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Choose the best phone network for your smartphone!


While most people examine whether a phone or contract is appropriate for them, the network to which both the handset and the mobile plan are connected is often overlooked. This is odd given that it is the backbone of your mobile experience day in and day out.

Which mobile network is best? The quality of service of your mobile network is critical to your ability to work and play while on the go. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, as there is with phones. But there are a number of worthwhile solutions that offer a variety of benefits and cater to various demands.

More individuals use a mobile phone or tablet to access the internet than a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile’s advantage has steadily grown since then, making it even more critical that you choose the best mobile network for your purposes.

If you currently have a contract and are thinking about getting a new phone or moving networks. Here’s how to figure out how long your contract will last and how to upgrade your contract early.

You might also be glad to learn that text-to-switch makes switching to a new network in the UK easier than ever.

It’s critical to understand when your contract expires to avoid being overcharged. And over six million people were being charged for mobile phones that had already been paid for in 2017, according to Citizens Advice.

How do you obtain 5G?

5G, which is presently being rolled out across the UK, is the trendiest issue in the mobile market right now. This is something to consider when deciding which network to join.

In order to get those faster data rates, you’ll need a 5G-capable phone in addition to a 5G-capable carrier.

BT Mobile

BT Mobile - phone network

BT is a newcomer to the market in phone network, operating on EE’s UK network with its own branded services. If you currently have BT Broadband, it’s a good option because you can apply for a £5 monthly discount on your mobile plan.

Furthermore, BT Halo users (BT’s newest and most modern home broadband service) get double data when they sign up for a BT Mobile plan and a 20% (minimum) discount on any additional Family SIMs.

BT also sells SIM-only subscriptions for a reasonable price. Because it’s on the EE network (which is a hybrid of the old T-Mobile and Orange UK networks), you can expect good coverage and download speeds.


EE - phone network

In the UK mobile phone network market, EE is something of a giant. However it was purchased by BT in 2016, this will have no impact on your network option.

EE’s network is made up of old T-Mobile and Orange frequencies. It has a lot of coverage across the country with few black patches.

Its phone contract pricing can be a little high, but it’s a good pick for pure coverage assurance (and a huge brand name to boot).

It released some really unlimited 4G (and more recently 5G) data plans in August 2019. As well as the ability to share up to 120GB per month with any other EE mobile line linked to your profile.

You can receive EU roaming for £2 per day (using your usual plan allowances), there are data caps, and if you get EE Home Broadband, you can get a monthly mobile data boost of up to 20GB.

Since 2019, EE has also been named uSwitch’s Fastest Mobile Network three years in a row. According to RootMetrics’ H1 2021 assessment, it also has the best and fastest total 5G coverage.


Giffgaff - phone network

Giffgaff is a small operator owned by O2 that offers inexpensive SIM-only rates. It offers amazing value Goodybags, such as the £10 per month, 12GB option, by leveraging its owner’s network.

It’s also increased the data capacity in its £20 Goodybag from 20GB to 80GB. £25 buys you unlimited data (that’s speed-capped after you’ve used 80GB).

If you already have a phone, it’s a great option – just acquire a SIM and you’re good to go. If you require both, it does provide phones on a contract.

You may choose one of Giffgaff’s Golden Goody bags. It offers better value for money and higher amounts of data if you set up auto-renewing payments.

HMD Mobile

HMD Mobile

HMD Global also announced its new MVNO, HMD Mobile, which will launch alongside the Nokia X20 and G10 in early May 2021 and will throw the purchasing process on its head considerably.

Those who purchase a phone directly from Nokia’s website can also combine it with an HMD Mobile SIM, rather than purchasing a phone and a plan from a carrier.

HMD Mobile intends to provide short-term plans with the benefits of a long-term contract. With four tariffs now available, all of which include unlimited calls and texts as well as 2GB, 10GB, 25GB, or 50GB of data starting at £8.99 on a rolling 30-day contract.

HMD Mobile is currently a 4G-only network. However, HMD Global has stated that its SIMs are 5G-ready and that 5G is coming soon.

Using EE’s network ensures excellent national coverage, and while EE has reinstated roaming charges, HMD Mobile has not – at least not within the EU.



O2 has been operating in the United Kingdom since 2002 and is one of the most well-known operators. The network has outstanding coverage. The firm provides users with a lot of freedom, such as the ability to combine phones and tariff plans of varying lengths (up to 36 months) separately.

O2’s recent merger with Virgin Media (to form Virgin Media O2) hasn’t had a significant impact on O2 consumers, except for giving them access to new benefits on top of current ones, such as O2 Priority, which gives users access to exclusive perks like concert tickets.

In addition, as Virgin Media O2, the company earned Rootmetrics’ UK Network Accessibility Award in the first half of 2021, and it’s the only ‘big four’ member that hasn’t resumed roaming costs within the EU, making it excellent for travelers.



Plusnet, which was once known as LIFE Mobile, uses the same EE network as BT Mobile. It means you can expect extremely reliable coverage. It hasn’t yet made the switch to 5G, thus it’s still relying on (parts of) the carrier’s 4G infrastructure.

There are no extra charges for tethering. You may establish a monthly pricing cap to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your bill. It’s a good SIM-only option with a low price tag.

In 2020, it was named uSwitch’s ‘Best Network for Customer Service’ and ‘Best Value Pay Monthly Network.’

Sky mobile

Sky Mobile

Sky has become a ‘quad-play’ provider by combining its TV, broadband, and landline offerings, making it one of the newest newcomers to the UK mobile market.

On a Virgin Media O2 network-based plan, you just pay for the amount of data you consume. Exclusive privileges for existing Sky customers appear to have been withdrawn, meaning that perks like unlimited free calls and texts are now standard on any package, for everyone.

Customers may also use their unused data allowance to save money on phones, tablets, and accessories. Thanks to a fun feature called Piggybank Rewards. This is part of the company’s ‘Roll’ plans, which allow customers to access wasted data from past months at any time for free.

There are also attractive Swap contracts that let users upgrade their phones every year, as well as Mix contracts that allow customers to modify their data allowance monthly.

Sky received uSwitch’s 2021 awards for Best Pay Monthly Network and Best Value Pay Monthly Network, as well as ‘Network of the Year,’ ‘Best Network for Data,’ and ‘Best Pay Monthly Network’ last year.



SMARTY is a Three-powered SIM-only network that is largely unknown.

It’s built with simplicity and transparency in mind. With three data discount options that include money back for wasted data, five competitive data plans with allowances ranging from 4GB to 50GB, and one unlimited plan. You have complete control over your plan and can change or cancel it at any moment.

This relative newcomer received uSwitch’s ‘Best Value SIM-only Network’ awards in 2019 and 2020, as well as ‘Better Value SIM-only Network’ in 2019.

On a phone, what is the network?

A telephone network is a telecommunications network that links telephones, allowing two or more people to make phone calls as well as modern technologies like fax and the internet.

What are the differences between a telephone network and an internet connection?

To conduct audio calls, telephone networks use both analog and digital systems. The Internet, on the other hand, is a network of networks that is entirely based on digital technologies. The internet is useful for more than just Wi-Fi calling.


A phone network is made up of two or more computers that are connected via a telecommunications system in order to communicate and share resources. Companies would not be able to share resources and enhance efficiency as effectively if they did not have a network.
EE has the best mobile coverage in the United Kingdom. In Wales and England, Three is the second-best option, followed by O2, while in Northern Ireland and Scotland, O2 is the third-best option.
EE is the UK’s largest and fastest mobile network. It has the greatest download speeds of any UK network, as well as possibly the finest coverage. It is now owned by BT (though the competition is close). EE’s 4G network currently covers over 99 percent of the UK population and more than 86 percent of the population in Northern Ireland.

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