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AMD Ryzen 8000 Series: The upcoming tech Ryzen Series!


AMD is doing well. Even though the AMD Ryzen 8000 Series won’t be available for over a year, AMD has revealed some critical information. Here is what we currently know.

The rumored Ryzen 8000 chip will be based on the latest microarchitecture and fundamentally alter how Ryzen CPUs are made.

Release date

AMD Ryzen 8000 Series will probably launch in late 2023, maybe in October, followed by mobile CPUs during CES through January 2024. However, as is frequently the case, AMD will probably keep delivering additional Ryzen 8000 Series CPUs over the following months or even years.
Keep in mind that AMD has not yet confirmed any of this. The business is secretly developing the Ryzen 8000 Series, but no release date has been provided.


AMD Ryzen 8000 Series

A year after Zen 4’s launch, the big news is a switch to the 3nm technology and Zen 5 architecture. According to a RedGamingTech YouTube video, this will include a new hybrid structure similar to what we’ve seen in Alder Lake CPUs. For Intel, that resulted in appreciable performance and power efficiency gains, so AMD would be hoping it can pull the same ruse.

There are two known families of desktop chips. Granite Ridge will serve the high-end PCs that need a specialized graphics card. While “Strix Point” combines the CPU and an RDNA3+ GPU.

Desktop for Ryzen 8000: Granite Ridge

Additionally, AMD announced Granite Ridge for desktops based on Zen5 architecture. First disclosures of this architecture date back to May of last year, a long time ago. AMD has not confirmed the node that this design uses. However, based on leaks, it may utilize TSMC N3 technology.

Though Threadripper 8000 series CPUs are not yet officially planned, AMD announced Zen4-based Threadripper 7000 HEDT CPUs seem to be on the way. While AMD acknowledges the existence of such an architecture, there is no certainty that Zen5 plus 3D V-Cache will be available for desktops.


AMD Ryzen 8000 Series

According to KitGuru, the next APU, which is expected to be a member of AMD’s Ryzen 8000-series, might launch as early as 2024.  Up to eight productivity and four efficiency cores are present, giving it 20 possible threads.

Another rumor is that a new memory subsystem will accompany the new architecture. There is currently no information on whether these adjustments would apply to AMD Zen 5 CPUs.


It’s nearly hard to estimate the price of a Ryzen 8000 Series this long before introduction.

But this is simply the suggested retail price from AMD. Particularly amid the present global chip scarcity, numerous shops and third-party sellers can raise the price drastically.
The cost of the CPUs itself is unimportant in laptops. Since the general public can’t purchase them as independent components, manufacturers will include them in their products. Several elements determine the price you pay. Such several features include other essential specifications, the manufacturer, and the merchant you purchase it from.

Strix point APUs

AMD Ryzen 8000 Series

Zen 5 cores with heavy lifting and lesser “Zen 4D” cores at more secondary operations will be present in AMD’s Strix Point APUs. The story is consistent with a portion of a map uploaded on Weibo. Moreover, Zen 5 features either Strix Point or Granite Ridge. Strix Point links Zen 5 to TSMC’s 3nm process, as most of the data is concealed. A hybrid architecture that would use may be comparable to what Intel will accomplish, which is also intriguing.

The rumored switch to a 3nm node for Zen 5 could increase performance and power effectiveness. However, it is customary when switch to a more compact manufacturing process. If this happens, AMD Ryzen 8000 Series will be released in 2023 or 2024. Their early arrival will largely depend on TSMC beginning the mass manufacturing of 3nm silicon.

Will there be a Zen 5?

AMD has announced that Zen 5 architecture will arrive on client desktops before the end of 2024, called “Granite Ridge” processors. AMD’s most recent 5 nm chips relying on its Ryzen 7000 series are slated to arrive in Fall 2022.


As the development of a 3nm (N3) node compels chipmakers to adjust their roadmaps, AMD’s Ryzen 8000 CPUs could be reconfigured to be manufactured on TSMC’s 4nm node. The Zen 4 CPU core (Ryzen 7000/8000), RDNA 4 (Radeon 8000), and Intel ARC Battlemage are the main designs that will benefit from TSMC’s 3nm node.

The predicted Ryzen 8000 chip is based on the most recent microarchitecture. Moreover, it will radically change how Ryzen CPUs are created moving forward.

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