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How to turn on GPS on Android?


Your phone’s location services, or GPS (global positioning system), can be in handy for a variety of tasks, including identifying your location on a map and navigating. Here’s how to turn GPS on Android.

Many of the top Android apps, if not all, rely on your location to function properly. Moreover, your phone’s GPS can pinpoint your exact location, allowing you to accomplish a variety of activities. You may wish to utilize a map, connect your location with only a friend, or see what deals are available in your area. Although GPS is most commonly associated with phones, it is also available on some tablets.

When you start a GPS-required app, it should prompt you to activate it right immediately, but knowing how to toggle it on & off at any time is also useful. There are legitimate reasons to turn it off when you’re done because it can waste your battery and expose you to privacy risks.

There really is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Android tutorial, though. The user interface layout will differ, making it easier to activate GPS on certain phones than on others.

Turn on GPS on Android from the display your notification bar

Turn GPS on Android: Display your notification bar
  • 1. To display your notifications bar, swipe down at the top of the screen (this should operate even if you’re in an app).
How to turn on GPS on Android?
  • 2. If you do have Quick Settings, go right to Location or GPS and press it.
  • 3. If not, you may have to swipe down again to reach Quick Settings, or swipe to the side on some phones, such as Huawei’s.
  • 4. If everything else fails, go to the Location section of your settings menu (maybe under Privacy).

By using the Setting app Turn GPS on Android


1. Open the Apps menu on your Android device. It’s a grid/list of all apps on your tablet or phone that you have installed.

2. On the Apps menu, tap the settings button. It’ll take you to your Settings app.


3. On the Settings menu, scroll down & tap Location. However, under the PERSONAL category, this choice is shown beside a pin icon.

  • Look for Privacy and Safety if you don’t find Location in your Settings menu. Location includes this option in some versions.
Location on off

4. Slide the top switch on/off to the position. However, this option can find in the upper-right area of the Location menu. It will enable all of your phone’s and tablet’s location features.

Do Androids have built-in GPS?

Dissimilar to the iPhone, the Android system doesn’t have a default and worked in a GPS coordinate utility that shows you the data the phone as of now has. You need to find an Android application that can give this functionality.

Does GPS work without internet?

Indeed. On the two iOS and Android phones, any planning app can follow your area without requiring an internet connection. Without getting too muddled, the GPS system inside your smartphone works in two unique ways. At the point when you have an information connection, your phone utilizes Assisted GPS or A-GPS


Firstly, today, going to a new city without a Turn GPS on Android is almost unimaginable. Especially if we want to prevent get lose.

The development of GPS in cars has been rapid, and many French houses now have one. However, such a thing is not affordable to everyone. However, since smartphone performance has improved in recent years, manufacturers have decided to add the GPS function. Moreover, It true revolution in the way people used technology. As a result, we’ll show you how to turn on GPS on your Android, how to utilize it, and finally how to get a GPS from the Google Play Store.

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