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Duux Globe Table Fan: 14 Watts Remote Control Fan!


The Duux Globe is a little desk fan with several respectable features and a surprisingly strong punch. While some other Duux fans have app-based intelligent features, this one has a remote control, so you can still alter the settings without getting up. It might be set down on the ground but function best when elevated. This isn’t a good option if you’re searching for a desk fan, but there is one little catch: you’ll need enough room on your desk or table to fit it. Here we are up for you, bringing the Duux Globe Table fan review this time.

This fan seems too tiny to circulate the air in an ample space effectively, but it can project a breeze several meters out, making itself felt from a far greater distance than you might anticipate—and with very little noise. Although you wouldn’t use it in the largest rooms, it can keep you cool while you work or sleep. Additionally, it is a tasteless addition to any area, thanks to its contemporary appearance and subtle hum.


Duux Globe Table Fan: 14 Watts Remote Control Fan!

The design of the Duux Globe is not unique. A lot of desk aficionados choose this circular form. However, its low position on the wide stand is slightly more elegant than others. The Duux Globe comes wholly constructed and ready to use once the external power supply is connected. It is a contemporary fan. Its little DC motor is nearly hidden by the front grille’s roundel when viewed straight. Its precise three-blade rotor gives the impression that there is a lot of space behind the front grille. The fan is approximately 18 cm (7 inches) broad, while the shell is 26 cm (about 10 inches) wide. Most 7-inch fans are far smaller than this; in fact, 12-inch fans probably take up less space on the desk, but they don’t move as much as this one.

The tidy conical base supports the curved fan head. The fan speed, power, and off-timer indicators are at the front. There are three-speed levels, and the timer counts only for one or three hours, making touch-sensitive controls a little too simple. Changing speeds requires intuition because there is no designated button; you must press the power symbol instead of holding it down.


Duux Globe Table Fan

The Duux Globe oscillates horizontally and vertically, giving it a distinct edge over traditional table fans that only turn in one direction. You can enable either one, neither any, nor both simultaneously. The top portion of the base rotates in a 90-degree arc when the horizontal swing is engaged. The vertical range is 10 degrees short of straight up and somewhat downwards in between. The fan can be frozen in any single direction by pausing both the vertical and horizontal movement. It is more flexible than a typical fan, which you manually tilt.

The timer and the power buttons, which vary the speed, are the only additional buttons on the device. Instead of actual buttons, all of these are touch-sensitive portions of the case, which is quite fashionable. Additionally, an essential remote control is included. The seven-button remote control entirely covers the Duux Globe’s features.

The fan has three different speeds level that can be selected. The first was nearly completely silent, the second was a pleasant breeze for close work, and the third was a respectable blast you could feel from across the room. With the one- or three-hour shut-off timer settings, you may set the timer before going to bed with confidence that it won’t run all night. However, as it only uses 2–12 watts of power, you could certainly leave it on.


Duux Globe Table Fan: 14 Watts Remote Control Fan!
Duux Globe Table Fan: 14 Watts Remote Control Fan! 5

The Duux Globe is highly potent for what is a relatively modest fan. This is because, even while those blades aren’t especially wide, they are deep, allowing them to draw in a lot more air. Even though there are just three-speed settings, they provide all the necessary options.

The levels

The first level is equivalent to a pleasant, light breeze coming from a few feet away, the second level is equivalent to a moderate force coming from close range or a light breeze blowing across the room, and the third level is ideal for providing good room coverage—though it may be too much to sit right next-to.

Buttons and remote

You must push and hold the power button for the fan to turn off. The touch-sensitive buttons can be tricky to use since, if they haven’t been touched in a long time, you need to push them once to activate them and again to make a change. As a result, the remote is incredibly helpful and allows you to disregard the touch buttons completely. Although the remote lacks the fan’s sleek look, a bummer, it is still useful and compact enough to fit on your desk or bedroom table without taking up much room.

Although remarkable, the fan’s ability to travel horizontally and vertically seems a touch overkill unless you’re cooling the entire room. It would be convenient if you could limit the movement rather than turn it on or off. The primary purpose is to place the fan in the proper fixed position or at the appropriate height without affecting its ability to travel horizontally. And it takes longer to achieve this than it would with manual adjustment.

Price & Availability

Duux Globe Table Fan: 14 Watts Remote Control Fan!
Duux Globe Table Fan: 14 Watts Remote Control Fan! 6

The price of Duux Globe table fan is around £79.99. It is only available in UK & Europe. It is not available in the USA, Mexico, Canada, or any Asian Country. Usually, the price of this fan is £58.00 in UK & £79.99 throughout Europe. You can easily purchase it or order this fan from Amazon or the Official page of Duux Global. You can also buy this product by the following button below:

Reasons You Should Buy

  • Appealing Design
  • Quiet & Powerful
  • Multi-Directional Oscillation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Remotely Operate Whisper
  • Smart App
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Remote Control
  • Adjustable Tilt
  • Suitable for Free-Standing
  • Size H:33, W:26, D:26cm
  • Minimal Assembly
  • Healthy Air

Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy

  • Slow to Position
  • Fan Controls are confusing
  • Only Three Speeds Setting
  • Height is not Adjustable
  • Low Wind Range
  • Air Circulation isn’t Good

What kind of oscillation does the Duux Globe have?

It has a Multi-Directional Oscillation. You can have horizontal (left and right), vertical (up and down) oscillation, or both simultaneously.

Does Duux Globe fan beep every time settings are Changed?

The Duux Globe Table fan does make a beep every time you change something in its setting.

Does the Duux Globe have smart controls?

Duux Globe doesn’t have smart controls; it only supports Remote Control and On-Fan Controls. Although other products of Duux Globe do help Smart Control, You can check it out on their official site.

Final Conclusion

The Duux Globe is a fantastic alternative if you’re searching for a robust desktop fan that is quiet and unobtrusive for workstations or smaller areas. It is entirely adjustable, silent, effective, and casts a strong breeze across a fair amount of ground. It might need a longer sleep duration and has fewer fan speeds, but it makes up for it with horizontal and vertical oscillation.

The uninitiated could find it challenging to figure out how to alter speeds, but you could always give them a little remote control. Additionally, this fan will blend nicely if your room has a sci-fi theme. It is also a terrific value for the money and evidence that cost and style are not mutually exclusive.

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