Acer PM161Q bu- A lightweight portable monitor from Acer!


The Acer PM161Qbu is a portable monitor from Acer. Acer is famous for its research, creation, sale, marketing, and support of breakthrough products that improve people’s lives. They only focus on hardware, software, and service after-sales. Their service after sales is really cool, and not just that, they also sell products that are out of this world. The Acer PM161Qbu is a portable monitor with a weight of 970g and a size (length) of 20mm. Yeah, it is not that great. However, here is a review of the Acer PM161Qbu. If you want to buy it, first think about it and then buy it. That’s the only thing we can say about it.

Price of Acer PM161Qbu

The Acer PM161Qbu costs £559.76 on the UK Amazon or $399.95 in the US Amazon, making this one of the most affordable alternatives for individuals looking for a portable monitor.

The Lenovo ThinkVision M14 costs £249 (or the equivalent in US dollars), whereas the Hanspree HL161CGB costs £199.

The Acer PM161Qbu is available directly from Acer, as well as Amazon and eBuyer.

Design & Structure

The Acer PM161Qbu isn’t the most stylish monitor on the market, as is typically the case with budget electronics. It is a monitor with cheap material, and heavy plastic, and doesn’t seem very nice, especially when you will compare it with Lenovo ThinkVision M14, which is only 4.4mm thick and weighs only 570g.

The Acer is 20mm thick and weighs 970g, which isn’t awful, but if a slim design is crucial to you, you’ll need to spend more money. Acer includes a carrying bag for the display.

The PM161Qbu’s chunky bezels and visible metal surrounding the ports don’t help it win any aesthetic prizes, and they simply contribute to the inexpensive vibe.

A single, thin kickstand at the back is firm, making it difficult to remove, but it provides adequate stability whenever the monitor is in use. It doesn’t have a lot of adjustabilities, but 15 to 35 degrees should suffice for most activities.

Acer has beaten rival portable displays in terms of control. A simple set of side buttons may be a little clicky, but they do the job of allowing you to obtain the OSD as well as make adjustments such as brightness.

Features & Screen Quality

The display compensates for the Acer PM161Qbu’s shortcomings in design and quality to some extent.

That’s because Acer had able to equal the ThinkVision M14 in many aspects. The display is an IPS panel with a Full HD definition and a reaction time of 7 milliseconds. Lenovo offers 6ms, although the two are nearly identical.

Acer also sells a bigger 15.6 screen, which isn’t as portable as the smaller screen, but the extra screen real estate may value it for some.

The display has strong viewing angles thanks to IPS technology, which is vital when it can be use as a second screen, but it falls short on other performance criteria.

Acer claims a peak brightness of 220 nits, however, the tests with a Spyder X can clear the doubt of the Acer PM161Qbu only hit 173 nits. It also doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of color, with just 65 percent of sRGB and 49 percent of Adobe RGB at only 6-bit.

It’s evident that this monitor can only go fine with small tasks as a secondary screen for even more basic tasks rather than professional tasks such as picture editing.


It functions exactly as you’d expect a cheap monitor to work after its installation. Although it is not a color-accurate high-refresh-rate display, it seems more than suitable for working with or watching media.

The 15-inch screen is ideal; If you are currently using the ultraportable Huawei Matebook 13, so this provides not just a second but also a larger display, allowing working from it for longer durations a little easier on my eyes. Because it’s IPS, you’ll get decent viewing angles, which will come in handy if you really need to split the screen for meetings or other purposes.

Screen Brightness

The brightness is definitely the most important issue here because it impacts everyone, particularly if you want to use the Acer PM161Qbu outside – however it does have a decent matt finish and anti-glare coating.

This portable monitor, such as the majority of those on the market right now, is USB-C compatible, making it an excellent partner for current laptops.

Many will be able to power and data the display with a single connection — you’ll need to have a USB-C device that supports DP-Alt mode, which is rarely available on spec sheets. If you’re unsure whether your laptop will function, you should contact the manufacturer.

Otherwise, the Acer PM161Qbu features a Micro-USB port for charging. However, the cable which is available with this second screen is too short.


  • 15.6-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display
  • 220 nits of brightness
  • NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) 45 percent colour gamut
  • GTG response time: 7 milliseconds
  • 1 USB-C port, 1 Micro-USB port
  • 970g in weight
  • 377 x 235 x 20mm Dimensions
  • 15° to 35° stand tilt
  • 60 Hz refresh rate

Are Acer monitors up to snuff?

First and foremost, Acer is a famous brand with a lengthy history in the business. As a result, they’re ideal for making high-quality electronics, such as display panels. They are trailblazers who use cutting-edge technology to ensure that their customers get the most out of their monitors.

Is there a USB C port on the Acer monitor?

You can now use a USB C-only computer to connect to an external monitor. The new Acer H7 Series, which comes with USB C, can not only accept a video input up to WQHD (2560 x 1440), but will also charge the laptop at the very same time – in case you’ve forgotten where to insert that power cable.

Is Acer a trustworthy brand?

This year, Acer proved to be a big slayer, outperforming several high-end workstations in performance overall thanks to powerful hardware. However, a series of lackluster product releases, as well as less-than-impressive warranties and unhelpful tech support employees, kept the company in the sixth position.

Should you opt for the portable monitor?

While a few portable monitors have preferred boards over most, they actually won’t match the best desktop displays. A decent portable monitor won’t look terrible, mind you, yet in the event that you’re working in a field where picture quality is significant, they’re nowhere near the most ideal choice.


The Acer PM161Qbu isn’t especially attractive, with a plain plastic construction and hefty bezels.

However, it is still portable, and these design decisions are in place to keep the price cheaper than competitors, so this is a viable option if you really want a portable USB-C display without spending a lot of money.

The monitor does the job for basic jobs, with 15.6in of screen real estate, Full HD resolution, and IPS panel technology for decent viewing angles.

However, it lacks brightness and colour gamut, so if you want to use it for color-sensitive apps like picture editing, you’ll need something different.

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