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Immerse yourself in another world with the best VR games of 2024!

vr games
vr games

With all of the top VR games we’ve recommended below, ensure sure your headset is fully charged or firmly connected. Although this platform is still in its infancy, there is a lot to play with, and you will undoubtedly like it.

Some of these games are familiar with traditional consoles but have been converted for the new media. Others are built as VR-first or VR-only games, needing the use of a VR headset. However, if you’re new, these sorts of games are an excellent place to start.

It’s an exciting moment to be a VR player. There is currently a library of amazing games accessible to play, as well as some very exciting titles slated to come in the coming months, regardless of whether you select the finest VR headsets or the best affordable VR headsets.

Hitman 3 (PS4) VR game

VR games

If you already own the third chapter of the World of Assassination Trilogy, you can obtain a free upgrade that will allow you to use VR with it. It’s a wonderful method to retry your favorite missions if you want to blend into Agent 47 in action.

However, the PC and PSVR versions of the game are virtually the same. Moreover, with how superior your gaming PC’s equipment is, you won’t notice much more of a performance difference. Expect terrible visuals when you start the game, and you’ll be able to truly enjoy creeping and strangling.

Stride (PC)

Immerse yourself in another world with the best VR games of 2024!

Stride has here to fill the need left by freerunning in VR. Leap, slide and wall-run through an infinite metropolis of roofs in a race to see how long you can go.

It’s a physically demanding game that requires a lot of arm movement to manage your character. That becomes much more difficult when the game includes shooters. Those who try and take you out while you’re fleeing. However, at least you have your own weapon to fight back with. With infinite, timed, and arena modes currently in place, as well as a story mode on the way. This is a game with a lot of virtual thrills in store.

Subnautica (PC)

VR games

With Subnautica’s VR mode, you may submerge yourself in the endless ocean of planet 4546B. The underwater-focused action in the survival game works beautifully, with your headset looking like a diving mask as you go deeper into the ocean. Just remember to take deep breaths.

Your objective is the same as in any other game: acquire resources to allow you to live while you search for a passage off-planet. You’ll construct bases and vehicles to make things simpler for yourself and to defend yourself from the more violent species. Furthermore, while looting, you may come across fragments of the game’s storyline, which describe the history of the planet and what happened to your crewmates after your spacecraft crashed under odd circumstances.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (PC)

Immerse yourself in another world with the best VR games of 2024!

Even without a VR headset, the gorgeous scenery and beautifully detailed planes of this flying simulator are just delectable. However, when combined with a suitable headset, it becomes without a question one of the greatest VR games available.

With your helmet’s first-person perspective, you can explore all the buttons and switches up close and get an extra degree of immersion as you land safely at airports all over the world, fly over the clouds, and see the scenery below.

If that seems a little intimidating, you’ll be relieved to know that the game allows you to customize how much of your plane’s functions are automatically or manually managed. If you want something more leisurely, you may just let the game handle the difficult aspects of the game and enjoy floating about. However, if you want to feel like a true pilot, you may remove the training wheels and tinker away.

Iron Man VR (PSVR)

VR games

Here’s one of the greatest, if not the best, virtual reality games for pretending to be a member of the Avengers. You assume command of the Iron Man suit, seeing through its famous HUD, overcoming obstacles in the surroundings, throwing punches, and unleashing energy blasts to defeat your adversaries. Back at base, you may alter your suit (still in first-person), giving you a distinct perspective on Tony Stark.

There’s also a plot to explore, with the game’s campaign putting Stark and crew against hacking supervillain Ghost, although other good and bad characters will appear as well.

Half-Life: Alyx

Immerse yourself in another world with the best VR games of 2024!

This game lets you reconnect after 13 years of absence to the world of Half-Life, though not in the way you may expect. You’ll be battling through City 17 before the unfortunate scientist comes, taking the place of Alyx Vance instead of Gordon Freeman.

This includes participating in shootouts with Combine soldiers as well as other alien opponents and solving puzzles that depend on your new VR control method.

It may be difficult to forgive Valve for having fans wait so long for the next installment of this game series, but you won’t find a finer representation of what VR can achieve than with this game.

Beat Saber

VR games

Beat Saber is a quick, dynamic rhythm game in which the player slices color-coded bricks to the beat of the music playing in the back, and it’s one of the greatest VR games for getting a sweat going. You’ll swipe through the air vertically or horizontally using two motion controllers, sometimes holding your device in a place to rack up points.

Beat Saber is a seated-only experience that includes ten tracks. PC gamers, on the other hand, may utilize a track editor from within the game to create their own unique tracks; with some little modification, they can even download other users’ tracks.

Doom VFR

Immerse yourself in another world with the best VR games of 2024!

Doom VFR is best defined as a VR adaption of 2016’s blockbuster Doom reboot, instead of a full VR port of that game. This implies that Doom VFR has a separate plot and campaign, as well as highly altered combat characteristics created specifically for VR.

Because the game constantly requires you to raise and lower your face and spin around rapidly to deal with attackers approaching from all angles, this game is suitable for a standing or room-scale setup. This title features controller-based free mobility, however, the game was initially intended to employ a teleportation mechanism for crossing long distances.

This is no longer the most latest Doom title, Doom Eternal is the latest title by Bethesda games. But it isn’t accessible in VR, so Doom VFR is the greatest choice for tearing demons apart with a full immersion right now.

Batman: Arkham VR

VR games

Batman: Arkham VR immerses you in the bat suit, allowing you to combat criminals on the streets of Arkham City. Because this game was released in the early days of virtual reality, much of it feels like a prolonged, if highly polished, a tech demo for a complete Batman VR game. You’ll only be able to teleport to specific locations in the Wayne mansion, the bat cave, and across the city, with most protests consisting of throwing a Batarang or summoning in help from your spacecraft, the Nightwing.

The game emphasizes Batman’s investigative side, so if you want something slower and dramatic, this one could be worth your time. You’ll get lots of chances to inspect your surroundings, pick things up, research crime scenes, and generally engage yourself in Bruce Wayne’s universe, primarily at your leisure.

Superhot VR

Immerse yourself in another world with the best VR games of 2024!

Superhot VR, such as the original, is a battle puzzle game in that you must clear a room full of hostile AI people utilizing a limited armory and one important mechanic: Time only advances when you do.

The VR version of the game is essentially a standing experience; you won’t be able to wander around your surroundings, but you will need to be able to turn around and hide behind cover in the little area you have. You may remove guns right from adversaries’ hands and fire rounds at oncoming projectiles to deflect them; overall, Superhot VR is one of the greatest VR games available on any platform.


VR games allow you to engage yourself as one of the players in the gaming scenario, engaging with others and creating and inventing events and circumstances as you see fit.

In this article, we looked at a few of the top VR games that you can enjoy alone or with others from the comfort of your own home. The majority of these games have been transferred to virtual reality, and the majority of them also have extremely good visuals and functionality.

All of these groupings fall into the genre of virtual reality games for kids, adults, and teenagers. VR games, such as Minecraft VR, are more appropriate in education, training, and entertainment contexts, as one would imagine.

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