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Get these best waterproof cases to protect your iPhone X!


The iPhone X has been at long last presented and like generally the apple never seizes to impress us. The iPhone X is exceptionally sensitive, sorry for breaking the air pocket. So if you have purchased iPhone X as of now and love to click submerged or you are only an ocean-side person, you may be searching for the best iPhone X Waterproof Case/Cover to accompany and protect your phone.

With an IP67 rating, iPhone X can endure immersion in water for up to 1m (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes in particular. That implies you really want to provide the smartphone with more safeguards to guarantee it stays secure during your exciting watersport. If you are somebody who loves to take a bath in the swimming pool, loosen up at the beach, and furthermore like capturing that large number of astonishing swimming shots, you shouldn’t pass up these best iPhone X waterproof cases/covers.

Waterproof cases, protect your phone from the water and downpour, when we go to beaches when we travel, and so on.

Does iPhone X Need Waterproof Cases?

Yes, the iPhone X is water-resistant, however, that IP67 rating implies it’s simply great in up to 3 feet of water for around 30 minutes. If you need to do any underwater photography with your iPhone X or you essentially need to protect it even further, just on the off chance that, look at these cases that make it near waterproof.


You can take your phone anyplace! If you work in an unforgiving environment, for example, in development or mining, you don’t need to stress over your phone dropping. You can likewise go on get-aways or excursions to mountains or climbing trails without concern.

You never need to utilize the “rice trick.” One of the most exceedingly awful things that can happen is your iPhone dropping into the pool or more terrible, the toilet. Some DIYers say that placing your wet phone in a large bowl of rice draws the leftover water off it, however, you never need to fall back on this extreme measure if you essentially install a waterproof case.

Keep away from huge bills for iPhone repairs and substitutions. A waterproof case is without a doubt pricier than ordinary cases. It can really set aside your money over the long haul as it can prevent damage, so you don’t need to spend on purchasing another iPhone or having yours repaired. Certainly, you have iPhone protection, however, ponder the issue of losing every one of your messages, photos, and contacts. Recovering them can be tedious.

Along these lines, without delving into additional details, view the very best iPhone X waterproof case/cover and go close to the water without stressing.

1. Beasyjoy iPhone X Waterproof Case

iPhone X Waterproof Case/cover

This IP68 standard waterproof case comes with a lanyard, submersible to over 10 ft profound for 2 Hours. Protects your phone from water or rain, ideal for underwater, swimming, or everyday use. A full-fixed cover stops any dirt and dust into your iPhone X.

Not only protect your phone underwater but, support taking photos in water, so keep all recollections of the fun occasions in the water.

The three-layer phone case is remarkably designed by premium soft TPU and aluminum metal plate, screw on the guard, hardcore ideal for shock-resistant and shatterproof when dropped; incredible to ensure that not hurt your cell. If you want an ultra heavy duty and extra solid case to 360 full body protect your costly phone this is the best one.

The design fits iPhone X, impeccably fit all buttons and controls, similar to cameras and speakers, power button, charge port, and volume buttons, work extraordinary like there is no case.

2. Oterkin iPhone X Waterproof Case

Get these best waterproof cases to protect your iPhone X!

This case keeps your phone totally surrounded by a delicate silicone shell with exact patterns and a convex protection ring organized around the camera. It’s double-layered and offers IP68 waterproofing that is great for exercises like swimming, diving, and so forth.

Further, the waterproof case’s unmistakable and flat back cover won’t block the wireless charging signal, so it’s advantageous to utilize whenever. The adaptable, sway-resistant TPU material likewise protects against drops and falls, so it’s an optimal buddy on a wide range of experiences.

3. Lanhiem iPhone X Waterproof Case

iPhone X Waterproof Case/cover

This case is an ideal waterproof case viable with iPhone X/Xs, very protected even after multiple times test of utilizing underwater 6.6ft for 60 minutes. Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof, full fixed design exceeds military norm to adjust any outside exercises. Comes with a phone strap for helpful conveying.

Built-in HD plastic screen protector forestalls scratch, damage, and dirt, likewise won’t influence the touch sensitivity. A clear back cover will flaunt the magnificence of your iPhone. TPU material with a hard plastic edge makes your phone lightweight and intense; the thin body (14.7 *7.5 *1.3 cm) doesn’t add a lot to the size of your iPhone X/Xs.

Two covers (front/back) snap-on design makes it quick and simple to install or require off in a flash, reasonable for everyday use; One Year Warranty!

4. Lifeproof FRĒ Series Waterproof Case

iPhone X Waterproof Case/cover

If best is the thing you are later, look no farther than Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES. The case looks pretty conservative with the perfectly sized design and the Apple logo pattern on the back.

The IP68 water resistance rating assists it with enduring immersion up to 2m profound for 60 minutes. Besides offering dependable protection from water, it can likewise endure drops from 6.6’/2 m. Thus, as long as the cover is on the smartphone, you shouldn’t stress over knocks.

The built-in scratch protector offers better clarity and furthermore feels exceptionally smooth to the touch. With respect to colors, Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES covers come in six alluring variations.

5. WOOQU iPhone X Waterproof Case

Get these best waterproof cases to protect your iPhone X!

This case is viable with iPhone X and iPhone XS(5.8 inches). A completely fixed body designed to be waterproof for any underwater exercises or outdoor/everyday use can be lowered underwater for 6.6ft/60 minutes.

The thin body gives layers of protection, monitors your iPhone drop from 6.6ft/2m height. Dust/Sand/Snowproof, tough to adjust to every single brutal climate. Built-in screen protector protects from scratches.

Supports wireless charging without removing the iPhone X/XS waterproof case. The straightforward and lightweight design doesn’t obstruct the wireless charging signal, allowing you to exploit your iPhone.

Exact patterns make simple access to all buttons, ports, speakers, and cameras. Tactile buttons for fast responsiveness.

6. CaliCase iPhone X Waterproof Floating Case

Get these best waterproof cases to protect your iPhone X!

As the name infers, CaliCase’s Universal Waterproof Floating case is an incredible decision for outside adventurers who invest a great deal of energy occupied with exercises like boating, rafting, or kayaking. All things considered, even a waterproof case with many feet of protection will not significantly benefit you for certain if you can’t really recover your important smartphone from the lower part of the lake it fell into.

CaliCase really presents 100 feet of water protection for up to 30 minutes, yet as a result of built-in foam padding that will keep it bobbing to the surface, it’s improbable your smartphone will at any point arrive at that profundity. Double layer PVC plastic presents the defense sufficiently tough to deal with regular bumps and drops, and clear windows on the two sides let you use your phone and take pictures with it still for the situation. It’s accessible in an entire assortment of fun colors and fits generally normal sizes of smartphones.

7. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

Get these best waterproof cases to protect your iPhone X!

The JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch is one of our cherished products in this class on account of the astounding incentive for money that it offers contrasted with the opposition.

The snap-and-lock system used on this waterproof pocket helps keep it secure from water infiltration, however opening it and closing it will hurt your nails inevitably.

One of the main significant disadvantages of this waterproof pocket is that its lanyard is of inferior quality when contrasted with the opposition. The cord is excessively thin, and it digs into your neck, especially with heavier phones. Notwithstanding, the security and the sensible cost of this pocket settle on it an incredible decision.


Except if you try the item out yourself, you regularly will not know what’s in store from the model that you’re buying, so we trust that our article has helped you out.

Decisively, by observing and furthermore distinguishing between all the above, Oterkin sells the finest iPhone X Waterproof case/cover. There are different reasons we think about Oterkin as best. It is full-body protection, high touch responsive, supports all function as a well ideal suit for outside water sports, and day-by-day use.

Another extraordinary option is the CaliCase iPhone X Waterproof Case/Cover Dry Bag Pouch. CaliCase Universal waterproof case is designed for a beach trip, fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, and water park exercises. Protect your phone from water, sand, snow, and some other expected harms.

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