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Dyson Pure Cool Tower – An Ultimate Gadget to stay cool in summer!


While much of the attention on clean air is on outside pollution, you might be shocked to learn about the quality of air within. Pollen entering your house to nasty chemicals in cleaning goods can all contribute to poor indoor air quality. This is when an air purifier like the Dyson Pure Cool Tower comes in handy.

This is Dyson’s second-generation air-cleaner, which functions as both a fan and an air purifier. Upgrades over the original Pure Cool Link include a more comprehensive display that shows the number of pollutants in your house, as well as a purifier-only mode that disables the cool air blower.

Since then, Dyson has worked to enhance efficiency, reduce noise, and introduce more models with heating, smartphone support, and, most recently, air purification in its mission to build the greatest fan possible. That’s where the Pure Cool version comes in, and the new Pure Cool tower fan, which was launched alongside the Cyclone V10 wireless vacuum, we will see how effectively it can keep stuff cool in the midst of a humid London summer.

Price and Availability

Dyson Pure Cool Tower

If you go to Dyson’s website, you’ll notice that there are a few vast Range Cool models available, so you’d be excused for being perplexed by the many variants.

Here in the review is the new Pure Cool tower, which prices £499.99/$549.99 and was upgraded in 2018 with new features. A new desk-size version with the added capabilities is also available for £399.99/$449.99, featuring a rounded look.

However, some earlier versions, dubbed Pure Cool Link – after the Dyson Link app – are still available. You can obtain the Pure Hot + Cool Link. However, you can also get the Pure Cool Link tower or Pure Cool Link desk from other merchants.

For some reason, the US also gets more color options: in the UK, the new models are only available in white, whilst in the US, both sizes are available in white, ‘nickel,’ or blue.

Design and build quality

Dyson Pure Cool Tower - An Ultimate Gadget to stay cool in summer!
Dyson Pure Cool Tower - An Ultimate Gadget to stay cool in summer! 8

Dyson’s bladeless design is used in the Dyson Pure Cool Tower. It is still as spectacular today as it was when it was first released. The Air Multiplier technology from Dyson guides airflow up and through the narrow blade around the outer edge of the fan, resulting in a smoother blast of air.

The Pure Cool Tower’s solid construction and good appearance compliment the design, and it’s every bit the high-end air purifier you’d be proud to show.

This is Dyson’s second-generation Pure Cool fan, and it follows many more incarnations of its bladeless fans without air purification, although you might not be able to tell the difference just by looking at them.

That’s not a complaint; the business swiftly settled on a design that fits in with the rest of its sleek, vaguely sci-fi collection, and has wisely kept with it, making only minor changes to the format subsequently.

Small LCD Screen

Above the grille is a tiny, circular LCD screen. This is one of the new features of the 2018 models, and it is used to display real-time info on the levels of different pollutants and humidity in the room via a few color-coded graphs, as well as to tell you what settings the fan is on at any given time.


Along with the fan, you’ll get a compact, slightly curved remote control with which you may manage the primary functions. This remote, like other comparable Dyson fans, is designed to fit comfortably on top of the fan itself, held in place magnetically, so you won’t lose it down the back of the sofa.


Dyson Pure Cool Tower

Dyson has updated the Pure Cool Tower filter. Rather than needing to raise the fan’s head and pull out the filter, the Pure Cool Tower’s filter is divided into two curved sections that clip into the fan’s base on each side.

Each section is further subdivided into two parts: an inner carbon filter for gasses and an outside HEPA filter for tiny particles. Both filters will last around a year if you use them for 12 hours each day. However, the number of pollutants and total runtime will influence this number. Each filter replacement costs £60.

The remote control may be used to access more detailed information, and the Pure Cool Tower also displays values for PM2.5, PM10, VOCs, and NO2.

Pure Cool Tower works by combining two filters. An activated carbon filter for gas absorption and a glass HEPA filter for larger particles. Dyson believes that each will last around a year before needing to be changed. At which point the fan will notify you that it’s time to replace them. It’s worth mentioning, though, that they aren’t cheap, with the HEPA filter itself costing £50/$70 from Dyson’s website, so there’s a significant continuous expense to owning one of these.

Humidity is another relevant metric. A humid environment, for instance, provides an ideal habitat for mold to grow; a dry climate, on the other hand, can cause sinus difficulties and dry skin.

The Dyson Pure Cool Tower does not monitor CO2. Which can be a valuable parameter for determining when a room’s air needs to be refreshed. Nonetheless, the Pure Cool Tower delivers far more information than the previous model.

Dyson Pure Cool Tower - An Ultimate Gadget to stay cool in summer!
Dyson Pure Cool Tower - An Ultimate Gadget to stay cool in summer! 9

Timer Feature

A timer allows you to set the fan to turn off automatically at 15-minute intervals up to the hour, then hourly up to a maximum of nine hours. It’s a useful function if you need anything to assist you to go asleep but then turn it off to prevent disturbance.

When you open the app, you’ll see a schedule that lets you specify what the fan should do at different times of day and on different days of the week.

Reverse Airflow

The ability to invert the airflow so that it blows from the rear rather than the front is one of the Pure Cool Tower’s outstanding features. The Pure Cool Tower’s purification power remains the same, but it is significantly more enjoyable to use in the cold.

You can operate all of this with your phone instead of the provided remote thanks to the Dyson Link app. The app also provides access to historical air quality data, real-time info on the air quality around your house, and a scheduling feature that allows you to program your fan to switch modes at specific times or days.

Dyson Pure Cool Tower - An Ultimate Gadget to stay cool in summer!
Dyson Pure Cool Tower - An Ultimate Gadget to stay cool in summer! 10

Dyson Pure Cool Tower – Amazon Alexa

Dyson Pure Cool Tower - An Ultimate Gadget to stay cool in summer!

Dyson features an Alexa skill in addition to app control. You may use your voice to switch the purifier on or off, adjust the fan speed, select Night mode or Auto mode, and inquire about the current air quality or temperature. Two choices are noticeably absent: activating oscillation and adjusting the direction of airflow.

The skill works well and is sometimes faster than going for the app or remote. However, it would be ideal if the fan could function as a smart home device. In that manner, you could, for example, use an Alexa procedure to switch off the Pure Cool Tower. It would be great to have Google Assistant support as well.


Dyson Pure Cool Tower

Dyson fans are known for their silent operation, and the Pure Cool Tower is no exception. In a quiet room, you can hardly hear the fan at minimum speed. In most cases, background noise would completely block out the fan.

The airflow on a Dyson fan is amazing, yet it is more difficult to quantify since the air blade produces a narrower, less obtrusive blast of air than a standard fan. At the slowest possible speed, you just receive a mild trickle. The air from the Pure Cool Tower is always gentler and less buffeting than air from a standard bladed fan.

Dyson does not provide CADR purification results for the Pure Cool Tower. However, it does boast that the purifier can clean a family room while catching 99.95% of ultra-fine particles without leakage.

When the fan is set to auto, it will activate at various periods during the day when fresh pollutants get into the workspace. As the air moved, opening the door in the morning would normally boost the PM2.5 and PM10 levels. However, the VOC count increased when builders working on the house applied a coating of latex to the floor.

The ability to observe what spikes and when are a vital diagnostic tool that was lacking in the previous Pure Cool Link. For example, if you can prove that a certain cleaning spray raises VOC levels, you might make plans to switch to a less-harmful cleaner. This fan eliminates the need for a separate air quality meter, such as the Foobot.

Is Dyson’s pure cool tower fan worth it?

This fan is definitely worth the investment. It seems strong and as though it might resist any unexpected bumps or bangs, despite the fact that the broad base makes it unlikely to tip over. The software is simple to use, has excellent automation capabilities, and all settings are powerful and silent.

Can the Dyson fan replace the air conditioner?

While Dyson fans are not direct substitutes for air conditioners, they serve their role well. They can be useful when you don’t have access to an air conditioner.


Whether you want an air purifier or just want a Dyson fan and are ready to spend the extra money for the air purification capabilities, the Pure Cool tower is fairly straightforward to suggest. It’s efficient, quiet, looks bloody fantastic, and, most importantly, it just works. Even the smart features, which are normally the first to fail with linked technology.

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