. There are no bezels, and the only thing in the upper-right corner is a little Logitech G logo.

Because this is a low-cost board, don’t anticipate per-key RGB or absurdly high polling rates. With this board, you get a few things that gamers enjoy, such as Logitech Romer-G Brown switches for rapid yet tactile activation and an aluminum plate for robustness and aesthetics, but that’s all.

There are no additional macro keys, no separate media keys, and no lighting or game-mode keys. There’s also no wrist rest, which is fair considering the low price but does pose a difficulty. Without a wrist rest, I couldn’t get my hands into a comfortable position due to the angle of this keyboard. When you connect the keyboard in, the white backlighting lights the board in the same way that any shine-through keycap does, although they are somewhat different. As a result, the cutout that enables light to shine through is completely transparent.

As a result, the cutout that enables light to shine through is completely transparent. While this is unusual, it isn’t necessarily a negative thing because the white backlighting is fairly bright and the intensity of the LEDs can be adjusted through FN keys.


Logitech G413 SE keys

The use of Long Hua key switches is the Logitech G413 SE‘s single worst flaw. Mechanical switches, no matter how mediocre, are always better than membrane devices in my opinion. Long Hua, on the other hand, is one of the most straightforward key changes. These weird switches are basically off-brand Kailhs, and Kailas isn’t exactly the most expensive switches to start with.

To be honest, the Long Hua switches aren’t all that bad for typing. On a test, It achieves 111 words per minute with 97% accuracy with the G413 SE, compared to 116 words per minute with 98% accuracy with Logitech G915. That’s not a big deal.

Features of Logitech G413

Logitech G413 SE Features

One frustrating element of the Logitech G413 SE is that it lacks any additional functions. You can’t reprogram keys, create macros, or even change the function keys to default to media controls. The G413 SE does not support the Logitech G Hub software, and even if it did, I’m not certain what you’d be able to do.

The backlighting is an additional feature worth mentioning. It’s a nice white instead of the obnoxious red of prior G413 variants. With a keyboard shortcut, you may increase or decrease the intensity, or turn it completely off. There are a few various lighting patterns you may activate, but all of them are annoying, with the exception of the basic “on or off” setup.


At least in terms of gaming performance, the Logitech G413 SE performs what it’s designed to do. With each title, the keyboard was fast, interpreting my commands fast and properly. There is no game mode, so if you press the Windows or Alt-Tab buttons during a battle, you’ll be sent back to the desktop.

Despite its Logitech Romer-G Brown switches, the typing experience on the G413 SE is all too familiar. In practice, they have the feel of a Gateron Brown switch, which is a common third-party switch option. Brown switches are popular among gamers since they are not too noisy, offer a tiny bit of tactility owing to a bump at the top of the switch, and are nonetheless quick with a 45g actuation force.

Software of Logitech G413

software of Logitech Gaming keyboard

Unfortunately, this Logitech G413 SE gaming keyboard does not accommodate the software, which I found odd given that this is not a no-name brand– it’s Logitech. To be sure, this board does little more than type characters into your screen. Aside from the mechanical switches and white illumination, there isn’t much to distinguish this board from a cheap keyboard that comes included in most PCs.

Furthermore, the absence of illumination choices provided by this board’s hardware makes the software less essential. However, the ability to create macros and remap keys would be useful.


The Logitech G413 SE is an excellent gaming keyboard. It is solid and well-made, and its latency is excellent, so it feels responsive even while playing fast-paced FPS games. The LED illumination is brilliant, and the keys are easy to see even in low light. The PBT keycaps are comfortable to type on, while the board’s Long Hua Brown switches have a short pre-travel distance and don’t take much strength to overcome. Having said that, the switches don’t seem as smooth as more quality choices, and you can’t acquire the board in an alternative switch type or simply replace the switches. Furthermore, despite being a gaming keyboard, it is incompatible with the Logitech G HUB, so you cannot write macros or reconfigure keys.

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