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Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully!


Sleep tracking with Apple Watch helps you to gain some insight into your sleeping habits. With the recent update, Apple has added native sleep tracking support to the Apple Watch. So here are some Apple Watch sleep apps to keep track of your sleeping habits.

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking- Apple Watch Sleep apps

With the watchOS 7 updates, Apple Watch now has its own sleep tracking tool. So, now you not only get a Sleep app but even a Sleep Mode on your Apple Watch. The Sleep mode hides the watch face and shows the current time and the time your alarm is set for. Moreover, this disables the raise-to-wake feature, so you won’t be disturbed while sleeping. You can find your sleep data on the Sleep app on Apple Watch or on the Health app on iPhone. Although you get limited data, this includes your time asleep, and a range for your heart rate. This is way behind the third-party apps as they offer much more data.

The new Sleep app is connected with the iPhone’s Wind down and Wake Up. All you need to do is to set up the sleep cycle once. After, that the watch will automatically log the data and display it in the Health app. For this, you will have to enable the Wind Down feature and then make a sleep cycle schedule. The best part is if your battery level reaches 30% before your sleep time, then you will get notified to charge it before going to sleep. Also, you don’t need an additional download for this basic app.

1. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch

Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 12

AutoSleep is one of the most popular Apple Watch sleep apps. You not only get in-depth data with this app but also a good interface. The data includes a detailed look at sleep, sleep quality, heart rate, deep sleep. It uses a system of rings to monitor the key statistics. The main page has your ring for sleep, sleep quality, deep sleep, and bpm. However, the app is not free and if you dive all into the app the features can be a bit overwhelming. So the company offers an Apple Watch app to make things easy. With this, you can get a quick look at the current day’s sleep data. Moreover, the readiness score, predicts how ready you are for the day. This data is based on your sleep for that night.

The best thing is you don’t need to wear your Apple Watch to bed for the Watch app to work. You can touch the Watch in the morning and the app will know you are up. Also, if you sleep wearing it, the app will analyze data based on restlessness, time awake and heart rate. You can even adjust the sensitivity if you’re a very restless sleeper. It works along with Apple Health and Siri Shortcuts.

2. Sleep++

Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 13

Sleep++ supports automatic sleep detection, bedtime reminders, sleep goals, and much more. The main page provides information about your sleeping habits over the last few days. You even get data about sleep trends, cycles and phases. With this app, you can check the detailed timeline of your sleep. Thus allowing you to know when you were restful, restless, awake, and when your “best sleep” occurred. The app is completely free with an optional in-app purchase. If you want to access detailed data without any price then Sleep++ is a great choice.

The app uses the motion and health monitoring features of the Apple Watch and measures your sleep duration and quality. With this data, you can improve your sleep routine for better results. The data visualization of the app is nicely detailed and the app has an easy to use interface.

3. NightWare


NightWare is currently focusing on ex-military personnel and you can get the app only if it is prescribed by your doctor. This is a US FDA-approved app dedicated to people who suffer from PTSD-related nightmares. To detect when you are having a nightmare, the app uses the Apple Watch motion and heart rate sensors. With the help of the Watch’s haptic engine to rouse you without waking you up. This helps to break the nightmare without disrupting your sleep. This proves that wearable gadgets can be used for more than just fitness monitoring and vital sign tracking.

The app monitors your sleep patterns for around ten days. It uses the heart rate, accelerometer, and gyroscope data to calculate the stress threshold. When your sleep crosses this threshold it will detect that you’re having a nightmare. After this, the Watch intervenes with a low-intensity vibration. If this fails, the watch increases the intensity until you’re back in a gentler sleep mode.

This is a prescription-only app as it generates and stores data. This data is then sent securely to your healthcare professional for them to review. Currently, the app is available through the US Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and the Department of Defense Military Health System (MHS).

4. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker
Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 14

Pillow comes with features like automatic sleep detection and heart-rate analysis. But the special feature of this app is it supports recording important audio events throughout the night. So you can track data like snoring, sleep apnea, and sleep talking. But the setback is this feature works only in manual mode. You can view detailed sleep trends over time and get personalized recommendations from the app. With the help of this app, you can know about the quality of sleep you are getting. It even detects the optimum time to gently buzz you awake by analyzing your lightest possible sleep range.

Your data gets synced with the Apple Health app to develop insights into what might be needed for the best night’s sleep. The app can even play your favourite song from your iTunes library to wake you up in manual mode. With a user-friendly interface, the app has a bottom menu bar with big buttons, menus, and sleep graphs. You can even enjoy features like Sleep trends, Sleep notes, mood tracker, nap modes, and sleep tips.

5. NapBot

NapBot- Apple Watch Sleep apps
Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 15

NapBot automatically tracks and records your sleep. It also tracks the surrounding noise while you’re asleep. This helps you to identify if your sleep is being disturbed by noisy neighbours or other environmental factors. The app shows you a Sleep History that gives you an overview of how much sleep you get. With Sleep Trends you can detect any particular patterns that affect your sleep quality. Together with Apple Health, the app shares as well as take data like heart rate analysis. You can see the data in easy to read graphs.

The app has a Calendar tab in which you can get a detailed look at your daily sleep. When you click on a specific day you can see more detailed information on heart rate and phases. With the help of Machine Learning, the app detects and understands your sleep.

6. Sleep Watch by Bodymatter

Sleep Watch by Bodymatter Apple Watch Sleep apps
Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 16

Sleep Watch claimes to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to measure, track, and improve sleep quality. The default dark blue theme of the app is soothing and comfortable to view and read at night. You might feel like you are getting too much informational feel overwhelmed. You get features like daily briefings, sleep details, auto sleep, heart rate tracking, and sleep disruption tracking. 

7. Sleep Pulse 3

Sleep Pulse 3  Apple Watch Sleep apps
Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 17

The interface for the Sleep Pulse 3 is somewhat similar to Apple Health. With this app, you can track your sleep with the help of the Motion and Heart sensor of the Apple Watch. The best part of the app is the Nap tracking feature that tracks the ‘Power Nap’ and ‘Sleep Talk’ feature that records sleep talk. The app uses different colours to highlight certain areas and parts of sleep. The only setback is that you need to do manual adjustments to start tracking.

8. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle  Apple Watch Sleep apps
Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 18

If you want to put more emphasis on waking up then Sleep Watch is best for you. It focuses on the smart alarm feature for the Apple Watch. With its help, it wakes you up when you are in a lighter stage in your sleep cycle. This gives you a fresh start and makes your morning much gentler. For the alarm settings, instead of setting a specific time, you can set an alarm range, and when Sleep Cycle tracks you in a ready state, it will gently buzz. You can directly snooze the alarm from your wrist, or use the intelligent snooze feature to get a few extra minutes in bed.

You can even get sleep analysis and tracking with this app and keep tabs on your sleep stages and quality. With the premium version, you can get insights on trends, snore detection, sleep sounds, and much more.

9. HeartWatch

HeartWatch Apple Watch Sleep apps
Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 19

If you want data for your heart rate when you sleep, then HeartWatch is a great choice for you. It not only tracks your heart rate but even provides alerts if any unusual or potentially concerning activity occurs. Paired with AutoSleep, it can track your sleep, overlaying the heart rate data on top. This can help you to see your waking and sleeping heartbeat and compare it with your regular beats. Although the iPhone app feels cluttered, it is still a great little app with high accuracy.

10. Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker Apple Watch Sleep apps
Best Apple Watch Sleep apps to schedule your sleep peacefully! 20

Sleep Tracker automatically tracks your sleep for both overnight sleep as well as your daytime naps. With this app, you will get a compilation report that will tell you about your sleep habits. You can even adjust the sensitivity of the movement detection on this app. This feature helps restless sleepers and does not disturb their sleep. Moreover, with the easy to read graphs along with daily summaries, this app is quite helpful. The only setback is you will need some patience to adjust your sensitivity accurately to track sleep or wake times.


With all the options available in the App Store and the newly launched Apple Watch Sleep Tracking, it becomes difficult to choose one. AutoSleep is one of the powerful options that offer you enough data. While using a third-party app you can still use Wind Down and Sleep Mode. NapBot is a newly launched app but is getting much hype. Both the apps offer iOS 14 home screen widgets that catch users. These apps work with the Health app, giving you an overview of your sleep data. So, you can track long-term trends and averages with the Health App.

Which Sleep app do you use? Tell us in the comments section below.

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