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Humanscale Freedom Chair Review- The perfect office chair!


If you are looking for a good office chair, the Humanscale Freedom Chair won’t disappoint you. The excellent design, as well as comfortability, makes it more desirable. Here is a review of the Humanscale Freedom Chair to decide for yourself.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

Humanscale is known for its high-end office chairs, with Freedom being one of the most popular. When it comes to the price of some of Freedom’s top-end setups, you might want to look for other cheaper options. For that kind of money, you receive a lot of quality in the form of an office chair that’s incredibly well-built. Moreover, it has a long warranty of 15 years and incorporates some clever design concepts. Furthermore, if you search online, you can purchase this chair at a great discount. The Freedom Chair, Humanscale’s flagship office chair, is popular for its simplicity and high-end design. Unlike many other office chairs, it has a distinct look that is rarely mistaken for another. The Freedom chair has a lot to offer, including a lightweight design, weight-sensitive recline feature, and a completely adjustable headrest.


  • Great balance of comfort and support
  • Nifty self-adjusting backrest
  • Excellent build quality
  • 15-year warranty
  • Simple high-end design
  • Pivoting lower lumbar support
  • Weight activated recline function
  • Ability to task while reclined
  • Easy to operate armrests


  • Slight niggles with headrest and armrests
  • Gel seat option
  • Full recline position with headrest
  • Expensive
  • Armrests can be too wide for some users


The Humanscale Freedom can vary widely in price depending on whether you want the leather or fabric version. For the entry-level fabric and graphite chair, you can buy it for around £750. If you want the leather model, you would have to pay $1400 or $1,600 with the chrome rather than graphite frame. So, unless you are really desperate to have the leather model, the entry-level fabric chair is a way better value proposition.

Design and Build quality

Humanscale Freedom Chair

This is an office chair that has an exceptional built quality. Although it’s not precisely a piece of office equipment that you’ll readily pick up, the graphite frame is pleasantly robust but not unduly hefty. Although there are a few plastic parts, such as the underside of the seat, the back of the headrest, and underneath the armrests, the chair is totally made of graphite and fabric. These also have a firm plastic padding on top of them. Even the casters are well-made and slide easily on hard floors, and the Humanscale Freedom is, for the most part, well-designed. This high-end chair has a variety of settings. The seat height, as well as the placement of the seat pan, the height of the backrest, and the headrest, may all be adjusted.


The armrests move in lockstep as they’re connected by two metal rods that run around the back of the seat. Moreover, the backrest is a flexible component that adjusts to your body and the manner you’re sitting. This is an interesting design touch. It moves with you, so if you lean back, it will move with your spine and keep you comfy. The concept is that it supports your back naturally without requiring any backrest modifications. There are multiple manual modifications you need to make to this chair with the various levers and sliders well-implemented. The armrests and headrests are the weak areas, both of which have minor problems, the latter of which is the most aggravating.

The headrest is simply adjusted by sliding it up and down on two thin metal columns present one on each side. This makes it very simple to adjust, however, it does slip slightly downwards with time. The armrests are also a little difficult to move. This isn’t a big concern, though, because they’re set once they’re secured in place. The armrests may irritate you even more because you can only adjust their height. There is no horizontal adjustment, and they are short.


The fairly cheap-feeling plastic padding on the top of the armrests is something disappointing. It appears to be at odds with the chair’s other luxury materials. The leather version of the Freedom chair is undoubtedly superior in this regard. However, the plastic substance doesn’t wear down over time and appears to be fairly sturdy. The Freedom chair is a well-built chair that is ranked in the top 10 for build quality. The Freedom shows great attention to detail, with perfect fit and finish. Throughout the frame, Humanscale uses a lot of aluminum components. This type of material provides strength while also giving a high-end look that keeps the chair’s weight low.

It has a simple design with only one lever protruding from beneath the seat. The finish is also excellent where plastic is employed. One thing common in the less costly chairs is that the quality of the plastic components does not always match the rest of the chairs. For Freedom to appear as clean as it does, the molds used to make the plastic components must be faultless.



The seat and backrest are sufficiently padded to be pleasant while remaining sturdy enough to provide support. They hit the perfect balance in this crucial comfort/support equation. Keep in mind, though, that comfort is one of those things that are inherently subjective. The padding won’t get sagged or flattened with time and the same is true of Freedom’s different mechanical pieces. The seat comfort rating is based on subjective evaluations. Each user is a distinct age, weight, and gender. Judging by this, you can get an idea of how a seat is for everyone. The enhanced gel seat option is available on your Freedom chair. If you’re undecided between gel and normal pads, the standard pad is the safe bet. The regular seat pad is also $68.25 cheaper, which can assist reduce the chair’s cost.

Back Support

Back Support

The same scoring system is used for back support because like the seat, it tends to be a bit subjective. There are two areas for backrest support: comfort and overall support. One of the issues with how we score a backrest is that the lower back and upper support get blended together. Because of this, like Humanscale Freedom chairs don’t get the full credit they are due for providing excellent lower support. When you sit in the Freedom chair, the first thing you will likely notice is how pronounced the lower lumbar region is. It hits your back right away and if you’re looking for great lower support, the Freedom chair has it.

While the reclining in the Freedom chair is excellent, some may prefer not to do so completely. The headrest adjusts in such a way that it bends your neck/head forward awkwardly in the full recline position. 75 percent of full recline, however, feels like a more neutral position.

Armrest Comfort

Humanscale Freedom Chair armrest

The final component of the chair is the most subjective. You need to consider how comfortable the arms are for the user’s elbows and forearms while buying. You also need to look at how well the arms adjust to you. The Humanscale Freedom chair’s Duron arm pads have a lovely squishiness to them. Duron produces long-lasting skin that isn’t overly firm. Freedom is also one of only a few alternatives with arms that recline with you. Thus, providing excellent support if you like to work in this position. The arms are height and width adjustable. Most users should be able to find a comfortable position with a wide range of height options. The arms may be too wide for smaller body types with an 18″ minimum between them.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Don’t be fooled by the lack of knobs and levers beneath the Freedom’s seat. This chair is a high-end ergonomic chair. The Freedom may be fine-tuned to fit your physique with several modifications quite easily. Access to adjust the chair is also simple, and making the modifications did not involve any tricks. The Freedom’s seat sliding mechanism is one of the easiest you will ever find. The position of the Freedoms adjustment lever is critical for this since it allows you to push the lever while simultaneously pulling or pushing the seat pan. The Freedom’s height-adjustable arms are easy to use. The lock will unlock if you hold the front of the arm pads and gently pull/tilt upward. Raise or lower the arms to the desired position, then lower the front of the arm pad to lock the arms.

There’s no need to try to coordinate both arms to the same height because they move together. The advanced Duron arms, with 3″ of width adjustment are quite good. With one hand, you may adjust the back and headrest. It’s convenient because they move independently. Thus, allowing people of various body types to find a comfortable position. When you recline, you can set the lower backrest while keeping the head/neck rest in the same position. Flexibility is a welcome addition. The Freedom’s recline feature is possibly the greatest of all. Simply push back in the chair, and it will start to recline. If you stop pushing, the chair will stay in place. You can accomplish this in any position without the chair slipping out from under you.

Upholstery Options

One of the reasons they won’t take returns is that the Freedom chair is highly configurable. You should have no trouble finding the ideal match for your environment with 49 fabric upholstery options and 7 leather alternatives. The seven leather options come with eight different colors of box stitching.

Cylinder Options

Currently, there are five different cylinder height possibilities. A 5″ tall cylinder is the industry norm. Low, tall, and high with footing and return height options are also available from Humanscale.

Wheel/Caster Options

Wheel/Caster Options

The Freedom comes with four different caster options. The hard caster is the typical choice, ideal for low pile carpets. Soft casters are supplied for use on hard surfaces such as hardwood or tile. For individuals who want to keep the desk in one location, glides are offered. A lockable caster option is also available from Humanscale, which is ideally suited for drafting stools.


The Freedom chair has been certified by GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality, GREENGUARD Gold, and Level®. The lightweight design of the Freedom chairs reduces the environmental impact of shipping.


The Freedom chair comes in a huge package that weighs around 55 pounds and is shipped by FedEx/UPS ground. It includes handles to make moving it simpler, but with a box this size, you might want to get some assistance. Humanscale does an excellent job of keeping its packaging simple and free of environmentally hazardous foam. Because there is only a small bit of additional cardboard in the box, removing the chair is simple.


The Freedom chair comes almost completely constructed from Humanscale. The base, casters, and cylinder have already been built. The backrest, headrest, and seat are also pre-assembled. All you have to do now is join the top and bottom portions. The Freedom chair will be ready to use after that.

Scope of Users

Freedom’s concentration on suiting the majority of the population is mentioned by Humanscale. No doubt that they did a fantastic job fitting a wide spectrum of people. The Freedom should accommodate most people from 5’0 to 6’4″ tall, as claimed. A seat sliding function and back height adjustment are standard on the Freedom. It even comes with a headrest that could be adjusted in height. It’s critical to be able to fine-tune various aspects of the chair in order to achieve a bespoke ergonomic fit.

The sophisticated Duron arms with adjustable width armrests are of great quality. The arms adjust to a height of slightly over 6″, with the lowest setting being 2.5″. Short users, as well as those who like to type without the use of armrests, will appreciate the wide height adjustment range. The width is also adjustable, ranging from 18″ to 21″. The arms may be too far apart for smaller users at 18″ broad. The standard armrests on Humanscale Freedom are 19″ wide. The Freedom has a standard weight capacity of 300 pounds. Steelcase chairs can support up to 400 pounds, which is better than some of the less-priced ones.


All seating components in Humanscale seats come with a 15-year, 24/7 rating warranty. This comprises things like frames, cylinders, casters, and the base. The upholstery, cushions, and arm pads from Humanscale are protected for five years. The upholstery, cushions, and arm pads are covered by a single-shift warranty.

What you would like?

  • Design– The frame is clean and straightforward, with well-thought-out aluminum throughout. This chair is just as appealing today as it was when it was first introduced in 1999. Humanscale offers a variety of upholstery and base options to tailor the style of your new chair. For leather, you can choose from eight different box stitching colors.
  • Build Quality- It is well-made from top to bottom, from the quality of the stitches throughout the seat and back to the fit and finish of the frame.
  • Pivoting Lower Lumbar Support- When you combine lower lumbar support with the chair’s rotating function, you get great lower support no matter how you move about. Your lower back gets proper support even when you recline back into the chair. The backrest maybe be adjusted in height to provide the best support for varied height users. Moreover, you can easily adjust it with only one hand while seated.
  • Weight Activated Recline– The chair has no trouble locking into place in any position you choose. The method is simplified because tension control does not need to be adjusted. Because of its simplicity, you can move more frequently throughout the day, giving you more flexibility in your sitting posture.
  • Task While Reclined– The ability to task while reclining is one of the more distinctive features. This is a pleasant working position because of how the headrest supports the neck and head. With optimal neck and head alignment, it’ll naturally keep your eyes focused on the screen. You’ll need an adjustable keyboard setup to achieve this effectively and keep your wrists in a neutral position.
  • Height Adjustable Arms – Armrest height adjustments take only one hand and ensure that your arms are always at the same level.

What you wouldn’t like?

  • Gel Seat Option– The Freedom Chair’s Gel seat choice is either something you love or something you don’t. For most individuals, the basic seat cushion is a much better option. If you’re on the fence about it and can’t try the chair out first, go with the basic seat cushion.
  • Full Recline with Headrest– The recline can become unpleasant after a while and might start neck pain. Because there are so many different body forms and preferences, some people may prefer to task from a reclined position. For most users, Freedom will provide a great deal of flexibility.
  • High Price Tag– The chair is out of reach for many people due to the high price. You can save money by choosing simply the height adjustable arms and the regular seat pad. This will bring the price closer to $1,000. This is the price you must pay to get into a new high-end seating option, which is still pricey.
  • Arm Width– The same arm width as all three Humanscale chairs makes it unfavorable for many. Smaller framed people will be unable to use the arms of the Chairs since they require a minimum arm width of 18″.


The disadvantages of Freedom are small quibbles. Overall, the quality and comfort of this chair are amazing. This chair represents excellent value for money for the entry-level fabric and graphite edition of the Humanscale Freedom. However, if you want the leather version of this office chair, you’ll have to pay a lot more. The chair has its own distinct approach to pleasant ergonomic seating, much like all of the high-end chairs. With so many options, it’s all about getting the chair in the right position for you. The Freedom chair is an excellent fit for you if you enjoy a chair with good lower support. This isn’t the ideal choice if you’re seeking for a more neutral lumbar setup.

Freedom allows you to sit in a reclined position while still being productive at the computer. This position also alleviates strain on your tailbone and lower spine. This could be a fantastic fit if you’re looking for that vibe. Overall, the Humanscale Freedom is a good ergonomic chair with good aesthetics for people looking for a high-end look. It comes practically completely constructed and with a good warranty. However, if you have a smaller frame, the arms may be too wide for you.

Which office chair do you use? Tell us in the comments section below.

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