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How to see what’s using your battery Android?

android battery
android battery

Battery life is often regarded as one of the most valuable goods in modern society. It may be disastrous if your phone runs out of battery, so what uses up the battery on Android. Maybe to send a message, or film a video of a cat doing something hilarious. Okay, maybe not, but it’s still irritating when your phone dies before bed. Here are a few easy ways to figure out what’s causing the quick loss of your battery life. and how to stop it.

How to check battery usage in Android

  • Settings > Battery > Usage  details
How to check battery usage in Android

When attempting to determine what uses up your battery on Android, there is no need to maintain a log of the apps you use so Android includes built-in capabilities to do just that. Open Settings and then select Battery. Then, under Battery Usage, you’ll get a summary of all the programs that are depleting your battery, with the most power-hungry apps at the top.

Some phones will show you how long each app has indeed been active, while others will not. If you’ve spent an hour scrolling through Instagram photographs, this will naturally deplete your battery, as leaving the display on for so long is a power waste. Also, other smartphones will show users how much each component has consumed the battery, as we previously said.

Tapping on an app will take you to a new page where you can see not just how long the app was used by you, but also how long it has been operating in the background. If you notice an app with a high score in the latter. It may be experiencing issues that are leading to your reduced battery life.

To attempt to resolve this, you may Force Stop the app. This will destroy it until you restart it, and you can use the Background limitation or Battery optimization tools to decrease the program’s influence on your battery life.

Tapping on the Battery Optimisation option brings up a list of processes and programs that you may utilize to enhance battery life. Also albeit some of the items on the list might be scary. Instead, return to Setting > Battery and enable either the Battery Saver or Adaptive Battery settings. Which allows Android to regulate things on your behalf.

battery saver

Battery monitoring apps on Android

There are numerous wonderful battery monitoring applications available on the Google Play Store if you want a second opinion or more functionality. AccuBattery, Battery, and Battery Repair Life Pro are among the most popular. Battery applications have the benefit of providing additional information about the health and usage of your phone’s battery, such as temperature, screens on and off timings. Also specific breakdowns of the program usage.

While several provide free, ad-supported versions, most demand payment if you want a clean program devoid of flashing links and other irritations.

Is your phone battery reaching the end of its natural life?

Unfortunately, batteries do not live forever, and the chemical makeup within them deteriorates over time. Also making it increasingly difficult for them to hold a charge. While you may slow down the progress by balancing a battery on a regular basis or charging it properly, chaos will always triumph in the end.

However, you may purchase battery casings for certain Android phones or carry a tiny power bank to recharge them while out and about. These, like the Anker wireless charger mentioned above, are not pricey. Finally, because most batteries are not detachable, you may have to consider purchasing a new gadget. If that’s the case, browse our best Android smartphone and greatest battery life phone lists to ensure you get the correct one.

Why is the phone battery draining when not in use?

Some apps operate in the background without your knowledge, draining your Android battery. Check the brightness of your screen as well. Because your phone’s screen is among the most resource-intensive components. Also leaving the brightness at maximum might result in poor battery capacity.


There are several reasons why your phone battery appears to be continually below 20%. The brightness of your phone may be too high, or you may be in a location where service is poor and your phone must work harder to obtain a signal. But the most frequent battery-draining offenders are the applications you have installed on your phone. So it is important we know what uses up battery on our Android.

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