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All you need to know about iOS 14.6 – What’s new to consider?


As we all know, Nowadays, the craze for iPhones is increasing day by day. After Androids, iOS mobile is used by lots of people everywhere around the world. The reason behind its popularity is that they are better, they are faster, they have better hardware integration, offer better support and security and are also more intuitive. The latest version of iOS is 14.6. This new version of iOS 14.6 was released on 24th May 2021. It is available for all iPhones from the iPhone 6S onward.

What’s new in iOS 14.6 ?

  • Apple Podcasts Subscription Support
  • Apple Card Family
  • The Apple Music Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio Support
  • AirTag and Find My
  • Voice Control
  • Bug Fixes

Release Date

iOS 14.6 was delivered on May 24, and it’s accessible for all iPhones from the iPhone 6S onwards. Assuming you have any version of iOS 14 on your iPhone, you can likewise get this. For iPad users, there’s iPadOS 14.6, which is essentially something very similar.

You ought to get a prompt up on your gadget to download it, however, if on the chance you don’t, you can go to:

Settings > General > Software update

to discover it. Also, if the update actually isn’t noticeable, inquire later – it’s conceivable a few gadgets will not exactly have the access.

1. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

All you need to know about iOS 14.6 - What's new to consider?

Apple declared Apple Podcasts Subscriptions with iOS 14.6. It is a membership service for podcasts, one that gives advertisement free tuning in, early admittance to content, and exclusive content as well. Anyway, it’s not one single subscription, rather you’ll have the option to subscribe to individual podcasts and creators.

Apple Podcasts membership implies offer paid subscriptions. Subscription like for shows, channels or free shows along with more episodes. Alongside subscriptions, there is another commercial centre for podcasts creators. It is the best app for discovering, following and paying attention to a large number of the world’s most famous podcasts. Additionally, supporters can undoubtedly discover new shows through master curation and customized suggestion. Apple podcasts subscription support include permitting podcasts creators to collect subscription charges from their audience members.

Configuration is adaptable and creator-friendly. Month to month and yearly plans are offers by podcasts subscriptions. Digital podcasts subscriptions are accessible in excess of 170 nations and locales. Extra content, with NPR, the Los Angeles Times, Sony Music Entertainment, promotion free tuning in, Wondery and a lot more intending to present premium content subscriptions can open.


  • Stream a huge number of shows.
  • Save your mobile data and even you can just download your episode into your Library.
  • Track down the most intriguing shows and the most mainstream shows in Browse.
  • Investigate refreshed categories and curated collections by the editors.

2 . New podcast options

The Podcasts app has seen some little yet valuable changes with iOS 14.6, with the expansion of ‘Mark All Episodes as Played’, ‘Mark All Episodes as Unplayed’ and ‘Remove Downloads’ alternatives.

Those initial two appear to be to some extent pointed toward fixing an issue added by iOS 14.5, as that update made it so every episode of a show was displayed in your library by default, with the best way to remove them being to physically mark undesirable episodes as played, and afterwards hit the ‘Hide Played Episodes’ choice.

3 . Apple Card Family

All you need to know about iOS 14.6 - What's new to consider?

Another new feature of iOS 14.6 is the Apple card family. Apple acquainted new highlights with its Apple Card credit card during the Apple Spring Forward 2021 Event with Apple Card Family.

It is equipped for families and couples. Apple Cardholders can share an Apple Card among any members of the family. In a family, two adults can share a solitary Apple Card account. Two adults can own one Apple Card. This element likewise lets parents as co-owner to share an Apple Card with their kids. They permit their kids to get to their cards for any payment. It additionally permits parents while keeping in control of spending limits and different tools as well. The entirety of the expenditures on an Apple Card Family account can be followed on an iPhone and there’s a solitary month to month bill.

Five family members along with the co-owner can be added to an Apple Card account for sharing reasons, this is dealt with through Wallet App. The co-owner should be 18 years and different members should be over 12 years. They will have a combined spending limit. Additionally, there will be the capacity to see everybody spending.

Apply for Apple Card

  • Open the Wallet App and afterward click on the Add Button.
  • Select Apple Card then, at that point click on Continue.
  • Finish your Application.
  • Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Apple Card.
  • Acknowledge your offered credit limit and APR.

Subsequent to accepting the offer, presently Apple Card is added to the Wallet app and you can demand titanium, Apple Card.

4. Lossless Audio Support

This most recent version of iOS 14.6 brings Apple Music subscribers to get this feature at no extra expense. Apple Music Spatial Audio with Dolby Atoms will give us a vivid multi-dimensional audio experience that permits artists to blend music in such a way that it seems like the music notes are coming from each of the four sides of the wall.

Alongside it, Apple is likewise giving its entire music list to Lossless Audio. Its work is to protect the details in the original audio file. Hence, Apple Music Subscribers can listen to songs decisively as artists recorded them in the studio.

Listen to Dolby Atmos on iOS.

  • Ensure that you have updated your iPhone to iOS 14.6, or iPad to iPadOS 14.6
  • Open Settings, look down to Music.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is settingsmusic.png
  • Under the Audio segment, search for Dolby Atmos.
  • Ensure it is set to one or the other Automatic or Always On.
All you need to know about iOS 14.6 - What's new to consider?

5 . Updated AirTags

iOS 14.6

Another element of iOS 14.6 is AirTag and Find My. Apple’s AirTags are little and button-moulded devices. This device is planned in such a structure that it is to be attached to those items like keys and wallets to allow these accessories to be followed by utilizing Bluetooth directly close to Apple devices in the Find My app.

In case that your iPhone is 14.5 or later, you can utilize the Find My app to locate your missing or new Airtag which is linked to your Apple ID.

If that you lose an AirTag or another viable device and you set it to Lost Mode in the Find My app, then, at that point beforehand you could just leave a phone number for any individual who finds the device to reach you on, yet with iOS 14.6 the choice to share an email address rather has been added.

View the Location of an Airtag Item:

  • Open Find My app.
  • Snap on Items.
  • Then, at that point click on that item that you need to locate.

Located items will appear on the map. Under the item’s name, you will see the refreshed location and timestamp. Don’t stress if your location can’t be on the grounds that you will see the last location of your item that where and when it was last located. Then, at that point turn on your Notify When Found under “Notifications” to get a notification whenever it is located once more.

6. Voice Control

In the wake of introducing the iPhone 14.6 version interestingly for the first time, iPhone users can open their iPhone with the accessibility of the alternative of voice control.

One more modest element that will be exceptionally helpful to some is the capacity to open your iPhone after a restart utilizing only your voice ifthat you use Voice Control.

Turn On Voice Control

  • Visit the Setting App from your Home screen .
  • Hit Accessibility.
iOS 14.6
  • Then hit Voice Control.
iOS 14.6
  • Hit and choose the Voice Control On/Off switch when the switch turns Green that means your feature is enabled.
iOS 14.6

7 . Bug Fixes

This version likewise fixes a number of bugs that are included in iOS 14.6, for example, the Apple Watch not attempting to open the iPhone, detaching Bluetooth device, and so on. Following is the rundown of Bug Fixes:

  • Unlock with Apple Watch may not be working after utilizing Lock iPhone on Apple Watch.
  • iPhone might encounter reduced performance during startup.
  • Call blocking expansions may not appear in settings.
  • Reminders might appear as blank lines.
  • Bluetooth devices could now and again disconnect or send sound to an alternate device during a functioning call.

Downloading and Installing iOS 14.6 :

To Download and Install iOS 14.6, follow the means given beneath:

  • Ensure that you have a new iCloud backup and make it encrypted so all of your passwords and other private information is secured.
  • Visit the Settings App from your Home screen.
  • Snap on General.
  • Then, at that point click on Software Update.
  • Snap on Download and Install.
  • Enter your Passcode, whenever provoked.
  • If that you are agree with terms and conditions, click on Agree.
  • Then, at that point click on Agree again to affirm.

Downloading begins naturally, and if not, you might see a notification like “Preparinf to download”. Give some time then the download will start.


The most recent version iOS 14.6 is presently accessible. You can download it by following the steps which are clarified above. The most recent version of iOS 14.6 has an achievement update with new highlights that may prove useful to a lot of users. It brings exceptional highlights like support for podcasts subscriptions and Apple Card Family, some essential bug fixes. Presently Apple users can unlock their iPhones with voice control. Along these lines, you ought to download and introduce iOS 14.6

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