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Canopy: Keep your loved ones safe with this Digital Parenting App!


The web can be a dangerous place, with various ways to get hurt, including viruses, frauds, and phishing, to mention a few. While these concerns should be enough to make anybody think twice, the risks are significantly more significant for minors routinely targeted by cyberbullying and online predators. Due to COVID-19 limits, these concerns have become more prevalent recently, with many youngsters online. Here Canopy digital parenting app will help us.

Each day, around 500K internet predators are active, according to the FBI.  Moreover, half of the people who are victims of internet sexual exploitation are between 12 and 15. Children must be safeguarded and monitored online. No decent parent would let a youngster cross a significant highway unaccompanied or let them wild after hours in a risky area. This leads us to Canopy, a “Digital Parenting App” that aims to keep children safe both online and off. This support is open as membership from this privately held Austin, TX corporation.

Plans and pricing of Canopy

Canopy: Keep your loved ones safe with this Digital Parenting App!

Canopy Digital Parenting App provides a variety of options and rates from which to pick. We also like that the trial is for a full 30-days and may be canceled at any moment. The level is at the bottom, and it’s fundamental since it’s limited to only three devices for $7.99 per month. Most families will not be able to secure their children with only a few gadgets until they have a child born to protect. SmartSafe Internet Filter, Sexting Deterrent effect, and Deletion Prevention are all included in the ‘Safe Security Bundle.’ There is additional assistance available.

At $9.99 a month, the popular Family tier protects a more realistic 5 devices. It has the same characteristics as the lower tier plan aside from that. The Whole House tier is at the top, and it covers a whopping 15 devices—a more appropriate amount for a family with numerous children who each have multiple gadgets. While the features remain the same as the bottom two tiers, the monthly fee jumps to $15.99.  Even though the plans aren’t the cheapest, Canopy claims that there are “no hidden costs, in-app purchases, or premium up-charges.”

What does Canopy provide?

Canopy Digital Parenting App

Real-time protection against graphic content

Their unique SafeSmart Internet Filter uses machine learning to scan, identify, and remove explicit information from web browsers in milliseconds before it reaches the user’s screen. In online browsers, it blocks unsuitable pictures and videos and replaces them with innocuous white rectangles. Makes content judgments in real-time, rather than relying on an inadequate or out-of-date list of unacceptable websites. Canopy blocks all URLs but does not block applications within apps. No other parental control program can filter applications. Canopy does allow parents to restrict any app they believe is inappropriate for their children.

Stops sexting and encourages kids to make smart choices

Canopy Digital Parenting App examines and automatically analyses images taken on your child’s smartphone and photos saved to their device. If Canopy identifies a potentially harmful photo, it blocks your kid from viewing or sharing it until you, the parent, evaluate it. Canopy allows your youngster to choose whether or not to keep the photo. The photo will be forwarded to you for evaluation if they decide to keep it. They won’t be able to see the photo until their parents approve it. You look at the snapshot on your phone and choose whether to save it or delete it. If you remove it, Canopy will erase the photo from the child’s device.

Decide which apps are right for each child and device

You may effortlessly disable internet access for particular applications or games while allowing your child to use their device’s productive functions using our App Management tool. With only a few touches, you can quickly ban or unblock applications. Allowing the internet to decide which applications are acceptable for your family.

Primary Features of Canopy

Canopy is a real-time security tool for cellphones and PCs that blocks unwanted information, including violent pictures, in real-time. This is performed using the SafeSmart Internet Filter, which searches for and removes explicit content using an algorithm. After then, the material is replaced by a slew of “harmless white rectangles.” This, according to Canopy, is a better method than merely relying on lists of prohibited websites, which are prone to being obsolete and are frequently incomplete.

However, according to Canopy, no provider appears to be able to ban in-app photos. Still, there is a solution in the form of the ability to entirely block any program that is not acceptable for a family.


Canopy monitors every website your kid visits and prevents those that contain adult images or videos in real-time. There are no exceptions.


Even if a website has a mix of suitable and improper information, Canopy automatically recognizes and blocks the bad content while leaving the good alone – even on the same page!


Canopy identifies sexting and notifies parents when required, allowing them to assist their children in making informed decisions about the photos they create and share.


Canopy Digital Parenting App

Each of the plan’s levels comes with the same degree of support. Direct service is provided through email to a particular address rather than a portal. The second alternative is to call a toll-free number, although we feel the hours of assistance for this service to be restricted since it is only available from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.. Eastern Standard Time. Still, at least it is open every day. There is just one option for self-help: go to the approved Help Center. The articles are copious and cover a broad variety of topics, all of which are organized by category.


Canopy is a good way to safeguard kids from internet predators by blocking bad pictures from online material. The benefits include a free 30-day trial, tiered rates, and phone assistance. An AI technology that can recognize this sort of information in real-time. The lowest tier plan has too few devices and advanced help options that might be more powerful. Finally, Canopy provides a valuable service that achieves its goal of making internet activities safer for children.

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