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Power your household with EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station!

ecoflow delta pro power station complete review
ecoflow delta pro power station complete review

Adverse climatic disasters and natural calamities have highlighted the importance of emergency power. While fuel generators were once the take workable alternative for such situations, they are no longer secure or reliable options. There comes the EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station.

Portable power generators are popping up everywhere, They rarely have enough power to truly power your home in an emergency. EcoFlow’s new Delta Pro portable power station happens to come in also expanding what power stations are commonly doing.


Power your household with EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station!

EcoFlow informs us, as an important disclaimer, that the review unit they sent us is essentially a prototype. While it represents the power station’s design as well as its core functionality, the retail price unit will have better build quality and capacities. Having said that, even this prototype has us impressed, and we expect great things from the finely tuned units.

There’s no avoiding the fact that the EcoFlow Delta Pro is big and heavy, the latter at a staggering 45kg/99lbs. You didn’t want to carry this by yourself. It also includes managing covers to try to alleviate the pain when you need to lift it with a friend.

At first glance, all of the standard ports on the front of the Delta Pro are visible. However, this contradicts the flexibility of this mobile power station. Flaps on the back reveal the numerous charging and connectivity options,

Whereas two flaps to the right of the front panel conceal output ports and an innovative Infinity AC port. There is no scarcity of ways to power other devices or charge the Delta Pro. This is because of the number of ports available in their variety.

Battery and Output of EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station

EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station: Battery and Output

There’s really no avoiding the fact that the EcoFlow Delta Pro is big and heavy, the latter at 45kg. You didn’t want to carry this by yourself. Moreover, an included manage covers try to alleviate the pain when you do need to lift it with a friend.

Those huge LiFePo4 batteries will be useless if owners are unable to harness all of their power. Luckily, the Delta Pro has plenty of ports. It is capable of charging at least two MacBook Pros at the same time. On the front, you’ll find four USB-A ports. Among that two support Fast Charge, two 100W USB-C ports, four 20A AC outlets, and one 30A AC socket. 

Charging and Input of EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station

Charging and Input

In an emergency, the 3.6kWh battery is more than enough to power several household appliances. Including heavyweights like hairdryers, microwaves, and freezers.

The Delta Pro employs a pure sine wave inverter with high power efficiency. This means that no power is wasted, resulting in shorter running times. We were able to determine EcoFlow’s displayed figures and can even increase the output with X-Boost via the mobile app.

Portable power stations, on the other hand, attempt to promote their eco-friendliness by continuing to support solar charging options. According to EcoFlow, the final product of the Delta Pro will be capable of supporting a maximum of 1600W of solar power input at 11-150V 15A after an upgrade.

It’s no random occurrence that the manufacturer also has a 400W solar panel that can be linked together to provide the necessary wattage.

The Infinity AC port is a rather unique charging innovation that allows you to charge the Delta Pro from an EV charging station, most of which are even free at certain locations. Again, the overall capacity differs slightly from the displayed specs, and the Delta Pro can draw up to 3400W of power in this mode.

That is admirable in and of itself, EcoFlow raises the bar by letting Solar, EV, or AC power, smart generators operate concurrently and deliver up to 6500W of power to charge the unit, Offering Delta Pro Extra Smart Battery is connected.

Smart Home Ecosystem and the EcoFlow app

The Delta Pro’s LED screen offers the necessary information you’ll need at a glance, EcoFlow has its own mobile app which not only allows you to toggle features like X-Boost but also provides more information about your energy usage, including a port-by-port analysis.

The EcoFlow app allows you to remotely manage all Delta Pros settings, which is useful when trying to orchestrate a smart home system. You can moderately station two Delta Pros, perhaps with an extra battery each, to automatically turn to emergency power during a power outage using the optional EcoFlow Smart Home Panel.

You can even assign limits and preferences to devices connected to the power station, eliminating the need to fiddle with those settings manually when the time comes.

What is the most impressive EcoFlow?

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the brand’s most impressive choice and is accessible for limited pre-deals.

Is EcoFlow Delta Pro worth the effort?

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a brilliantly fabricated piece of hardware with intelligence and ability for sure. With 3600Wh of battery capacity and results up to 7200W from a large number of ports, this is one battery pack that can help you and your home through the tempest.

Can EcoFlow charge Tesla?

With the 400-watt solar panels connected to a completely charged EcoFlow Delta Max and at the almost full sun, it is easy to charge up my Tesla with 8 miles of charge at 12A and 5 miles each hour in the wake of charging for two hours before the EcoFlow ran out of force.

Can EcoFlow Delta power a house?

By utilizing the Smart Home Panel (sold independently), DELTA Pro can provide capacity to up to 10 home circuits.

How long will an EcoFlow Delta Pro last?

When there, the power can rearward in the battery for as long as a year, and you can plug almost anything into it. The Delta Pro offers two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, five AC outlets, and two DC5521 outlets, permitting you to charge most electronic gadgets.


The EcoFlow Delta Pro is large, bulky, and, to be honest, a little pricey, and those are the costs you may be willing to pay for all of the flexibility and literal power it provides.

Its modular system, the plethora of output and input options, and smart home characteristics truly distinguish it as a one-of-a-kind portable power station that makes no apologies for its large size. EcoFlow definitely keeps its promises.

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