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Tricks and tips to quickly Lock Apps on iPhone!


It is safe to say that you are worried about your privacy and might want to get certain apps on your iOS gadget? You may fret loaning your iPhone to another person, yet you surely don’t need that individual to see your private data or change your settings in some apps. Nonetheless, Apple doesn’t give a feature to set the password lock for a solitary iPhone application. Try not to be baffled. There are a lot of approaches to app lock the iPhone and ensure your privacy. You can follow a similar drill to restrict the utilization of certain apps for your children too by taking the assistance of the iPhone app lock feature. In this post, we will make you acquainted with four unique strategies on the most proficient method to lock apps on iPhone and iPad.

The app lock for iPhone and iPad choices can be utilized pretty without any problem. There are a lot of local and third-party arrangements out there that you can utilize.

Alternative 1: Lock Apps on iPhone utilizing Restrictions

By taking the assistance of Apple’s local Restrictions to feature, you can app lock the iPhone with no difficulty. Along these lines, you can set up a passcode that should be coordinated prior to getting to any app. This iPhone app lock is additionally an incredible method to restrict your children from getting to certain apps or making buys. To figure out how to lock apps on iPhone or iPad utilizing Restrictions, follow these means:

  • Unlock your gadget and go to its Settings > General > Restrictions.
  • Turn this on and set up a passcode for app restrictions. To give added security, you can set up a passcode that isn’t like your lock screen passcode.
  • Presently, you can set up an app lock for iPhone utilizing Restrictions. Just go to General > Restrictions and turn this feature on for any app of your decision.
  • On the off chance that you need, you can likewise turn this feature off for any app utilizing a similar strategy.

Alternative 2: Lock Apps on iPhone utilizing Guided Access

Other than the Restrictions feature, you can likewise take the assistance of Guided Access to lock a certain app on your gadget. It was initially presented in iOS 6 and can be utilized to restrict your gadget briefly with the utilization of a solitary app. It is for the most part utilized by guardians who might want to restrict their children from utilizing a solitary app while loaning their gadgets. Educators and individuals with unique requirements likewise utilize Guided Access pretty often. To figure out how to lock apps on iPhone utilizing Guided Access, follow these means:

  • In the first place, go to your gadget’s Settings.
  • Choose General.
  • Then hit Accessibility .
  • Inside the Accessibility choose Guided Access.
  • And tap on the “Guided Access” alternative. Turn it on to toggle it to green.
  • Turn on the “Guided Access” feature and tap on the “Passcode Settings”.
  • In the wake of choosing the “Set Guided Access Passcode” choice, you can set up a passcode to utilize it as an app lock for iPhone.
  • Presently, essentially launch the app that you need to restrict and tap the Home button multiple times. This will begin the Guided Access mode.
  • Your telephone would now be restricted to this app. You can additionally restrict the use of certain app features too.To leave the Guided Access mode, tap the Home screen multiple times and give the particular passcode

Lock apps on iPhone and iPad utilizing App Locker-Alternative 3

Other than the local iPhone app lock arrangements, you can likewise take the help of a third-party apparatus. However, the majority of these apps just help jailbroken devices. Hence, assuming you wish to utilize a dedicated app lock for iPhone, you need to jailbreak your device. Obviously, getting your device jailbroken has its advantages and negative marks. In the event that you would prefer not to jailbreak your device, you can basically take the help of the previously mentioned arrangements.

However, on the off chance that you have a jailbroken device and might want to app lock the iPhone, at that point you can likewise utilize AppLocker. It is accessible at Cydia’s vault and can be bought for just $0.99. It very well may be installed on your jailbroken device to get an additional degree of safety. Not simply apps, it can likewise be utilized to lock certain settings, folders, accessibilities, and then some. To figure out how to lock apps on iPhone utilizing AppLocker, follow these means:

  • Right off the bat, get AppLocker on your device from https://www.cydiasources.net/applocker. As of now, it deals with iOS 6 to 10 forms.
  • In the wake of introducing the change, you can go to Settings > Applocker to access it.
lock apps on iPhone
  • To access the feature, ensure that you have “Empowered” it (by turning it on).
  • This will allow you to set up a passcode to lock your preferred apps and settings.
  • To app lock, the iPhone, go head to the “Application Locking” feature on your device.
lock apps on iPhone
  • From here, you can turn on (or off) the locking feature for apps based on your choice.
  • This will let your app lock the iPhone with no difficulty. You can even head to the “Reset Password Phrase” to change the passcode.

By following these settings, you would have the alternative to figure out how to lock apps on the iPhone. We have given both, third-party party as well as local alternatives to app lock the iPhone in a protected way. You can go with your favoured alternative and give an additional layer of safety on your device to guard it.

Use Touch ID to Lock Compatible Apps on iPhone 5S to iPhone 8

With Touch ID, it’s feasible to lock a set number of compatible apps utilizing the fingerprint-based security highlight (accessible on the iPhone 5S through the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus). This article accepts you are utilizing a passcode to get into your iPhone. In the event that you don’t, here’s the means by which to turn Passcode on.

  • To lock Apple Pay, iTunes, and the App Store along these lines, open Settings and go to Touch ID and Passcode to enter your passcode..
touch ID and passcode
lock apps on iPhone - enter passcode
  • At that point, turn on the toggle changes (to the green/on position) for the apps you wish to lock utilizing Touch ID.
  • Contact touch ID settings on an iPhone.
lock apps on iPhone touch id and passcode

In the event that you haven’t set up Touch ID, you’re provoked to do so when turning on any accessible option.

The above covers only Apple Pay, iTunes, and the App Store, nonetheless. Utilizing Touch ID to lock apps you download from the App Store requires an alternate interaction, and numerous famous apps (like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat) don’t empower this cycle, implying that you can’t lock these apps exclusively.

There’s a developing number of apps that offer the option to lock apps utilizing Touch ID, while a more modest number additionally offer the option to lock apps utilizing a passcode.

For the most part, doing this requires the accompanying:

  • Open the Touch ID-compatible app.
  • Go into its settings.
  • Discover the option that locks the app with a password or with your fingerprint. It very well may be in a Privacy or Preferences section and could be called Password, Passcode, Touch ID Lock, Lock, Screen Lock, or anything comparative.

If necessary, follow any on-screen steps to finish the app lock method.

lock apps on iPhone

Alternative 4 -Set Time Limits for Apps

You can likewise set time limits for apps, which is like locking apps away from your own utilization.

  • Go to Settings .
  • Choose Screen Time .
lock apps on iPhone - settings screen time
  • Select App Limits.
lock apps on iPhone - screen time
  • Then hit Add Limit.
lock apps on iPhone - app limits
  • In the rundown of apps, settle on a decision on which to restrict access. Tap the check box button to one side of the app category you need to restrict, for instance, Social Networking. You can restrict certain apps inside Social Networking (for instance) by tapping through to the category.
  • Pick a time limit for the utilization of that app category (like 60 minutes). You can likewise modify the days you need this restriction set up. Tap the Add button to save the settings.


By following these arrangements, you would have the option to figure out how to lock apps on the iPhone absent a difficult situation. We have given both, third-party just as local answers for app lock the iPhone in a protected way. You can go with your favoured alternative and give an additional layer of safety on your device to guard it.

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