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Elegant and Fitness feature-rich Smartwatches for women in 2024!


The top smartwatches for women are also one of the best smartwatches for men, although the styles, prices, and features vary. However, with their different styles, wrist-friendly sizes, and improved health features, these unique models may cater to women. Some are also designed to operate with certain smartphones. However, they are all among the finest smartwatches for women available today.

However, not all of the finest smart watches for women are created equal. Some fitness trackers go beyond step counting to help you manage your sleep, stress, and menstrual cycle patterns. Others use utilitarian materials to create a fashion statement. Some of these smart watches also enable LTE, allowing you to converse from your wrist no matter where you are.

Apple Watch 7

Smartwatches for Women

The Apple Watch 7 is the most advanced Apple Watch to date. In terms of functionality, it isn’t a significant advance over the Apple Watch 6. However, it does have a bigger display in the new Apple Watch 7 sizes. For the first time, the Apple Watch is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes to compliment the huge screen. The seventh-generation Apple also receives several distinctive watch faces as well as a full QWERTY keyboard.

While critics wish the Apple Watch’s 18-hour battery life could be improved, the Series 7 does gain from speedier charging. It can be fully charged in roughly an hour, allowing it to spend less time connected to the new USB-C Magnetic cable and more time with you on the road. This is the best smartwatch for women overall, whether you want a wristwatch for working out, taking calls from your wrist, or enjoying the finest Apple Watch applications. Of course, if you have an iPhone.

Fitbit Sense

Smartwatches for Women

Fitbit’s most ambitious smartwatch to date is the Sense. It has more powerful health and wellness functions than any of the top women’s smartwatches. The Sense not only features an FDA-approved ECG sensor and oxygen saturation measurement. However, it can also monitor electrodermal activity and skin temperature. It can notify you when you’re worried and how to properly monitor your stress levels.

The Sense boasts onboard GPS, a native app store, and other functions that will come in handy on your wrist. Also, it offers Google Voice Assistant. Fitbit, which is owned by Google, is more than simply a brand with goods for counting our steps. Fitbit gadgets like Fitbit Sense demonstrate what it means to look at our health holistically.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Smartwatches for Women

Another excellent pick among the best smartwatches for women is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. For its current range, Samsung dropped the ‘Active’ label, instead emphasizing a sporty-looking Galaxy Watch 4 as the company’s flagship and a ‘Classic’ version that retains opulent features like the actual rotating bezel. There are also a plethora of material and color options, making this the greatest Samsung watch and smartwatch for Android currently.

The Galaxy Watch 4 tracks heart rate, takes ECGs, and scans body composition owing to a 3-in-1 health sensor, which is important if you’re tracking your body’s composition or charges over time. And, although it does include enticing Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Wear OS capabilities, One thing to keep in mind is that certain capabilities, like ECG and blood pressure monitoring, are only accessible on Samsung phones if you live in a country where they are available. Otherwise, the one Galaxy Watch 4 drawback is inconsistency in battery life, but if you don’t mind a daily charge, you’ll profit from on-board GPS, an always-on display, superb sleep monitoring, and more.

Garmin Lily Smartwatch for Women

Garmin Lily

The Garmin Lily is a compact and beautiful wristwatch that will help you forget about the brand’s big GPS wearables. The $199 Garmin Lily is a smartwatch created for first-time female smartwatch users. It isn’t one of the greatest sports watches, but it is a good option for individuals who don’t like the standard smartwatch style.

The Garmin Lily’s barely-there feel and an elegant appeal are enhanced with a patterned lens that strangely doesn’t block the display. Of all the finest smartwatches for women we’ve examined, this one has the greatest resemblance to genuine jewelry. It’s delicate with its 34-millimeter button-less casing, fine metal detailing, and thin straps. The Garmin Lily provides menstrual cycle monitoring for female users and a maternity tracking guide that provides expectant moms with a more comprehensive picture of their health. Although the Lily is not compatible with the Garmin Connect IQ app store, one of the alternatives that come pre-installed on this wristwatch is the pregnancy monitoring app.

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Verse

The Fitbit Versa 3, next to the famous Fitbit Versa 2, is the finest smartwatch for women engaged in basic fitness monitoring and enhanced sleep tracking. On-board GPS is the Versa 3’s notable improvement. Even if you leave your phone at home, the Versa will track your whereabouts while you work out outside. Sleeker metal finishes are also desirable.

In addition, Active Zone Minutes, a wonderful motivational training tool, has been added to Versa 3. Active Zone Minutes, first offered with the Fitbit Charge 4 and now a standard feature of Fitbit devices, tracks the amount of time you spend exercising in the fat burn, cardio, or peak heart-rate zones. Your weekly objective should be to complete the AHA and WHO-recommended 150 Active Zone Minutes. Again, you may use your Fitbit Versa 3 to make phone calls and ask voice assistants questions. However, keep in mind that you can only enable one digital assistant at a time.

Apple Watch SE

Smartwatches for Women

The Apple Watch SE is a cross between the Apple Watch Series 5 and the Apple Watch Series 3. The $279 smartwatch lacks some of the Series 6’s capabilities, such as an always-on display, but it stands out for its fast chip and safety measures. It also has an LTE option, making it a fantastic alternative for individuals who want to check out Family Setup. In addition, it receives the watchOS 8 software upgrade and will continue to get additional software updates in the following years.

When deciding between the Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch SE, you’ll have to decide whether you want to spend an additional $120 for a crisper display with an always-on mode, an ECG monitor, and a SpO2. If those features aren’t a deal-breaker for you, the SE is an excellent choice for female iPhone owners.


The Apple Watch 7 is a current top pick for the best smartwatch for women. It offers about everything you could desire from wearable and starts at $399. In the package, the next-generation smartwatch has a brighter screen, smaller display borders, and a quicker charging wire.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series provides a varied style for Samsung smartphone customers, with a sporty-looking variant starting at $249.99 and an upscale ‘Classic’ model starting at $349.99. The Galaxy Watch 4 is notable for being the first smartwatch to include the unifying version of Wear OS, known as Wear OS 3.

The Fitbit Sense is another fantastic premium smartwatch for women. The Sense is based on Fitbit’s dependable platform, which includes popular applications and voice assistants. The Fitbit Sense offers the most comprehensive view of your health of any smartwatch we’ve ever worn.

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