Gocycle G4 – a high-end foldable e-bike that is elegant and fun to ride!


The Gocycle G4 is a wonderful example of an electric bike manufacturer that makes some of the most unique and inventive folding e-bikes on the market.

The bike is part of a series of three models. The G4 has a range of around 40 miles. The G4i, which has a range of about 50 miles, and the G4i+, which should have the same range. For an additional fee, the latter two additionally provide predictive gear changing. The Gocycle G4 is clearly costly but has a design and construction quality that more than makes up for it.

The foldable e-bike does, in fact, include a new G4drive electric motor incorporated into the front hub, which improves performance. However, despite efforts to decrease the burden of the Gocycle G4. It still weighs 17.6kg, making it cumbersome if you have to haul it around for any length of time. The e-bike is apparently intended for commuters and city people. However, its easy-fold design makes the Gocycle G4 ideal for anybody looking for a bike for their vehicle or boat.

The Gocycle G4 is an electro bike that provides a multitude of unique features. It can be rapidly charged in approximately 3 hours and gives a fantastic riding experience that outperforms many non-folding competitors.

Gocycle G4 – Price and Release date

Gocycle G4

The Gocycle G4 is now available in white, matt black, and electric blue for $4,999 / £3,999. UK-spec e-bike had mudguards as well as fitted front and rear lights. There is also a front saddle bag for storing and charging, albeit this looked to be an optional extra.

The Gocycle G4i is priced at $5,999 / £4,999. The Gocycle G4i+, on the other hand, costs $6,999 / £5,999. All bikes may be acquired directly from www.gocycle.com or through certain reseller locations around the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

Gocycle G4 – Design

The Gocycle G4 is one of the nicest folding e-bikes in the industry, but it’s not just for show; everything has been designed to provide a better riding experience.

Gocycle G4 folds up smaller than other folding bikes and is easy to assemble. The weight of the bike – or rather its lack of it – is crucial to this. Gocycle has reduced the weight of its latest models by 1kg by using lighter materials.

Folding Mechanism & Build

This becomes clear as soon as you unfold the bike. The frame has a central hinge that folds out to form the majority of the bike. The handlebar stem may be folded up, and the saddle tube can be slid into the frame. Tighten the exquisitely crafted fastening clips, fold out the pedals, and you’re ready to go.

Engineers at Gocycle carefully selected various materials for components based on their location. This not only helps to cut weight. However, it also results in a design that functions better in everyday use. Lifting the bike’s front wheel over a curb is made simpler by the intelligent weight distribution that results from thoughtful design decisions.


The battery is built into the front section of the frame by Gocycle, and it can be charged on or off the bike by unclipping and drawing it out of the recess when the chassis is opened up.

Tires & Brakes


Other than that, the design is sleek and basic, with nice 20-inch wheels and unique Gocycle tires that look the part. Brake discs are covered, wires are mostly kept inside the frame, and almost all moving components are disguised by ingenious design touches, so there’s nothing to grab on garments or transport unwelcome oil stains onto valued possessions. The fold-down stand, which splays out into two legs, is also useful.

When compressed, the bike must be prevented from unfolding using a rubber clasp, which is under considering to be the weakest link in the entire design. The saddle stays on the bike in either an up or down position, but you may remove it entirely if you wish.

Companion App & Features


Before you begin, download the Gocycle G4 smartphone app and link the bike with your phone through Bluetooth. This software not only offers instructions to assist you in setting up your new bike and ensuring it is safe to ride, but it also enables you to start its motor.

Aside from the motor, there’s a 3-speed gearing system for handling hills that’s controlled by a twist-grip function on the right side of the handlebars.

The battery charge is shown by four LED dots in the middle of the handlebars, but utilizing the clips in the same position to attach your smartphone is the best method to manage the bike’s functioning. There’s also a USB port for charging on the move. During use, the app is entirely functional, displaying all of the apparent information such as gear selection, trip data, available battery, and how much engine power you’re relying on.

Gocycle G4 – Performance

Gocycle G4

Even on badly maintained roads, the Gocycle G4 is a joy to ride. A tiny damper beneath the seat tube helps to compensate for ruts and bumps, but particularly huge potholes should be avoided because the smaller wheels are rather punishing.

The riding posture is excellent, and the engine feels powerful once you get into the swing of the front drive. Front-wheel motors that pull you along, the Brompton M6L folding e-bike, may feel weird, especially over greasy manhole covers or slick, newly painted road markings. The power is provided with traction-control accuracy, which also functions flawlessly when the bike goes on the muddy grass.

There are three modes available: City, Eco, and a bespoke option for more skilled or finicky riders who know just how much help they want from their e-bike to maximize battery life and performance. The bike with UK regulations is held to the conventional 15.5mph peak speed and 250W of power. However, other countries provide more options.

The motor is only active when the pedals are moving. When the going gets difficult, you may use the red boost button on the left side of the handlebars to obtain an extra burst of power.

The twist-grip gearing mechanism also works well. The ingenious torque sensor embedded into the design is responsible for the seamless, dynamic supply of motor aid according to how you pedal. That’s fantastic.


The Gocycle G4 is a fantastically designed luxury folding e-bike; the components are well constructed, and the whole impression is one of stunning style. The folding mechanism is simple to use, and the performance is brisk owing to a new G4drive motor. The Gocycle G4 has the typical drawbacks of a folding bike, such as tiny wheels and limited suspension, but it’s easy to ride, has plenty of performance choices via the accompanying app, and charges rapidly. It’s a premium machine with a premium price tag, but if it’s going to be your main bike for regular riding, the investment is justified.

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