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Should you upgrade to iPad Pro 2020- Advanced content creation!


Apple’s 2020 edition of the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models will give you the best experience you can ask for. But is the fastest and most advanced iPad worth your money? If you are looking for an upgrade from your older iPad or want to get your first iPad, you would want to know more. Before buying you should get full knowledge about what you are getting on your hands. Here is the complete guide to know if you should upgrade to iPad Pro 2020.

New release timeline

Apple announced the launch of the 2020 iPad Pro on March 18. You can invest on this latest model now as the new upgrade isn’t at least before the fall of 2021.

Capacity & Colour- Upgrade to iPad Pro 2020

For the basics, both the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models start from 128GB of storage space and go all the way up to 1TB. Comparing with the 13-inch MacBook Pro, it starts out with the same storage capacity. In 2018 both the models had the options of Silver or Space Gray colours. There was a time when you would have got many colour options, but now if you want something in Gold, you will have to check the iPad Air or iPad. If you want to upgrade their older iPad to upgrade to iPad Pro 2020 and are looking for more storage space, then the iPad Pro goes up to 1TB of storage. This is the largest ever offered on an iOS device, and it is the best choice for all the designers out there.

Screen & ProMotion

The best feature of the Pro models is the screen technology. It carries a 264ppi Wide Color Liquid Retina LCD display (same as the iPhone 11) with True Tone (allowing it to intelligently detect and adjust outside light to match the screen tone to your environment). Also, it sports a laminated display and an anti-reflective coating. Moreover, the iPad Pro 2020 also supports the superior ProMotion refresh technology, which offers up to 120 Hz refresh rate, which effectively drops the latency to 20 milliseconds. It automatically adjusts the refresh rate down for activities that don’t require so much power, reducing battery consumption.

The technical specifications might not be interesting for an average person. But what you need to know is that the ProMotion makes the iPad Pro screen feel fast. Also, in the Pro models scrolling feels more responsive, opening apps is faster, and sketching has lower latency than ever. Although you won’t have the exact experience as drawing on paper with the iPad, it is almost similar. With a faster CPU and GPU, your experience drawing on an iPad is unlike any other.

A12Z Bionic Chip- upgrade to iPad Pro 2020

One of the major features is the new type of chip, The Z used in the iPad Pro 2020. The name may suggest that it isn’t as fast as the A13 chipset, but is faster than the 2018 iPad Pro. Also, with an 8-core graphics processor, thermal architecture, and better performance control. All this makes the iPad Pro faster and smoother with editing video, building apps, including AR and VR apps, and other graphics-heavy activities. That chip is paired with Apple’s M12 motion co-processor and up to 6GB of RAM in both iPad Pro sizes. So if you want a tablet that is faster than some of Apple’s entry-level Macs, then you should upgrade to iPad Pro 2020.

Dual-camera system

The iPad Pro 2020 is here with dual lenses, a 12MP standard wide-angle lens and a 10MP ultra-wide lens. You can bring in more of your surroundings with zoom out 2X, optically (5X digitally), and add more depth to the storytelling of your photos and videos. Also, the wide-angle lens has an ƒ/1.8 aperture, while the ultra-wide lens has an ƒ/2.4 aperture with 125° field of view. Moreover, it has a QUAD-LED True Tone flash and hybrid IR filter. But the deal doesn’t end here, iPad Pro 2020 also supports 4K video at 24, 30, or 60 fps. The advanced microphone array uses five microphones for studio-quality audio recording.

With the lighter design, it is the biggest benefit to the content creators and to all the YouTube channel owners. The iPad Pro’s FaceTime HD front-facing camera is 7MP with True Depth mapping for Face ID. Also, it has an optical image and video stabilization, a True Tone flashes, 5x digital zoom, Wide Color capture, and a six-element lens. Thus, if you are a content creator or a movie maker, you should upgrade to iPad Pro 2020.


The LiDAR scanner is one of the new features of the iPad Pro 2020. LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. Thus, the camera system also has laser beams that detect precicely where an object is, up to 5 meters away. It’s currently used in a lot of newer model robot vacuums to help it identify furniture to avoid. Thus, it means that the iPad Pro gives the most advanced AR (augmented reality). Objects appear faster and more accurately, and object occlusion makes them appear behind real-world objects, too. Although, AR is still on the development phase and isn’t quite ready for consumer use, but if you’re an AR developer, or you just want to have the new toy, the iPad Pro 2020 is for you.

Face ID- Upgrade to iPad Pro 2020

For Face ID, Apple uses a security chip, the T2. Moreover, your facial identity is not stored on the cloud, but only on your iPad, and it can’t be copied by anyone except for your identical twin. iPad Pro allows Face ID to unlock the screen in both landscape and portrait mode, something that even the iPhone doesn’t have. The advanced security of Face ID, similar to Touch ID, makes it possible for you to use biometric scanning to unlock your iPad Pro, buy stuff with Apple Pay, and access your passwords. But if you are a Touch ID person, you might not want an Upgrade to iPad Pro 2020.


The iPads Pro hast a 10-hour battery life (9 on the cellular models), just like the older models. Although, now the batteries have slimmed down slightly as the displays don’t need as much power to stay lit. The 11-inch iPad now has a 28.65-watt-hour battery, while the 12.9-inch has a 36.71-watt-hour battery.

Apple Pencil 2

Apple Pencil 2-  upgrade to iPad Pro 2020

With time even the stylus pens have become advanced for the iPad, now you can even get ones that emulate pressure sensitivity through clever use of Bluetooth and code. But, the Apple Pencil, delivers real pressure sensitivity. All the Apple’s iPad lineup except for the iPad Pro support for the first-generation Apple Pencil. Whereas, the iPad Pro supports the second-generation Apple Pencil instead. This is because of the ProMotion technology in the iPad Pro. Thus, you get a digital drawing experience even better than Wacom.

Apple Pencil 2 has a different method of connecting and connects via magnetic connectors. Moreover, it also supports shading. You can quickly access the digital tools by double-tapping the flat edge. Also, if you draw, doodle, write, sketch, do calligraphy or technical drawing, or anything else daily, then the upgrade to iPad Pro 2020 is worth it. But, if you only want to use the Pencil occasionally or not at all, the base model iPad or iPad Air is better for you.

Smart Connector & Keyboard

Smart Connector & Keyboard- upgrade to iPad Pro 2020
Should you upgrade to iPad Pro 2020- Advanced content creation! 3

The Smart Connector in the iPad Pro allows you to wirelessly connect to a keyboard, dock, or other accessories for quick powered access. This feature allowed accessory manufacturers to make great keyboards for the iPad Pro, including Apple itself. Apple has a Smart Keyboard Folio uses the Smart Connector technology. It’s the lightest, thinnest keyboard case on the market, and is portable. So you can carry it anywhere and everywhere.

Apple has now also launched the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad for the iPad Pro. Specially designed for full cursor support, that launches with iOS 13.4. Moreover, with the backlit keys and a scissor mechanism with 1mm travel, it uses a unique floating hinge mechanism. So you can set the iPad Pro few inches above the keyboard on a magnetic mount. Now you can watch videos or movies comfortably as you can adjust the viewing angle any way you want. Also, it has a USB-C port for charging, so you don’t have to use up the iPad Pro’s USB-C port to keep it charged. With the Smart Connector technology, the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad charges with the iPad Pro.

Conclusion- Should you upgrade to iPad Pro 2020?

There are many reasons for you to get the latest iPad Pro 2020. They are much faster and offer a brilliant screen than any other devices. With bigger screens and a camera equal to that of the iPhone 11, iPad Pro is at a whole new level. Also, If you’re an artist, content creator, AR developer, or work in video and audio production, the 2020 iPad Pro is the best you can buy.

If you’re upgrading from a non-Pro iPad

If you are not at a budget, you should 100% consider a new iPad Pro. You can consider the benefits from the dual-camera, LiDAR, faster CPU and GPU, 4K video recording, and more.

Upgrading from a second-generation iPad Pro

This latest model has a faster processor for handling graphics-heavy programs and the most advanced camera system of any iPad with support for wide and ultra-wide angles and a studio-quality microphone array. On average, these features are not required by everyone. Thus, if you are a content creator, or need programs that are graphic-heavy, then you should definitely upgrade to iPad Pro 2020.

If you’re upgrading from the iPad mini

There can be times when you would want Apple to make a Mini Pro. If you are someone, who wants more features in their iPad, then you should upgrade to iPad Pro 2020. Also, if you are not tight on a budget you can have it as your second tablet. The iPad Mini for your tiny needs while the iPad Pro for your tech-loving mind.





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