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iLife A11: This combo robot vacuum and mop makes a lot of claims but delivers very little.


A robot equally adept at mopping and vacuuming is the holy grail of robotic vacuums. This is where the iLife A11 comes in—a 2-in-1 robot vacuum that aims to accomplish exactly that. LiDar navigation and Y-shaped mopping, which mimics a manual, human-driven mop, are two components of iLife’s latest product. The A11 did well on the hardwood. But it performed so everywhere that it had little chance of being included in the top robot vacuums list.

Price and availability

iLife A11

The iLife A11 was made available on in March 2022 for $399 with a coupon that saves $70. It includes two dustbins: one for mopping only and the other for vacuuming just. Considering that the A11 can sweep and clean simultaneously, the second is a combined water tank and trash can. An extra dustbin filter and a reusable microfiber mopping pad are also included in the box.


iLife A11

The 13.4-inch-diameter, 3.7-inch-tall ILIFE A11 is black plastic and stands 3.7 inches off the ground. The turret, mounted atop the robot’s upper deck, houses the Lidar system, power, and home buttons. And also a wi-fi indicator.
Lidar turrets are usually positioned close to the robot’s core, although this one is situated close to the edge. This positioning is believed to enable the robot to fit even more furniture. However, that is too low to accept the height of the vacuum’s turret.

A tri-spoke brush is also present to aid in debris collection directly in front of the right wheel. To assist in directing debris into the vacuum’s gullet, the brush roll alternates between bristles and rubber fins.


iLife A11
  • Manufacturer: ILIFE
  • Model: A11
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 35 centimeters (3.7 x 13.8 inches)
  • Battery: 14.8V 4900mAh lithium
  • Battery run time: 150 minutes
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Scheduling: Yes
  • Max suction power: 4000PA
  • Dustbin capacity: 450 millilitres


iLife A11: This combo robot vacuum and mop makes a lot of claims but delivers very little.

The dustbin and mopping attachment on this robot is both conventional. The water tank and little dustbin on the mopping extension allow for simultaneous mopping and vacuuming.


The ILIFE A11 revolves as it approaches each room and starts to edge clean. The robot continues to suck up all trash it comes across before switching to a Z pattern. The navigational system’s mapping output has greatly changed that. The accompanying app can direct you toward a certain room. And the robot may perform spot cleaning on dirty areas.
The iLife A11 vacuums an area’s perimeter by first moving inside in a serpentine style. You may set this vacuum to start every day at a specified hour. Additionally, you may use the ILIFE Vac app or only the vacuum’s start button to control it. The iLife A11 performed admirably on bare hardwood floors. They score a flawless 100 for picking up Cheerios and a reasonable 93.65 for picking up cat litter.


Comparable to other hybrid vacuum and mopping robots, the iLife A11’s experience mopping floors were fairly similar. As the robotic vacuum travels over the threshold of each room, standard mop brackets are made to swing higher. Despite the higher ground clearance and improved agility, the lightweight mopping bracket cannot apply enough downward pressure to adequately clean.

The pad is moistened as it moves around the floor thanks to water dripping from the tank. Unlike other hybrids, the A11 mop moves in a Y-shaped pattern, which more slightly approximates how someone using a conventional mop would clean a floor.


iLife A11: This combo robot vacuum and mop makes a lot of claims but delivers very little.

A 4900mAh lithium battery powered by this device can run the ILIFE A11 for up to 150 minutes. The battery level drops to 62 percent after 42 minutes of cleaning my medium-sized home.


The future of automated home cleaning may involve hybrid robot vacuums and mops. But the iLife A11 still has a ways to go. Although this robot vacuum was initially astonished by how well it vacuumed bare floors, it could not do the same on carpets.
The iLife A11 doesn’t live up to the hype when combined with a tiresome app. There are better and less annoying. The iLife A11 has excellent potential but ultimately comes up short.

Is iLife Vacuum a trustworthy brand?

Overall rating: 5.0. Decent product a little expensive for the features it provides. The vacuuming navigation algorithm performs poorly. Sadly, none of the options ideally and completely cover the floor.

How long does iLife’s battery last?

12 to 24 months
To increase the HEPA filter’s lifespan, wash it after using it for 15 to 30 days. After no more than six months, iLIFE advises replacing.


The ILIFE A11 is a powerful robot that quickly vacuums and mops houses using its navigation technology to move intelligently. This robot includes a mopping module that enables simultaneous mopping and vacuuming in addition to a conventional dustbin.
Despite their opinion that it needs some tweaking, the ILIFE application can fully operate the robot vacuum. Also, it gives the user a wide range of cleaning-related options. You can also create no-go areas.

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