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Using a laptop or mobile workstation at your office desk all day might cause neck pain because you must frequently lean down or even forward to see the screen. This is why many users prefer to use a laptop stand to lift their laptops off their desks. A laptop stand, when used in conjunction with an external keyboard and mouse, improves ergonomics. It leads to better overall health whether you’re working from home or have already returned to the workplace.

Laptop stands, like computers, come in a variety of sizes and form factors. Some are made to be stationary and are made for more permanent installations at your home or workplace. Others can be folded and carried with you so you may work from anywhere.

You owe it to yourself to upgrade your setup if you’ve experienced exhaustion while using a laptop for long periods of time. While a desktop PC and monitor are options, the portability of a laptop may be more appealing. With a laptop stand, you can boost your productivity without breaking the budget. It makes your existing gadget much more enjoyable to use.

To that end, here is the list of the best laptop stands available today. These stands are compatible with a variety of computers.

Lamicall Laptop Stand

Lamicall Laptop Stand

The Lamicall Laptop Stand is one of numerous laptop stands on this list that can be folded and carried in a backpack. Because it just weighs 3.25 pounds. You may explore the benefits of a laptop stand at the office, in a classroom, or wherever else you may find yourself working (1.47kg).

While Lamicall produces a variety of folding laptop supports, this one is the most expensive at $49.99. The Lamicall Laptop Stand comes in two colors: grey and silver.

It’s made of high-quality aluminum alloy with a larger, heavier base. This laptop stand can hold computers ranging in size from 10 to 17 inches. The anti-slip rubber on the bottom keeps it from sliding around on your desk or table. The same rubber is utilized on the stand itself to keep your laptop from moving or becoming scratched. It has a hook that keeps it from tipping over.

The stand is 7.8 inches in length (198mm), 7.9 inches in width (200mm), and 6.3 inches in height (160mm). Due to the stand’s almost diamond form, there are additional cutouts on either side of the middle to promote airflow to your laptop. Adjusting the hinge required two hands and a lot of force, but it’s less likely to move when in use. Simply tilt the laptop tray back and push it down towards the base to fold up the stand. However, when folded, the Lamicall Laptop Stand takes up a little more room than some of the other laptop stands on the market.

Brocoon Laptop Stand

Brocoon Laptop Stand

The Brocoon Laptop Stand is likewise portable, but it folds up to just 1.1 inches, making it easier to carry in a backpack (27.94mm). This laptop stand comes in dark black, rose gold, silver, and space grey, making it a great fit for Apple’s MacBook, especially if you get a matching stand. The Brocoon Laptop Stand costs $41.99 on Amazon.

The stand’s laptop tray is 8.8 inches (223mm) long and 11.6 inches (294mm) broad, while the base is 7.8 inches (198mm) long and 9.9 inches (251mm) wide. When fully extended, the Brocoon Laptop Stand stands 10.2 inches (259mm) tall and weighs 3 pounds (1.36kg).

This laptop stand has a cutout in the tray to allow airflow for your laptop. It also has a second opening in the hinge for routing wires. The base plate also has a recessed compartment beneath the tray where you may store your headphones or other business supplies while working. Two hooks and rubber pads at the foot of the tray keep your laptop from sliding off the stand. Its rubber feet keep it from moving on your desk or table.

Satechi Aluminium laptop stand

Satechi Aluminium laptop stand

It’s impossible to dispute that Satechi’s aluminum stand was created with the MacBook in mind. The basic, minimalist design is evocative of Apple’s laptops, and the five color selections even match them.

Despite this, it’s still an excellent alternative for any laptop user, especially because it’s under half a kilogram and folds up conveniently when not in use. The laptop is also protected by rubberized grips while it is fastened in place.

The stand covers most devices between 12 and 17 inches, according to Satechi, and there’s a 30-day return policy if it doesn’t.

Nexstand K2

Nexstand K2

Laptop stands tilt your device to a more natural angle, but most only come with a number of fixed options. The Nexstand K2, on the other hand, can effortlessly adjust to a total of eight different heights.

This makes it a fantastic choice if you frequently switch between laptops, as it supports all devices with a screen size of 10 to 17 inches. Simply connect the two optional spacers included in the box for ultra-thin devices.

Simply secure the arc grips once you’ve locked in position and you’re ready to go. It’s also the ideal laptop stand for traveling, weighing only 234 grams and folding down to the size of an umbrella.

The only drawback is that it’s made of plastic (specifically, nylon) rather than a more premium material. It seems a little fragile and cheap because of this, but don’t worry about it not sustaining the weight of your laptop; it’s great up to 9kg.

All of this is before you even consider the cooling benefits – the Nexstand K2 checks all of the boxes for a lot of people.

obVus Solutions minder Laptop Tower II Stand

obVus Solutions minder Laptop Tower II Stand

Because it is one of the few laptop stands that can be used while seated or standing, the minder Laptop Tower II Stand merits a special mention on this list. It’s also portable, folding up into a small package that you can take with you everywhere you go. However, the minder Laptop Tower II Stand, which costs $79.99, will set you back a little more.

The base of this laptop stand is 7.5 inches wide (190mm) and 10.5 inches deep (266mm), while the tray is 11 inches broad (279mm) and 9.5 inches deep. The minder Laptop Tower II Stand has a maximum height of 20 inches due to a button on the hinge that allows it to extend farther. Four rubber pads keep your laptop from rolling about while you’re using it, a slot in the back of the tray allows for airflow and two hooks in the front keep it from falling over. obVus Solutions has introduced an integrated phone or tablet stand with four different tilt levels to the second edition of its laptop stand.

Both at its lowest height and with the hinge completely extended, the minder Laptop Tower II Stand proved comfortable to type on. Although adjusting the tilt of the tray required two hands due to its stiffness, there was no movement while in use. The minder Laptop Toer II Stand is ideal for presenting presentations because it allows you to stand up in front of your audience and read from your laptop without having to glance down and back up.



Apart from encouraging bad postures, one of the major drawbacks of using a laptop on a desk is the lack of airflow it might cause. If you’re going to be doing a lot of work, this could lead to problems with overheating.

A stand is the easiest way to avoid this problem, and Bestand has one of the most stylish ever seen. It elevates your tablet off the table while also offering space for a keyboard and other attachments, and it’s made of a durable aluminum alloy.

Three vents help keep your laptop cool, while a separate entrance at the back allows for efficient cable management. Silicon pads aid to keep the gadget in place while also protecting it from scratches.

The stand, according to Bestand, is compatible with all laptops ranging in size from 11 to 16 inches, with names like Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo noted particularly.

Is it beneficial to use a laptop stand?

Protecting your laptop from spillage by propping it up on a stand keeps it raised from the surface of your workspace. You’ll reduce the amount of dirt transferred to the laptop by using an external mouse and keyboard, keeping it in good operating order for longer.

Does the laptop Stand affect the laptop?

Keeping air moving around the bottom of your laptop will keep it from overheating. An ergonomic laptop stand can help you place your laptop at a more comfortable angle to prevent screen glare. It can cause eye strain and headaches.

Is it possible for a laptop stand to harm a hard drive?

An optical drive is the only piece of electronic hardware you need care about operating in any position other than level with a desk; moving one while it’s reading/writing can scratch discs, and using one by standing it on end may also harm discs, depending on the type of optical drive.


To begin, determine the weight of your laptop, as this will help you determine which types of stands to utilize. While portable laptop stands are ideal for lightweight laptops and ultrabooks, a heavier and more sturdy laptop stand is recommended for larger business computers or even mobile workstations.

After then, you should think about cooling. Is there a fan on your laptop? Are they on the sides or the bottom of the device? This is because the last thing you want is for your laptop to overheat as a result of your laptop stand. However, if you think about where you want your fan to go ahead of time, you may get a laptop stand with cutouts in the right areas that will allow your device to get enough air.

Last but not least, consider where you use your laptop the most. If you work from home, a laptop stand that is designed to be stationary may be the best option. If your firm has a hybrid work policy and you find yourself working from home on some days. And at the office on others, you’ll want a portable laptop stand that folds up and fits conveniently in a laptop bag or backpack. Students who love working in the library in addition to their dorm room are in the same boat.

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