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You’ll never lose your keys with these best key finders!


We’ve all been there: unable to recall where we left our keys, we begin retracing our steps to locate them. Fortunately, key finders make it simple to find those lost keys. The little device attaches to keys or other personal items and alerts you via sound via Bluetooth (much as Bluetooth speakers). If you’re using an app-based key finder and you’ve gone out of range, open the app, and it’ll tell you where your keys were last seen. However, it’s challenging to determine which one is the best with so many key finder alternatives.

Finding the correct key finder is difficult with so many options. The cheapest key finder isn’t always the greatest solution. Fortunately, suggested a number of key trackers through their paces and determined that some are more deserving of a position at the end of your keychain than others.

Tile Pro

Tile Pro (2022): key finders

This year, the latest edition of Tile Pro, the company’s leading key finder, receives a new style. Instead of the square style, you’re familiar with, the Tile Pro (2022) now has a rectangular shape with rounded corners on one end, similar to a classic key fob. It isn’t as fashionable as previous Tile trackers, but it is still an effective tracker.

As a result, the Tile Pro is still our top selection for the best key finder money can buy. It has the most extended range of any key finder and a strong, audible alarm. If you misplace your phone, a two-way find function allows you to find it simply by touching the Tile logo twice on the key finder. After a year of use, the Tile Pro’s battery is still simple to change.

There’s no need to update if you have the previous edition of the Tile Pro because the feature set is still as robust as ever. If you have an older Tile or are seeking the best key finder on the market, this current iteration of the Tile Pro should serve.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag:

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Owners of Samsung phones should consider the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and the Tile Pro when seeking the best key finder. The SmartTag, like the Tile Pro, allows us to stay linked to our keys from up to 225 feet away.

The SmartTag has a feature that none of the other key finders has. You can use the key finder to automate various smart home settings with a push of the tracker’s button because it links to Samsung’s SmartThings app. Be careful that, unlike the Apple AirTag, this version of the SmartTag does not offer an Ultra-Wideband connection for more precise tracking; you’ll need to upgrade to the SmartTag Plus, which costs an extra $10.

SmartTag is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 8.0 or later, so if you have a different phone, you should look at some of the other top key finder solutions. Samsung’s smart tracker, on the other hand, is a fantastic match for devices like the latest Galaxy S models.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate (2022)

Tile has made significant improvements to the Tile Mate’s current configuration, which now functions more consistently than its predecessor. Although the Tile Pro has more features, the Tile Mate is $10 less expensive, making it an excellent deal for bargain seekers.

Some users will be disappointed that the Tile Mate’s battery is no longer changeable. Instead, you’ll get a three-year battery that will last you three years before you have to replace your tracker. At the very least, the Mate’s updated design makes it more water-resistant, as does the rest of the Tile series, with IP67 water resistance.

Tile trackers work with Android and iPhones, and the Tile Mate is less expensive than comparable Samsung and Apple products. If you’re looking for a low-cost device with good range and an audible alert, you should choose this key finder.

Apple AirTag:

Apple AirTag key finder

You should try Apple’s AirTag if you have an iPhone, especially one of the more current models. This key tracker connects through Bluetooth to your iPhone, allowing you to use the iPhone’s built-in Find My app to locate missing items. If you have an iPhone 11 or later, you can use the Precision Finding feature, which uses the U1 Ultra-Wideband technology in newer Apple phones to offer more exact directions on where to look for lost goods.

Precision Finding is amazing, but Apple’s AirTag is likely best known for its ease of use. Our AirTag synced quickly with an iPhone running iOS 14.5, and the Find My User experience is happy to use.

AirTag lacks some of the functions featured in many other top key finders, such as two-way find capabilities for finding a missing phone. AirTran’s privacy protections required some tweaking at first since signals that an unauthorized AirTag was attempting to monitor you were slow to arrive. Apple has published updates to remedy the issue and guarantees that further upgrades are underway. However, according to police reports, the use of AirTags for unauthorized tracking is becoming a severe issue.  Also, the guideline is available on identifying whether an AirTag is following you without your knowledge and what you can do about it.

Chipolo One:

Chipolo One key finders

The Chipolo One key finder follows Chipolo’s proud tradition of developing trackers with extremely loud alarms, making it simple to locate lost items. However, the Chipolo One adds an even more significant feature: out-of-range notifications, which vibrate your phone when you leave anything crucial behind, such as your keys.

To get out-of-range notifications, turn on the option in Chipolo’s app. You’ll get a notification on your phone and a loud beep or buzz when you’ve traveled a specific distance from your Chipolo One. Chipolo’s out-of-range notifications look reliable and they are generally quick enough for us to turn around and grab our keys before we’d gone too far.

The Chipolo One’s range is disappointing. That implies the Chipolo One is more suited to being found in a local region, such as your house, rather than in more dispersed areas. At $25, the Chipolo One is less expensive than the Tile Pro and has more functionality than the Tile Mate. We believe it is the greatest key finder option if you don’t want to pay for the Tile Pro.

The Chipolo One Ocean Edition, a different version of the Chipolo One, has the same functionality but is manufactured from recycled plastic collected from the ocean. It costs $5 more than the original Chipolo One, with $1 of every purchase going to Oceanic Global, a non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation. The Ocean Edition appears to have vanished from retailers such as Amazon, while Chipolo still offers it directly.

Tile Sticker

Tile Sticker (2022)

The original Tile Sticker’s concept was sensible: build a tiny, circular tracker that could stick to devices and items other than keychains. However, the implementation was inadequate. With the new Tile Sticker, Tile has undoubtedly taken that issue to heart, as it performs far more consistently. It’s now a superior option for tracking smoothly-surfaced items like computers, passports, and valuables.

You might find it disconcerting to have what appears to be a little knob stuck to such surfaces, but at least you’ll have a tracker with an audible alert and a long-range. You can get up to 170 feet away from the Tile Sticker. The Sticker is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones, and it features Tile’s two-way locate capability for tracking down missing phones.

Tile Slim:

Tile Slim key finders

Because of its slim design — it’s about the size of a credit card — the Tile Slim is suitable for putting into a wallet or pocketbook and tracking its whereabouts from your phone. However, the latest version of the Tile Slim is a step down from the previous one, which was impressive.

The issue is inconsistency in range; we had trouble connecting to the Tile Slim when we were more than 80 feet away. We can’t help but be underwhelmed with the Slim’s performance, given that it’s meant to match the Tile Mate and Tile Sticker’s range.

The Chipolo Card Spot is the same price as the Tile Slim, but it uses Apple’s Find My network to help you find a misplaced wallet or handbag. Stay tuned for our complete review of the Chipolo Card Spot, which we’re presently evaluating.

You'll never lose your keys with these best key finders!
You'll never lose your keys with these best key finders! 9

Features for purchase a best key finders

What to Look for When Purchasing a Key Finder, here are given some criteria for the best key finder.

Battery Life

The battery life of a critical finder depends on whether it utilizes a rechargeable lithium-ion cell or a coin cell battery.


When a key finder with this function moves too far away from your phone, it sounds like an alarm. This can be useful if your keys fall out of your pocket or if you set them down and fail to pick them up again.

Bluetooth vs. Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency (RF) key finders are often less expensive and have more key fobs. Bluetooth key finders, on the other hand, can provide more features. Some allow you to use the key fob in reverse to locate your phone, and you may even be able to identify your keys via a network of other users if you lost them beyond the Bluetooth range of your phone.

With that in mind, determining which key finder is best for you should be pretty straightforward. After all, if you know precisely what to look for and what benefits each one provides, there should be nothing stopping you from purchasing the best one for you. On the other hand, these types of technology advance at a rapid pace. As a result, if you use them frequently, it’s essential to make sure you’re up to date.


The current version of the Tile Pro is the greatest key finder for keeping track of easy-to-lose things, with a long range (up to 400 feet, according to the makers) and additional features that set the bar for the competitors. We’re also pleased to find that the Tile Mate — which costs $10 less than the Pro — has improved significantly over its predecessor, giving it a viable low-cost alternative to the Chipolo One.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, the Galaxy SmartTag is an excellent option because it matches the Tile Pro’s incredible range. And iPhone users will want to get their hands on the AirTag. It’s simple to set up, and the Precision Finding function works great if you have an iPhone 11 or later.

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