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Chipolo One: The key finder stands out with a range of alerts!


A Chipolo One key finder is a long-awaited replacement for the current top key finder, the Tile Pro. The Chipolo One not only costs less than the Tile Pro, but it also has a free out-of-range alert feature which Tile charges extra for. Better still, Chipolo One’s out-of-range notifications function flawlessly.

Not that every Chipolo One function is as refined, but despite having a half-dozen colorways, Chipolo’s tracker can’t compete with more fashionable key finders. The Chipolo key finder is the tracker you use if you’re seeking a device that ensures you’ll never stray further from home without your keys.

Chipolo One: Price

Chipolo One: Price

The Chipolo One is $25, with savings available for bulk purchases. (For example, a four-pack costs $75.) While there are cheaper key trackers on the market, Chipolo’s price is competitive with Tile’s top trackers, which cost $35.

The Tile Mate is the same price as the Chipolo One at $25, however, the present edition of the Mate isn’t as good as prior generations, giving the Chipolo a better value than the Tile Pro.

The firm has unveiled the latest, the Chipolo One Ocean Edition.  The new key finder has all of the same capabilities as that of the Chipolo, except it’s constructed from ocean-recycled plastic. It costs $30, which is $5 more than the ordinary Chipolo One, with $1 of every purchase going to Oceanic Global, a non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation.



The Chipolo One has a circular form and several color options, similar to Chipolo’s other key finders. (the blue variant, which is a brightly colored plastic component.) It claims that its new tracker has a “sleek curve design,” but does not know the difference between it and the presently Chipolo Plus if they were stacked next to one other.

Instead, Chipolo focused its efforts on improving the Chipolo One’s capabilities, such as the benefits of free out-of-range warnings. When you enable out-of-range alerts in the Chipolo iOS or Android app. Your phone will ding and an on-screen notification will appear when you left your Chipolo behind. Tile has a similar feature. But that’s only accessible if you pay $3 a month for Tile Premium, which is an optional service.

When using the companion app on the phone to push a button & ring your tracker to find out how it is, past Chipolo trackers have been very loud. At 120 decibels, the One’s siren is even more powerful. Even after burying the One under a stack of laundry, You could hear it from 2 bedrooms away.

Played the alarms on both the One and the Tile Pro, which were quite loud. Both are equally ear-splitting, and small doubt you’d have any trouble hearing any key finder’s alert.

Chipolo One: Performance

Chipolo One: Performance of Chipolo key finder

What you think of the Chipolo One’s performance depends on whether the function is more essential to you: a long-range key finder that stays linked to your phone or one that dependably informs you when you’ve forgotten something significant. The Chipolo One is unrivaled in terms of the latter, but its range falls short.

How reliable are the key tracker’s out-of-range notifications are you can believe. You get an alert whenever you leave home without the One, generally within two to three blocks, giving you enough time to turn around it and retrieve the tracker (and anything it’s connected to) before I’ve gone too far.

Overall, One’s style is more reliable than what Tile has to offer. The Tile Premium monthly subscription provides important tracking alerts, which arrive later and with much less consistency on my phone. Usually, get the Tile alert much too late to go home and get my keys if you driving or taking public transportation. And keep in mind that Tile costs extra for this service, but Chipolo One members get out-of-range notifications for free.

Compete with the Tile Pro

The One, on the other hand, can’t compete with Tile Pro. When it comes to staying attached to your smartphone and enabling you to use the app to sound the alarm to help you find any misplaced items. When you initially obtained the Chipolo One. You took it to a crowded public park, put it on the ground, and walked as far as you could with your phone while still being within reach of the tracker. If you could usually keep in touch with Chipolo One from 40-50 feet away, with some tests reaching 60 feet. Subsequent in other locations yielded similar results – good luck keeping the One tracker connected beyond 40 feet.

That’s a dismal range, especially given One’s claim of a 200-foot range for such Chipolo One. Given the inconsistencies of Bluetooth connectivity, what you get in the actual world rarely matches what key finders claim, but it’s still a significant gap. It’s also a little less what the Chipolo Plus gave you the last time that older key tracker. And it pales in comparison to the 200-plus feet of range you can obtain with the Tile Pro regularly. At least in both key finders, the Tile Mate’s range is more equivalent to what you have seen from the Chipolo One.

Chipolo One: Loud Alarm

Chipolo’s performance has received some excellent news. You’ll be able to hear the tracker’s loud alarm even if you’re in the middle of a public park if you’re within range. Usually restores your connection after traveling about 15 feet within the area of the tracker when you lost it. Chipolo’s app also contains a map that shows you where you might have left the gadget: it’s not exact. But it can be useful if you’ve forgotten something at a One-connected site.

When it comes to hunting down missing goods, it’s debatable how essential range is for a key finder. Because you’ll be looking for the keys in homes and offices most of the time unless you live or work in a mansion. You won’t be a little more than 70 feet away from whatever it is you’re looking for. As a consequence, the One’s lack of range doesn’t bother me as much. Especially given how well its out-of-range notifications work.


Battery of Chipolo key finder

The One is powered by a CR2032 battery that lasts roughly two years, according to Chipolo. After 4 months of regular use, the one inside Chipolo One is still going strong.

The key finder must be pried open using a thin slot on the side to replace the battery. With a flat-head screwdriver, It was able to open the Chipolo One. Albeit it scuffed up the blue plastic shell in the process. As well as a person can easily pry open one wrong end, destroying the key finder. The Chipolo One’s battery is easier to replace than the new Tile Mate’s. But you’d advocate using your key finder just when essential.


The Chipolo One doesn’t have the same range as the Tile Pro. But again, neither do many key finders — even those built by Tile. As well as the Chipolo One provides something that none of Tile’s trackers do: reliable out-of-range notifications at no extra charge.

 If you think the Tile Pro is the best key finder because of its appearance, performance, and overall polish, but still the Chipolo One is a great alternative, particularly considering its cheaper price tag. Tile may still be the market leader in key finders. But the Chipolo One reveals that there are multiple ways to track your keys.

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