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Telepath- A social networking site aiming to fill in the gaps left by Twitter!


“Like Clubhouse, the application is just accessible in private beta and requires a challenge to utilize. It looks like a cross between Twitter and Reddit”. The program opens to a central scrolling feed of updates from persons and topics you follow, similar to Twitter. Every post, like on Reddit, must be made within a group. Which Telepath social networking site refers to as a ‘network’. But it’s Telepath’s approach to moderation that stands out — it’s more proactive and constructive. Than any I’ve ever seen in a venture-backed social app at this level of development.”

What exactly is Telepath?

Telepath is a fascinating mix of Reddit and Twitter that was established (Sept. 25) by ex-Quora workers Marc Bodnick and Richard Henry. Users join up to follow different chat networks. Such as #Education and #LoFiChillMemesToExpropriateCapitalistsTo, similar to Reddit. Users can skim through updates from the networks and people they follow on Twitter, for example.

Telepath preview2

However, unlike most platforms. The app is primarily uninterested in consent-based on images and videos.

Bodnick and Henry don’t want you to waste time scrolling through a never-ending stream of photographs with which you have no connection. With a mobile interface that seems like texting. They intend to create an intimate place where users may establish friends who share their interests.

Telepath’s unwavering community and moderation norms, on the other hand, set it distinct.

Set of guidelines for Users

  • Telepath has a set of regulations that users must obey from the start. Is it the all-encompassing one? Telepath conversations must “be kind.”
  • Telepath fights identity-based attacks, doxing, harassment, violence, and fake news to make this possible.
  • Anyone who disobeys these guidelines will be removed from the platform. Those, who are wasting time in an argument by edging for the last word will have their dialogue cut off.
  • Users must also keep on topic and intone — “don’t assault a proxy network with an anti-x agenda or vice versa.”
  • Maybe it’s difficult to walk the line between encouraging kindness and minimizing criticism. Telepath’s hands-on approach to moderating makes things a little easier.
Rules of Telepath social networking site
Telepath- A social networking site aiming to fill in the gaps left by Twitter! 4

This grab bag of rules will be scrupulously enforced by an entire in-house moderation team. Says CEO Richard Henry. “We’re not going to outsource it to a contracting company. Which is what every other significant organization does.” Bodnick and Henry are intensely taking the ethical less common direction by other Silicon Valley leaders, forfeiting benefits for moderation and a safe platform.

Getting Start on telepath

To get started on Telepath social networking site, you register using your phone number and name. Find and follow other users in the same way that you would on Twitter. And then join interest-based communities in the same way that you would on Reddit. When you first open the app, you’ll see a home feed. This emphasizes conversation themes as well as notable replies from your communities. Orange for replies from people you follow. And grey for those Telepath has determined are worthy of being elevated to the home screen.

telepath preview Telepath social networking site

You can “Thumbs Up” content you like. “Downvote” stuff you don’t, react, mute, block, and use @usernames to flag, someone, as you go through the postings and visit the communities.

Another unique design feature is that everything on Telepath vanishes after 30 days. It appears that no one will be able to disgrace you. In the present by digging through your erroneous posts from a decade ago.
Telepath, on the other hand, stands out not because of its appearance or format, but because of its content. It’s what happens behind the scenes, according to Telepath’s regulations.

The first rule of Telepath is that users must agree to “be kind.” They must also refrain from attacking or harassing one another based on their identities. They must use their true name (or their preferred name if transgender) and refrain from posting violent or pornographic material. The phrase “fake news” is defined as a publisher’s repeated attempts to disseminate false information.

Will Telepath Be Effective?

Telepath appears to be a breath of fresh air so far. Is our society, however, refined enough for a welcoming social network?

Telepath’s real name and phone number policy is a two-edged sword. It creates accountability and curbs unkindness on its app. But it also gives internet trolls identities they can track down and harass unrestrictedly on other platforms. And in a world where people have built subreddits advocating for the physical deportation of leftists from the United States. It’s difficult to believe that everyone will follow Telepath’s standards. Though internet offenders like this are a small percentage of the population. They are a dangerous and outspoken minority that social media administrators must prepare for.

Telepath will also have to avoid the track record of once-promising social media firms that have since gone away.

Telepath, on the other hand, will not have the same anonymity issues as Secret. It may have trouble luring users away from Reddit and Quora, which are its main competitors. The selling point further jeopardizes the network’s long-term survival. “Growing its moderating ahead of user numbers will result in significant upfront costs”. While Telepath is supported by VCs like First Round, Protocol accurately points out. That is when VCs start looking for returns. “Which typically come as a byproduct of gaining scale — not just capturing the hearts of a few thousand beta testers,” things get complex.

Telepath’s creators, on the other hand, are certain that their slow-burn strategy will not scare away investors. “Many people in the business and financial investment worlds believe in the quality and potential of a great social product.”


That ends our article here!

Telepath social networking site is an intentional attempt to depart from the path blazed by successful social networks. It is the broad-shouldered bouncer outside the club who carefully examines your ID and kicks you to the curb if you’re not playing by his rules.
Telepath does not need to be as popular as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other social media network because that was never the goal. The goal was to construct a little utopia that didn’t feel like a dystopia.

To a degree, telepath has created a new, more humane model for how we use social media, demonstrating that Silicon Valley alums like Henry and Bodnick are ready to put people ahead of profit. That sounds like a win. In a world where the majority of us are fed up with platforms commoditizing personal data and growing polarisation.

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