Using text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad is now easy and quick!


The iPhone has a couple of inherent keyboard shortcuts which can save you a great deal of time and irregular tapping. You most likely use keyboard shortcuts constantly on your Mac or PC. However, chances are good that you once in a while consider utilizing them on your iPhone as well. All things considered, your iPhone doesn’t have its own physical keyboard. Here’s the way you can utilize Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad.

There are a couple of approaches to save time while typing on your iPhone. Not exclusively are there some convenient shortcuts incorporated into the iPhone’s keyboard, yet iOS makes it simple to add quite a few numbers of your own custom shortcuts. Save yourself some time and effort and set up the keyboard shortcuts for all of the text you type consistently.

Make text keyboard shortcuts

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Hit “General” and then hit “Keyboard.”
  • Enter on Text Replacement.
  • Hit on the + in the upper right corner.
  • In the Phrase field, type in the whole phrase you would prefer to make a shortcut for.
  • In the Shortcut field, type in the piece you need to be replaced by the phrase.
  • Hit Save at the top right.

Presently whenever you type that shortcut, it will supplant it with the expression you assigned in the predictive text. Simply hit the space bar to finish the phrase.

Edit keyboard shortcuts

Is it accurate to say that you are composing shortcuts excessive lot? Or then again, does the expression you set for your shortcuts have a glaring mistake in it? Don’t worry, you can edit the keyboard shortcuts at whatever point.

  • Open up the Settings app from your respective device,
  • Hit “General” and then hit “Keyboard.”
  • Hit on Text Replacement
  • Enter on the shortcut you need to edit.
  • From here alter the shortcut or phrase any way you desire.
  • Tick on Save.

Presently you don’t need to stress about typing that shortcut by accident, or more terrible, having bad grammar.

Web domains in keyboard shortcuts

At the point when you’re typing in an email address field, for example, the “To” line at the highest point of the Mail app, tap and hold the period (.) at the base right of the keyboard. You’ll have the option to pick a domain like .com or .edu with a single tap.

Switch to all-capital letters

Put the keyboard in all-covers mode by double-tapping the Shift key. It’ll be featured and all letters you type presently will be capitalized. Turn it off by tapping the Shift key by and by or by tapping “123.”

Erase text keyboard shortcuts!

  • Open up the Settings app.
  • Hit “General” and then hit “Keyboard.”
  • Choose on Text Replacement
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad
  • Swipe left* on the easy shortcut you need to be erased.
  • Hit on the Delete button. The huge red button just showed up.
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

That is it! Presently you’re prepared to move on from those old shortcuts!

Using Apple symbol as a keyboard shortcut!

Right now the speediest and simplest approach to enter the Apple symbol with your iPhone or iPad is to set up a keyboard shortcut. That way, when you type a blend of letters, iOS will naturally replace them with the Apple symbol. It ought to be short, so it doesn’t take long to type, yet it moreover ought to be special, so you’ll never type it as an element of another word and trigger the replacement unintentionally.

  • Copy symbol  from here.
  • Open up Settings.
  • Enter General.
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad
  • Enter Keyboards.
  • Tick on Text Replacement.
  • Hit on the + button. This is arranged in the upper right corner of your screen.
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad
Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad
  • Hit Paste to embed the symbol in the Phrase field.
  • Type your ideal shortcut in the easy shortcut field.
  • Choose Save.

Presently you’ll have the option to type your shortcut of choice on your iPhone or iPad and insert the Apple symbol any place and at whatever point you like. For then again the purpose of Apple and the Internet, nevertheless, use your newly discovered powers admirably and sparingly.


When you know these text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad you’ll respond to text messages quicker than any time in recent memory! It’s an ideal opportunity to offer your drained thumbs a break. With keyboard text shortcuts on iPad and iPhone, you can save time when typing messages to your family, friends, and colleagues. Changing your keyboard’s settings is basic and speedy, in case, for the least technically knowledgeable users. The iPhone has a couple of underlying keyboard Text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad which can save you a lot of time and random tapping.

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