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Tile Pro: Best Key Finder with New Look and same Features!


Even though Tile faces increased competition from rivals Apple and Samsung, Tile Pro (2022) remains a great key finder you can buy. Tile has launched a new appearance in this year’s version of its own top-of-the-line tracker while keeping the same capabilities and expertise that have made the Pro our go-to suggestion in prior years.

The new style of the Tile Pro will not appeal to everyone. Especially when contrasted with the attractive design of prior Tiles. However, in the (2022) edition, the features that made the Tile Pro your favorite key finder return. The Tile Pro (2022) is the greatest key finder for the largest range of users. Because all of its functions are possible regardless of which device they use — something that the Apple AirTag & Samsung SmartTag cannot claim.

Tile Pro: Price and availability

Tile Pro: Price and availability

The Tile Pro (2022), at $34, is still the most costly of key trackers, costing $10 more than the new Tile’s Mate. That’s also a $5 premium over Apple’s SmartTag price. The Tile Pro’s per-device price can be reduced by purchasing a key finder as parts of a bundle from the Pro online store.

Design and Features

Design and Features

If you’ve seen previous iterations of the Tile Pro. The very first thing people notice is just how the 2022 model looks different. The Tile Pro (2020) was shaped like a square with such a Tilelogo inside the middle that you might tap to help with setup and activate the two-way find feature. The Tile logo/button is still present on the Tile Pro (2022), however, the new model is rectangular with rounded sides, similar to a standard key fob.

I’ve always admired Tile’s attention to detail when it came to the design of its higher-end key finder, as it was one of the things that set the Tile Pro apart from other trackers. Because the new model is practically indistinguishable from those other trackers just on market, It must be satisfied but let the Pro’s capabilities do the talking these days. It isn’t that the Tile Pro (2022) looks unattractive or uninteresting; it’s simply… average.

At the very least, the new appearance has a functional benefit. It has previously only stated that Pro could survive water splashes. This new version has an IP67 water-resistant rating, which means it can withstand a little dunk without being damaged.

Connect your tracker with iOS and Android device

Connect Your tracker with iOS and Android

Whereas the Pro has a new design in the year, the feature set is still the same if you’ve had one of Tile’s previous devices. You connect your tracker with just an iOS and Android device app on your phone via Bluetooth. You can then use the app to track down anything tied to the Tile Pro by launching it and pressing a button to activate the key finder’s extremely loud alarm.

While competing for key finders, such as Apple Tag & Samsung’s SmartTag Plus. This offer Ultra Wideband for further precise finding, the Tile Pro continues to rely entirely on Bluetooth. If you want that feature. You’ll have to wait until early next year, whenever the Tile Ultra slate provides it to Tile’s users.

Until that day, the Tile Pro could do something that Apple’s AirTag can’t: it can make your phone buzz & beep by pushing a button just on the key finder. That’s especially useful when I’ve misplaced my iPhone, which happens more frequently than misplacing my keys. The Tile Pro’s battery is still removable, and it’s simple to slide up the rear panel and replace it with a new CR2032 battery as needed. According to Tile’s calculations, you should just not have to do it for roughly a year.

Tile Pro: Specifications

  • Size: 2.3 x 1.3 x 0.3 inches.
  • Listed range: Up to 400 feet.
  • Battery: Replaceable CR2032/1 year.
  • Water resistance: IP67.
  • Tested range: 200-plus feet.
  • Colors: Black, White

Tile Pro: Performance

Tile Pro: Performance

When it comes to getting out the front door, the Tile Pro is a huge time saver. It makes finding vital objects, such as your keys, much easier than searching blindly for where you left them.

It’s also a good piece of mind to be able to swiftly double-check. That you brought your item home with you. If you are afraid you’ve left it somewhere else (or, if you left it behind, where it is being lost).

The ringer can be rather loud, but we were able to see and hear it well enough from afar inside our house to pinpoint in which the item is hidden.

If you do lose something outside of your home, Tile claims their trackers have a 90% rate of return. This means the great majority of goods identified as lost are eventually located by their owners. It rises much more adding the QR code and Tile’s network expands (For instance, when launching the Amazon Sidewalk outside of the United States).


If you’re a present Tile Pro user who likes the way your key finder looks. There was no need to change to the Tile Pro 2022, which has virtually the same functions. Simply replace that battery once a year.

However, those in need of a new key finder should look to the Tile Pro. This has the largest selection, loudest alarm, and most comprehensive feature set across Android and iOS (2022). In a crowded field of key finders, it remains the finest option.

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