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Lit up your Gaming room with Vissles V84 Mechanical Keyboard!

Vissles V84
Vissles V84

In recent years, mechanical keyboards have become less of a rarity. The hobby is growing, thanks to a variety of possibilities for casings, PCBs, switches, and keycaps. But it’s the rising array of entry-level possibilities that have grabbed anyone’s attention. There are many potential mechanical keyboards but if you want an amazing wireless keyboard then you should buy Vissles V84. You might want to buy to get your feet wet, from Keychron to Glorious.

The Vissles V84 is one such keyboard, and it is definitely the new favorite for our MacBook Pro. The V84 should be at the top of your list when looking for a new pre-built keyboard since it has RGB Lights, a PBT keycap choice, and one of the better linear switches recently. It’s without a doubt one of the greatest mechanical keyboards money will purchase, particularly for somebody new to the pastime.

Price and availability of Vissles V84

Price and Availability of Vissles V84

Firstly, Vissles sells the V84 in four different varieties that you may choose from. You’ll need to spend for the more costly V84 Pro model with the VS II switch. If you want the PBT caps (and the best switch). This keyboard is now on sale for $99.99, with a typical retail value of $119.

If you choose the less expensive option, you’ll receive black ABS caps and your option between red, brown, or blue switches in-built. These three variations are now on sale for $99, with a typical MSRP of $119.

Features of Vissles V84

Lit up your Gaming room with Vissles V84 Mechanical Keyboard!
Lit up your Gaming room with Vissles V84 Mechanical Keyboard! 5

The Vissles V84 has a long list of features. From the Bluetooth connection to a long 180-hour battery life. Also, there’s much here to make you wonder about the ultimate price. That wireless connection is fantastic to see in a keyboard this inexpensive. But it’s a revelation in a hot-swappable model that also allows for quick and simple changing between up to five devices.

This is a deck made for Apple products first or foremost, but with a few keycaps changes. Also, you can turn it into a fully functional Windows board. These out-of-the-box capabilities really can surprise one being able to smoothly transition from entering on such a tablet and swaying via Tomb Raider on a gaming laptop was really a real feature that one hadn’t seen before.

The claimed battery life of 180 hours is also very accurate. This set can last even with those RGB LEDs blasting. One can notice the RGB going off when the V84’s battery is low. But I’d rather have it than lose energy during a critical battle.

Then there’s the hot-swappable aspect. For this price, few mechanical keyboards provide hot-swappable keys but being able to customize your own switches may be a game-changer. Whether you’re replacing specific keys for gaming or altering the entire PCB board, there was a level of flexibility here that you seldom find for $100.

Design of Vissles V84

Design of Vissles V84

There are less expensive entry-level mechanical keyboards available, such as the Keychron K2, but the V84 is one of the better ones. The board still has a plastic shell, but because of the large 3,750 mAh battery, it has a wonderful weight to it. This keyboard hasn’t moved much since the first time of using it, thanks to the optional magnetic feet.

The Vissles V84 wireless mechanical keyboard takes up very little room on my desk, being 12.4 inches broad and 5 inches long. This is a 75% layout, so you’ll have the feature column, directional buttons, pages down/up, end/home, delete, pause, and print page. Whether You prefer 65 percent or 75 percent keyboards – the latter would be ideal for MacBooks because the function row integrates well with macOS media buttons.

Vissles V84 comes with a detachable magnetic bezel if you like a bigger edge around your keys. Otherwise, the keyboard appears to be fairly simple from the outside, but when you turn it on, the RGB lighting provides a splash of color.

Switches and key-caps of Vissles V84

Switches and key-caps of Vissles V84

The Vissles V84 wireless mechanical keyboard is available in two versions. Because it features white PBT keycaps as well as a Vissles VS 2 linear switch. The standard V84 is outfitted with black ABS covers plus any option of Oetmu Brown, Red, or Blue switches. These really are alternatives to the conventional Cherry or Gateron switches seen in other keyboards.

Even though I think PBT caps to be fairly basic, getting them at around this cost is a pleasant bonus. Because they aren’t see-through, the lighting merely diffuses out about below the caps.

The legends, on the other hand, are crisp and clear, and I enjoy how each of the caps has a somewhat sticky touch. PBT caps, in the experience, tend to hold up much better against fingerprint oils over time than ABS caps, so one has to be interested to see how the V84 stands up with the 8-hour days of typing. Assuming someone does not even switch out the caps for anything else.


Overall, the Vissles V84 is at the top of the list of entry-level mechanical wireless keyboard choices. There are certainly less expensive solutions, but the Vissles V84 is certainly the less expensive solution. However, the Vissles PBT caps and a surprisingly decent switch at this pricing point are other welcome additions.

Hot-swappable keyboards are gradually gaining popularity, and all for it. The function allows you to test out any button you choose on the V84. This is an amazing device for the price and a perfect entry point into the world of mechanical keyboards. Because it’s Bluetooth, I’m not sure I’d suggest it for serious competitive playing. But your results may vary. You can also use it wired.

Vissles is pursuing companies like Keychron, which is incredibly interesting. Mechanical keyboards can be incredibly costly, as anybody in the hobby can tell you, so seeing such a solid entry-level choice excites me.

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