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Pairing and Transferring an Apple Watch to a new iPhone!


Got the most recent model iPhone, another iPhone, or another to-you iPhone? Figure out how to combine your Apple Watch with that new iPhone so you don’t lose any of your important information. Your health information is the absolute generally private and delicate information on your Apple Watch and iPhone. Given the importance of your health data, Apple permits you to choose if you need to move your health information to your new device it’s optional. Here we will see how you can transfer Apple Watch to the new iPhone.

Initial set up to transfer Apple Watch to new iPhone!

Transfer Apple Watch to new iPhone

In contrast to your iPhone, there’s no simple method to physically make a backup of your Apple Watch to iCloud. That is on the grounds that Apple Watch backup isn’t even truly backup by any stretch of the imagination. Your Watch gets the vast majority of its information from its matched iPhone, and all things considered, that information is completely saved to your iPhone’s iCloud or iTunes backup.

Your Watch will regularly change the health and app data it collects to your iPhone when you’re related through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, you can’t pick when you’d like to change that information — it happens in the background — with the exception of in case that you actually unpair your Apple Watch, which will by then normally sync its most recent data to your iPhone.While moving a current Apple Watch to another iPhone, there are two distinct approaches to design.

iCloud Sync

Since iOS 11.2, Apple has allowed you to utilize Automatic Setup to move your iPhone backup and your Apple Watch to another iPhone without the unpairing-fixing dance. Be that as it may, to ensure your Apple Watch and iPhone get moved over appropriately, I suggest the following:

  • Ensure your watch is up to date is by enabling iCloud Health sync.
  • Make a backup of your present iPhone not long before you intend to move to your new iPhone

Forcing a backup

In case that that you’re not restoring your new iPhone from your old iPhone’s backup, the most ideal approach to manage and move your Watch is forcing a backup. You do this by unpairing your Watch from your present iPhone.

Exchanging your Apple Watch to a more up to date iPhone

Contingent on which system you use for setting up your new iPhone, you’ll follow fairly different strides for setting up your Apple Watch.

If you choose Automatic Setup

Transfer Apple Watch to new iPhone
  • Follow the instructions for iPhone Automatic Setup control.
  • Press Continue when you see the brief, “Would you like to utilize [name of Apple Watch] with this iPhone?”

If you choose Unpair/repair

  • Guarantee you have unpaired your Watch from your present iPhone.
  • Set up your new iPhone from an iCloud or iTunes backup or with no scratch.
  • At the point when your iPhone has finished the set-up interaction, open the Watch app. You can in like manner bring your Apple Watch near your iPhone to raise a comparative interface to the AirPods coordinating with the screen, which will then dispatch the Watch app.
  • Set up your Apple watch without any preparation or from a current backup.

Changing your Apple Watch’s LTE account to a new iPhone!

In case that you own LTE Apple Watch, you’ll probably have a cellular plan for that Apple Watch connected to your iPhone’s record. You shouldn’t have to move the arrangement over when you move to your new iPhone. Simply follow the means above, and you ought to be good to go.

That is on the grounds that your iPhone’s phone number and plan stay something similar, regardless of whether you change to another iPhone.

In case you’re moving to another carrier alongside your new iPhone, be that as it may, you’ll need to check in with your new carrier for the most straightforward approach to switch. No doubt, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Cancel your present Apple Watch plan by calling your present carrier.
  • Follow your new carrier’s guidelines for setting up your new arrangement and iPhone and moving your old number over.
  • Set up your Apple Watch by above.
  • Add up a new cellular to your Apple Watch.

Moving your Apple Watch to a newer iPhone without backup

If you are beginning without any preparation, without a backup, you have two choices.

Alternative one:

In case that you are not worried about Health information and such, you can begin without any preparation on the two gadgets. You’ll then not have your downloaded applications and your health information, including every single saved exercise, GPS routes, pulse information, and accomplishments.

Alternative two:

If that you are worried about your Health information, you can move it to a clean-install iPhone and Apple Watch — yet just on the off chance that you use iCloud and iOS 11 or later. To do as such, you’ll need to have the Health toggle turned on in Settings > iCloud. If that you have a lot of Health information, you may have to wait for a fun time prior to everything adjusts, so try not to delete your old iPhone before this is finished.

At the point when your Health information has synced, follow the steps below to set up your Apple Watch:

  • Follow the unpair/repair rules above to unpair your Watch.
  • At whatever point you’ve finished setting up your iPhone, open the Watch app. You can moreover bring your Apple Watch near your iPhone to raise a similar interface to the AirPods pairing screen, which will open up Watch App. Continue using directions

Troubleshooting to move your Apple Watch to another iPhone

Here a few thoughts and troubleshooting strategies when you transfer Apple Watch to new iPhone :

Can’t pair Apple Watch to new iPhone!

You may regardless need to disable Activation Lock on your old iPhone. Verify whether your old gadget is as yet paired; assuming the worst possible scenario, attempt to reset your Apple Watch from the actual Watch.

Health data getting disappeared!

Did you back up through iCloud or scrambled iTunes backup or sync your Health information independently by means of iCloud? If not, your information hasn’t been saved to your backup or your iCloud account. Fixing this requires either making another backup of your iPhone and watch and reestablishing your new iPhone from that backup, utilizing an outsider alternative or looking out for iCloud to finish backing up your Health information.


Before you transfer, Apple Watch to a new iPhone, update your old iPhone just as update your Apple Watch. It could require few moments to an hour for the update to finish. You ought to refresh for now or hold on until you have time and guarantee that both of your devices are energized. In case that you back up utilizing your PC, encode your backup to save your Health and Activity content.

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